Christmas is a time of peace, hope and joy. I would like to wish you and your families health, cheerfulness and kindness. Help others, love and let us give all the best of ourselves both today and every other day, because good will always come back to us and with redoubled strength! Merry Christmas to you all! May this festive time be nice and warm spent in the company of loved ones.


Spoiling our loved ones with presents is a nice tradition that, although it may seem quite stressful, finally fills me with joy (especially when gifts turn out to be a hit). Christmas is in five days! This is really the last call to find a gift for our loved ones. Although I already have practically everything, I still have packing to be done. I know, however, that it is not always that ideas come to our minds, and when time turns out to work against us, it is easy to give in to buying something, that maybe will work.


Winter Wonderland is already the festive tradition of London. Every year before Christmas in the famous Hyde Park there are carousels, wooden kiosks with Christmas presents, mulled wine and delicious waffles and pancakes served with which the heart desires, but it is known that Nutella belongs to my favorites (something tells me that I'm not alone with this :)). I think photos in this place have become my Christmas blog tradition. Where, if not in such a magical place, where the Christmas music is heard from the speakers, a wooden cottage covered with artificial snow and flickering lights serving warm snacks and mulled wine, can you feel more like it is Christmas in a moment? That is why, together with Agata (my photographer), we went for a walk to take new photos for December post :).


Visit Covent Garden for the best Christmas decoration this year - this car in real is
green, but I love this photo so much (Photo @clairebearlondon)

December is undoubtedly one of the most magical months of the year. Preparing for Christmas, decorating our houses and time spent with relatives on long conversations or walks on Christmas markets. The last one is undoubtedly one of the nicer activities that makes the waiting for Christmas even more magical. In the end, how can you not use it when the cities covered with Christmas decorations and cheerful songs reverberating on every corner turn into a magical land? In today's post I decided to prepare some cultural attractions that have their place in London. If you are planning a pre-holiday trip to the capital of Great Britain, or you live in England and would like to spend the weekend discovering the charm of London waiting for its tourists, then be sure to read further :)


November is, for good reason, the most bleak month. Leaves on trees begin to disappear at an alarming speed, temperatures do not delight and even the sun seems to be hiding, not to mention the strong winds and rain that comes too often. For me, however, this is another month, which in this case brings us closer to Christmas. Peaceful preparation and gentle introduction in this magical mood, however, makes me survive those long November days. Nice music pouring out of the speakers, a good cake, the smell of which envelops the whole house, hot tea with aromatic additives and a book whose power seems to have even greater strength without letting go pushing to read down the next pages ... I invite you to a photographic summary of these past weeks, my stay in Poland and some new products that I have recently discovered :)


Knitwear // Sweter - MLE Collection, Rug // Dywanik - IKEA, Lights // Lampki - Jysk

I mainly associate Autumn – Winter season with the sweater time. If I am honest, I reach out for warm turtleneck or those in the oversized style, that will wrap me around with its thick braid and will make that even in the coldest day I am going to feel warm. I am pretty sure that I am not alone with this. Availability on the market seems to make this fascination even worse as while seeing all those beautiful sweaters it is hard to say no to its purchase as every each of them is different and winter is long! My family seems to also understand my love for this kind of clothes, and each year I receive a sweater as a Christmas gift. In today’s post, I have prepared a selection of the most beautiful in my opinion sweaters, which are currently available. 


Blazer and jeans // Marynarka i jeansy - Second Hand, 
T-shirt - Borrowed from my husband (pożyczony od męża), 
Belt // Pasek - H&M, 
Sunglasses // Okulary - & Other Stories, 
Shoes // Buty - Russell & Bromley, 
Bag // Torebka - Gucci, 
Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington

This year's autumn is surprising with a weather aura. Looking at today's photos, it's hard to marvel at the fact that just two weeks ago it was so warm to wear only a jacket and a t-shirt. Today's temperature, due to a few degrees less, would encourage me to put on an outfit from today's entry in a slightly different version, namely instead of a blouse I would put on a light, white sweater and jeans with a longer leg. The jacket itself, however, is the perfect base for autumn outfits. Woolen finish and dark green colour in a typical Scottish plaid. It's cut, however, brings to mind the masculine style.


"INSTAGRAM Projekt Influencer" to pierwszy ebook Adrianny Zielińskiej szerzej znanej jako @alabasterfox, która
dzieli się swoimi doświadczeniami oraz poradami w dziedzinie tworzenia wartościowego profilu na Instagramie.

