Beret - H&M, Jacket // Kurtka - Stradivarius, Jumper // Bluza - Sezane, Jeans // Jeansy - Second hand,
Boots // Buty - Aldo, Sunglasses // Okulary - & Other Stories
When I think about the Parisian style, the first thing that comes to my mind is classic cigarette trousers, striped top and a red beret. The last one reigns in today's outfit, but doesn’t form the main element of it . Sweatshirt with the inscription "Bonjour Madame" is a work of the French brand Sézane. When I saw it, I knew that my wardrobe could not exist without it. Interestingly, it is pointless to look for any sweatshirts like this in my wardrobe, as apart from the one from TopShop, which I showed you once - Bonjour Madame is my second one. Although it might seem that the outfit combinations are limited, the versatility of this model gives us a lot more options. In today's outfit, I've chosen winter elements to match with it, but in spring time I will be happy to combine dark jeans and ballerina shoes with an elegant oversized shirt underneath.


Another month has come to an end. I have the impression that I was just writing the summary of January, and the February is already behind us. This time, I did not do much, but at the university the second semester put a lot of stress on my free time. In addition to further searches for ideal brands as a potential topic for my written assignments, I was able to jump out of London for a weekend. To my surprise, when I thought that spring was coming, London got covered with white fluff! :) Excuse me, that so many photos of snow will be included in this post! However, I could not resist, especially that the last time it snowed in England few years ago!


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