While starting today's post, which appears extremely late this time, I realized that another month has passed. In this case, the time surprised me, which even heralds the number of photos, which is included in today's summary. Everything, of course, has its reasons and the last month was marked by a trip to Poland, which was such a race that the photos were the last thing that I would have enough time for during the day. After returning, I went to my parents, where I spent the greater part of the month. Then the camera was already in use, but rather most of the pictures are so personal that they are not suitable for being published here. All the hopes were in my return to London, where it turned out that I managed to get out of the house a few times, because later I have caught a cold, which keeps me until now, that's why my home office found its place under a warm duvet in a comfortable bed: D . Despite this, I invite you to the summary of the last weeks :).


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