Dress // Sukienka - Szyjemy Sukienki, Shoes and bag // Buty i kopertówka - Dorothy Perkins,
Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington, Earrings // Kolczyki - W.Kruk

An invitation to a wedding, for us women often if not always is connected with the dilemma associated with the well known "I have nothing to wear" problem. As in many matters, I am inclined to say that we are exaggerating quite frequently, in terms of wedding outfit, I face similar dilemma. Our garments often have a large stock of dresses, but many (if not all) are not suitable for use at a wedding, or simply have already appeared in this creation too many times. Personally, I love weddings, because this is one of the few occasions when we can really put on beautiful dresses, both short or long, which are extremely elegant. A week ago I had the opportunity to attend my fiancé's cousin wedding, which is why in today's post I present to you my proposal of a perfect dress for this occasion.


May this year was an extremely crazy month for me. Obligations at the university do not let me forget about them, the preparations for the wedding urge more and more each day, and I only dreamed of spending each moment relaxing in the sunshine with a bowl of fruit and a good book in hand. Nothing of it, I only had a bit of a time to relax, and too much of stress. I invite you to a photographic summary of the past month, in which there was a place for a lot of lilac, but not only :)


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