Christmas is a time of peace, hope and joy. I would like to wish you and your families health, cheerfulness and kindness. Help others, love and let us give all the best of ourselves both today and every other day, because good will always come back to us and with redoubled strength! Merry Christmas to you all! May this festive time be nice and warm spent in the company of loved ones.


Spoiling our loved ones with presents is a nice tradition that, although it may seem quite stressful, finally fills me with joy (especially when gifts turn out to be a hit). Christmas is in five days! This is really the last call to find a gift for our loved ones. Although I already have practically everything, I still have packing to be done. I know, however, that it is not always that ideas come to our minds, and when time turns out to work against us, it is easy to give in to buying something, that maybe will work.


Winter Wonderland is already the festive tradition of London. Every year before Christmas in the famous Hyde Park there are carousels, wooden kiosks with Christmas presents, mulled wine and delicious waffles and pancakes served with which the heart desires, but it is known that Nutella belongs to my favorites (something tells me that I'm not alone with this :)). I think photos in this place have become my Christmas blog tradition. Where, if not in such a magical place, where the Christmas music is heard from the speakers, a wooden cottage covered with artificial snow and flickering lights serving warm snacks and mulled wine, can you feel more like it is Christmas in a moment? That is why, together with Agata (my photographer), we went for a walk to take new photos for December post :).


Visit Covent Garden for the best Christmas decoration this year - this car in real is
green, but I love this photo so much (Photo @clairebearlondon)

December is undoubtedly one of the most magical months of the year. Preparing for Christmas, decorating our houses and time spent with relatives on long conversations or walks on Christmas markets. The last one is undoubtedly one of the nicer activities that makes the waiting for Christmas even more magical. In the end, how can you not use it when the cities covered with Christmas decorations and cheerful songs reverberating on every corner turn into a magical land? In today's post I decided to prepare some cultural attractions that have their place in London. If you are planning a pre-holiday trip to the capital of Great Britain, or you live in England and would like to spend the weekend discovering the charm of London waiting for its tourists, then be sure to read further :)


November is, for good reason, the most bleak month. Leaves on trees begin to disappear at an alarming speed, temperatures do not delight and even the sun seems to be hiding, not to mention the strong winds and rain that comes too often. For me, however, this is another month, which in this case brings us closer to Christmas. Peaceful preparation and gentle introduction in this magical mood, however, makes me survive those long November days. Nice music pouring out of the speakers, a good cake, the smell of which envelops the whole house, hot tea with aromatic additives and a book whose power seems to have even greater strength without letting go pushing to read down the next pages ... I invite you to a photographic summary of these past weeks, my stay in Poland and some new products that I have recently discovered :)


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