Dress // Sukienka - Gal Meets Glam Collection, Watches // Zegarki - Nordgreen,
Sandals and hat // Sandałki i kapelusz - H&M, Bag // Koszyk - Zara

Burano is a small island located on the Venetian Lagoon with a picturesque architecture. I dare believe that it is the most beautiful and colorful and short visits during your stay in Venice is simply mandatory! You can get to it in two ways: by bus (ticket price is € 7.50 for a single trip valid for 75 minutes), or a water taxi (it is probably the most prestigious way to travel around Venice, but also very expensive - unfortunately I do not know the price of such a trip to Burano, but for example, the transport from the Marco Polo airport to Venice costs € 95).


Lake Garda was a must-see during our short stay in Verona. We knew that one day we had to fully devote to it and it turned out to be too short. Momentary stay on the largest lake in Italy totally captivated us and we unanimously stated that we have to come back - but next time for a much longer period of time.

The destination of our trip was the town of Sirmione, located closest to our hotel. The trip by car lasted only half an hour, and Sirmione itself was on my magic list of towns located around Lake Garda. The main attractions in this town are Scaligero Castle - this building was erected in the 13th century on the remains of Roman fortifications. The castle is surrounded by water from all sides and leads to it only one entrance directly through the drawbridge. There is also a port right next to the castle, where you can find many boats and even rent a motorboat yourself. That was also in our case. The place that we wanted to see is not a big island located in the middle of the lake, which can only be reached by water transport. Fortunately, renting such a motorboat does not require any special skills or patents, and the cost of a two-hour trip is € 110. We used the "Sirmione Boats" company, which is located in this port. I think you can easily find their position :).


Italy has always been on my list of places to discover. After our December trip, when we were able to randomly see the picturesque Positano, beautiful Rome - or rather its small bite in the form of Trevi Fountain and less charming Naples, I knew that I wanted to see more. Quite by an accident after one of the dinners in Italian restaurant located in the heart of London, guided by an Italian melody leading me to its land, I glanced at the vacations and found! A trip to the most picturesque places in Italy - Verona and Venice popped up on the screen of my computer. Two hours later, plane tickets, hotels reservations and train which we were to get from Verona to Venice were waiting in my inbox. Just as I will talk about Venice on the occasion of the next post, today I am taking you on a short trip to a city filled with history, love and art. So sit back in your chair, open the eyes of the imagination and discover this place with me again ... :)


Dress // Sukienka - Dagny, Basket bag // Koszyk - Zara, Sandals // Sandałki - H&M,
Sunglasses // Okulary - NA-KD, Watch // Zegarek - CLUSE, Polka dot scarf // Apaszka w groszki - ASOS

I have discovered my interest for literature relatively recently. As a teenager, I treated books as a necessary evil, and replaced school books with short summaries that were to prepare me for the test. No wonder that William Shakespeare's famous novel "Romeo and Juliet" never came into my hands. It did not, however, make me unaware of the great love that linked the two above-mentioned characters. Bah! I have the impression that I know the story better than many other people. I am not sure if it's my fascination of love stories or romantic soul, but during my last trip to the city that started this story, I felt at least like it’s main character ...


A few days trips bring far more advantages than disadvantages. The first and probably the most important is the ease with which we come to pack into a suitcase. After all, a few days stay does not require a full wardrobe of clothes (unless you are a celebrity, or you are going to a fashion week in Paris). For an ordinary person like me, however, this means the first, and my suitcase has never been lighter than during the last trip.

Those of you who are watching me on Instagram probably noticed that I spent the last few days in the sun-filled Italy. More on this subject will of course appear in subsequent posts, but before this happens I have prepared for you a guide on how to pack on a few days trip. This is a list of useful information I hope that has worked in my case many times already.


Pre-wedding fever is the perfect word to describe the state that I am beginning to feel. One month left till our wedding, and the emotions that accompany me are far from the dream excitement "it is already the time". Thousands of thoughts run through my mind, trying to record how many things I still have to do, what I forgot about, and nightmares from the cycle "I woke up on my wedding day and it turned out that I forgot to book a photographer" or "and when we started to dance, it turned out that we do not know the steps "is a daily bread, with which I try to fight before it grow to the size of New York. I realize that I am not alone with this problem and probably many future brides feel a similar state of being. So I prepared a brief guide on important things that should already be taken care of, or in the process of determining the last details, to make it happen just on time. I hope that they will prove useful to you at this stressful time. In the end, the most beautiful day of our life is ahead of us, so head up and let’s not get crazy! :)


1. June is the month of my favourite flowers. Peonies - I have been waiting for you! :) // 2. Ongoing process of writing my
assignment. // 3. Enjoying the sunlight along with the company of Henri Matisse. // 4. At least one selfie is a must!

To say that the last month was rushing, like crazy, it's to say nothing. At the university, the third semester began officially, and thus - the master's thesis. The prospect of an upcoming wedding makes it undoubtedly the most stressful time in my life (will I be able to do everything on time?). Deadlines are the only thing I can think about lately, and the accompanying feeling that I forgot something is an inseparable element of every day. I am looking forward to the day when the master's thesis will be lying on the university's desk, and I, as a happy wife with a wedding ring on my finger, will enjoy the newly started stage of my life. Before these blissful times come, I would like to invite you to the summary of June! :) Forgive me for being here so little lately, but you probably understand that in this case the day is definitely too short. I promise, however, that soon there will be a little more articles appearing here. Are you following me on Instagram? There is an answer to what will be the main theme in this new month :)


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