Autumn is my favourite season. It consists of many factors that I could talk about forever. Undoubtedly, a big role is played by the weather aura, colourful leaves on the trees, which squeakily squeak under the shoes or pictures landscape waiting at every corner, creating the perfect background for photos. In addition to the aesthetics of the landscape, fashion also plays an important role. Autumn is a month in which we can create colourful outfits based on different tones, patterns or various interesting material structures. Layers of clothes - coats, jackets, sweaters or shirts, plus a set of accessories in the form of scarves, hats, berets and other accessories that add style to our outfits.


August passed me like in the blink of an eye. There was so much going on that I do not even know when those four weeks went. Emotions that accompanied me, successively seen places, time spent with my family and a new chapter in my life, which began with a golden ring on my finger, are the most important events. The end of August means the end of the summer season. Under normal circumstances, I would feel some kind of sadness, in the end summer is a wonderful time of the year. I love this time spent in the fresh air, picnics with my beloved and lounging in the sun. This year, however, I feel some sort of joy from the coming autumn. I do not know myself whether this is due to the enormous heat that has accompanied this summer and, in a sense, the temperatures overwhelm me. With great optimism, I look out for autumn days, leaves creaking under the shoes and evenings under the blanket with a favorite book and tea with cloves and slice of an orange. However, before these pleasant moments come, I invite you to the summary of the last weeks :)


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