1. & Other Stories £120 2. & Other Stories £75 3. H&M 129.99zł 4. MANGO 89.90zł 5. H&M 279.99zł
6. H&M 129.99zł 7. H&M 299.99zł 8. MANGO 139.99zł 9. Woolrich £185 10. Massimo Dutti 449zł
11. Massimo Dutti 399zł 12. MANGO 139.90zł

November weather can be overwhelming. When it is grey and gloomy outside, the wind is going crazy and the rain is pouring from the sky, the only thing we dream about is burying under the duvet without even tipping your nose out. If we could, like bears, fall asleep for a long time, I suppose November would be a month to bypass. Unfortunately, it is not so good and even on such days we have to face everyday challenges. The perfect way is a properly selected outfit, and what could be more accurate than a warm sweater that will provide us with comfort and warmth for the whole day? Retailers are competing in the offers of thick sweaters, turtlenecks with beautiful weaves, so there is really something to choose from. I have prepared for you a short list of those sweaters that I personally liked the most. In this selection, you will find a large variety of both cheaper sweaters and more expensive ones, the composition of which is more or even completely natural.


The summary of the month always gives me some kind of reflection. Preparing photos for this series, I can always look back over these past weeks and analyse how much has happened. I also realize how dizzy the pace of time is and that you should enjoy even the smallest things that happen to us every day. Most often it is these small activities such as morning coffee or evening with the loved one surrounded by long conversations about everything and about nothing that build our greatest happiness. I am very grateful for these past weeks and everything that happened. With even more optimism and excitement, I look forward to these November days and the changes they might bring :). But before it comes and these beautiful colourful leaves fall off the trees for good, giving way to winter, which I hope will visit England for a moment - I invite you to summary of last month and a whole lot of photos from these everyday moments.


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