Summer in the city can be quite a nuisance. Especially when the heat is pouring from the sky and we humbly have to go to work, take care of our children, make grocery shopping and a long list of other things that we have planned for the day. The situation changes dramatically when the city you live in is London. Summer tropics is rather a rarity in this English capital, so the title of today's entry should not sound like the breeze of summer, but rather the breeze of spring, because it is more appropriate term for the current weather. However, I did not get discouraged, I reached for a few of my favourite elements, which are a linen blouse and high-waisted jeans, which have already become a monument in my wardrobe.

I value this classic in my everyday outfit. Invariably for several seasons, I try to choose what I know, that will allow me to keep the freedom of movement, but it will also turn out to be adequate for the various situations that I will face during the day. Inhabitants of large metropolises will probably agree with me how important is the ability to plan the outfit for each day. The distance between the house and other places is too large to allow yourself a quick disguise during the day.


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