October passed me in the blink of an eye. Despite this, this month will stay in my memory for a long time, and all this thanks to the one and only dreamed trip to Paris! Excuse me, then, that photos from the French capital will prevail the summary of this month. In addition to this trip, in October I found time for my beloved autumn pleasures, pumpkin soup, baking orange cake, reading books, drinking hectoliters of aromatic tea and time spent in the company of my loved ones. I am pleased to invite you to a photographic summary of the past four weeks :)


The key element of wedding preparations is the visual side, which starts with the moment of choosing wedding invitations and ends with the decorations of the wedding venue, our bouquet and all other decorations. In today's post I have prepared for you a brief summary of all the individual things that we decided on in this most important day for us, a little about the cost of such a venture and other useful information that I hope will help you during the pre-wedding struggle. Shall we start? :)


Once upon a time there lived a girl whose life was no different from other children her age. She spent her days playing "home" and " the shop", creating tents from a blanket hung on the armchair pretending she was in a magical place, eating delicacies prepared by her grandmother, or watching fairy tales about princesses. She dreamed that one day in her life a prince would appear on a white horse, whom she would marry in a beautiful white ball gown and then they would live happily ever after ... A dozen years later, there was no sign of that little girl. However, a young woman appeared who, despite the lessons life has given her, still believed that one day not a prince on a white horse, but a man in who’s arms she would find a shelter, security and love, will appear in her life. 


After many weeks of expectations, the time has come for wedding related blog posts. I would like to briefly share my experiences with you, which I hope will be useful during your big day. Remember, however, that there is no golden rule that will make this day perfect. There will always be something that you have imagined differently, something you wanted to do, but you didn’t make it or just something that after the wedding day you will find that you should have done differently. A wedding is such an important and huge event in our life that its preparation sometimes lasts for years, but most often it is just the day before the wedding that there are a lot of things that you still have to do and not enough time. In this vertigo, it is not difficult to get stress, which you have to deal with somehow, because in the end it is to be the most beautiful day in our life and we can’t break it through unnecessary nerves. It was not easy with me and a pre-wedding fever caught me a week before. Although I would like to tell you that it's gone and I felt like a new born unconscious word "nerves", I would lie ... However, I tried to focus on things that helped me fight it and today, when I look at these photos, I have the impression that I succeeded :).


Time for the second and thus the last part of my Paris guide. In today's post you will find information about the next two days of our stay in the capital of France. To all those who have just joined the blog, you could see the first part here - link.

A bit of art - a meeting with Picasso

            The third day of our stay in Paris began with a visit to the Musée, which is located at 5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003, undoubtedly there is an impressive collection of masterpieces. The museum has paintings, sketches, sculptures, but also pictures of Picasso himself, letters and many other interesting things. This is undoubtedly a museum that I recommend to anyone even if you don’t have much time spend on tour of art. Most importantly, due to its size, it does not take so much time to circumvent.


My fascination with Paris began many years before I finally managed to visit the city last week. All this time, I have been subconsciously looking for places that at least to a certain degree reflected the style of Paris. It was not that difficult, because as you probably noticed on the blog, many places in London are confusingly similar – whether it is the architecture in some districts or famous French-style cafes. If somebody would ask me where have I taken the fascination with this place, I would not find a single answer ... It consists of many factors that undoubtedly take into account architecture, art, retro style, but also history from a fashion perspective, which shows how much influence Paris had for the birth of great designers who changed the way we dress (of course I mean Chanel herself, which is my greatest inspiration in this area).


Coat // Płaszcz - Sauths
Dress // Sukienka - Vintage
Turtleneck and bag // Golf i torebka - Zara
Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses // Okulary - NA-KD
Boots // Kozaki - Aldo
I have long looked forward to this dream trip to Paris. For years, secretly (later more and more insistently) I wanted to visit the city, which is home to many great designers, artists, architecture from the exceptionally picturesque sandstone and romantic nooks that became a symbol of love, which inspired many filmmakers to do their work there . I am indifferently first to Woody Allen himself with my favorite film "Midnight in Paris". After many years, my now husband decided to fulfill this dream and this is how we spent the whole four days in Paris as our short honeymoon.

The picturesque Paris in my lens will appear on the blog in the next post, but today I invite you to the outfit of which photos were made in the vicinity of Louvre and Pont Alexandre III. After those few days, I can say that it was definitely not enough time and the list of places that I would like to see is quite substantial ... Because the main element of today's post is my outfit, let me briefly touch this topic. Packing things for this trip, I immediately knew what would land in my suitcase. Beret, high black over the knee boots and checkered dress (which I showed to you in an earlier post), which due to the time of the year I combined with white turtleneck. Thanks to such a set, at least for a moment I could feel like a resident of this charming city ...

P.S. I have a 15% discount to use on all assortment available from Daniel Wellington. Use "makesitsimple" at the checkout. The code is valid until 30th November 2018.

. . . .

Długo wyczekiwałam tej wymarzonej podróży do Paryża. Przez lata skrycie (później już coraz bardziej natarczywie) pragnęłam odwiedzić miasto, które jest domem dla wielu wspaniałych projektantów, artystów, architektury z wyjątkowo malowniczego piaskowca oraz romantycznych zakątków, które stały się symbolem miłości czym tym samym zainspirowały wielu twórców filmowych do nakręcenia tam swoich dzieł. Niepodważalnie pierwszy na myśl przychodzi mi sam Woody Allen z moim ulubionym filmem „O północy w Paryżu”.  Po wielu latach, mój obecny już mąż postanowił spełnić to marzenie i tym oto sposobem spędziliśmy całe cztery dni w Paryżu jako naszą krótką podróż poślubną.

Malowniczy Paryż w moim obiektywie pokaże Wam dopiero w kolejnym wpisie, ale dzisiaj zapraszam Was na stylizację, której zdjęcia powstały w okolicach Louvre-u oraz Pont Alexandre III (most Aleksandra III). Po tych kilku dniach, mogę jednak stwierdzić, że było to zdecydowanie za mało czasu a lista miejsc, które chciałabym jeszcze zobaczyć jest dość pokaźna… Z uwagi na to, że głównym elementem dzisiejszego wpisu jest moja stylizacja, pozwolę sobie po krótce poruszy jej temat. Pakując rzeczy na ten wyjazd, od razu wiedziałam co znajdzie się w mojej walizce. Beret, wysokie czarne kozaki za kolano oraz sukienka w kratę (którą pokazałam Wam w przybliżeniu we wcześniejszym wpisie), którą z uwagi na porę roku zestawiłam z białym golfem. Dzięki takiemu zestawowi, chociaż przez chwilę mogłam się poczuć jak mieszkanka tego pełnego uroku miasta…

P.S. Jeżeli podoba Wam się mój zegarek, to mam dla Was kod na 15% zniżki. Wystarczy, że wpiszecie "makesitsimple" podczas dokonywania płatności na stronie Daniel Wellington. Kod jest ważny do 30-ego listopada. Udanych zakupów! 

Zdjęcia: Piotr Kudzia



September was a month of many sacrifices for me, what reflected in today's post. I know that many of you are looking forward to the summary of the month with great anticipation, which is why I regret that there have been so few photos here this time. The master thesis is fortunately already behind me and this means more time for you and the blog. I am glad that autumn aura will pass me this year without any stress related to the university and chasing deadlines of written assignments. Thus, I can tell you that in the coming week, new entries will start appearing both from Paris (the entire report from my four-day stay could be seen briefly on Insta-stories) and long-awaited wedding pictures! :) Before we start these two separate topics, I invite you to a few photos from the previous month.


Autumn is my favourite season. It consists of many factors that I could talk about forever. Undoubtedly, a big role is played by the weather aura, colourful leaves on the trees, which squeakily squeak under the shoes or pictures landscape waiting at every corner, creating the perfect background for photos. In addition to the aesthetics of the landscape, fashion also plays an important role. Autumn is a month in which we can create colourful outfits based on different tones, patterns or various interesting material structures. Layers of clothes - coats, jackets, sweaters or shirts, plus a set of accessories in the form of scarves, hats, berets and other accessories that add style to our outfits.


August passed me like in the blink of an eye. There was so much going on that I do not even know when those four weeks went. Emotions that accompanied me, successively seen places, time spent with my family and a new chapter in my life, which began with a golden ring on my finger, are the most important events. The end of August means the end of the summer season. Under normal circumstances, I would feel some kind of sadness, in the end summer is a wonderful time of the year. I love this time spent in the fresh air, picnics with my beloved and lounging in the sun. This year, however, I feel some sort of joy from the coming autumn. I do not know myself whether this is due to the enormous heat that has accompanied this summer and, in a sense, the temperatures overwhelm me. With great optimism, I look out for autumn days, leaves creaking under the shoes and evenings under the blanket with a favorite book and tea with cloves and slice of an orange. However, before these pleasant moments come, I invite you to the summary of the last weeks :)


Miłość nie polega na tym, aby wzajemnie sobie się przyglądać, 
lecz aby patrzeć razem w tym samym kierunku.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The first emotions of wedding have already fallen, so I come to you with a small announcement. Unfortunately, for more we will have to wait a bit longer (believe me, I can’t wait for the pictures myself), but I wanted to give you a small preview from that day. How was it? Wonderful! The explosion of emotions and feelings that accompanied me that day is something indescribable. It was not without reason that everyone repeated to not stress, because on this day all details won’t matter. That's exactly how it was! I do not remember the smallest details, because in the end it was not them that were the most important on this day only me and my husband. In fact, the word husband is the only thing that changed ... The first days were quite strange and the morning "good morning husband" sounded somehow foreign, but nice :). After almost two weeks, however, I can say that it is an irreplaceable element that permanently appeared in my dictionary. I am happy and look forward to our common days, weeks, months, years and what the future has for us! I hope that this one photo will satisfy your curiosity for the coming weeks and I promise to come back to you soon with a greater dose of inspiration from our big day!


Top // Jedwabny top - Parasol Rose, Skirt // Spódnica - Geo by George, Shoes // Buty - F&F, Bag // Koszyk - Zara, Scarf //
Apaszka - ASOS, Earring // Kolczyki - &Other Storries, Bracelet // Bransoletka - CLUSE, Sunglasses // Okulary - NAKD

When preparing the pictures for today's post, I felt a kind of nostalgia. On the one hand, it was one of those beautiful summer mornings, when London architecture was bathed in the emerging rays of the sun and the street began to fill up with a throng of tourists who are the most at this time of year in London. Looking for more locations for photos, we went through the streets with my photographer. We came across an exceptionally beautiful architecture, which by its way resembled Paris more than London, surrounded by fading trees. It was just the beginning of August and the area was bathed in gold falling leaves. I felt how quickly my time runs out ... The summer season only began, the wedding preparations and here it will be autumn soon and I will not be single anymore, but wife. And here, writing to you today, this short text in the hotel room with the view of the mountains stretched outside my window I cannot believe everything that has happened in recent weeks.


It took me a while to write today's article. The main reason was not lack of time or creativity. I would say that, on the contrary, my creative mind has not left me lately, but I didn’t want to take it too quickly. First of all, I want to reflect emotions and feelings that accompanied me the best I can. Secondly, I would like, in addition to the mass of photos and fairytale stories, each of you to find answers to bothering questions related to the organization of trips to Venice and places that in my opinion should be seen, where to eat or where to stay.


Hat and sandals // Kapelusz i sandałki - H&M, Necklace // Naszyjnik - Sotho, Top and basket // Bluzka i koszyk - Zara,
Short // Spodenki - Mango, Watch // Zegarek - CLUSE, Sunglasses // Okulary - NA-KD

Venice has always been on my list ... With the arrival of the new year, this city has notoriously been going through our conversations. We both wanted to visit it, but somehow we couldn’t decide ... The offer, however, found itself, and before we realized, we were getting off the train at the Santa Lucia station in Venice. I barely left the station and I knew that this city would be on the list of my favorites. Despite the heat pouring from the sky, we decided to get to our hotel on our feet to discover the area where we will stay for the next two nights. We didn’t have far and after less than 20 minutes we were there.


Another month is behind us. July this year was extremely hot even here in England. How have your last weeks been? For me, July was a month of challenges - master's thesis, creating surveys, wedding preparations, but also a few days trip to beautiful and hot Italy. I hope that the next weeks will be equally beautiful and warm. I look forward to the coming days of August and the big day that is fast approaching! I will tell you all about this in the next month, but for now I invite you to a small photographic summary of July :)


Dress // Sukienka - Gal Meets Glam Collection, Watches // Zegarki - Nordgreen,
Sandals and hat // Sandałki i kapelusz - H&M, Bag // Koszyk - Zara

Burano is a small island located on the Venetian Lagoon with a picturesque architecture. I dare believe that it is the most beautiful and colorful and short visits during your stay in Venice is simply mandatory! You can get to it in two ways: by bus (ticket price is € 7.50 for a single trip valid for 75 minutes), or a water taxi (it is probably the most prestigious way to travel around Venice, but also very expensive - unfortunately I do not know the price of such a trip to Burano, but for example, the transport from the Marco Polo airport to Venice costs € 95).


Lake Garda was a must-see during our short stay in Verona. We knew that one day we had to fully devote to it and it turned out to be too short. Momentary stay on the largest lake in Italy totally captivated us and we unanimously stated that we have to come back - but next time for a much longer period of time.

The destination of our trip was the town of Sirmione, located closest to our hotel. The trip by car lasted only half an hour, and Sirmione itself was on my magic list of towns located around Lake Garda. The main attractions in this town are Scaligero Castle - this building was erected in the 13th century on the remains of Roman fortifications. The castle is surrounded by water from all sides and leads to it only one entrance directly through the drawbridge. There is also a port right next to the castle, where you can find many boats and even rent a motorboat yourself. That was also in our case. The place that we wanted to see is not a big island located in the middle of the lake, which can only be reached by water transport. Fortunately, renting such a motorboat does not require any special skills or patents, and the cost of a two-hour trip is € 110. We used the "Sirmione Boats" company, which is located in this port. I think you can easily find their position :).


Italy has always been on my list of places to discover. After our December trip, when we were able to randomly see the picturesque Positano, beautiful Rome - or rather its small bite in the form of Trevi Fountain and less charming Naples, I knew that I wanted to see more. Quite by an accident after one of the dinners in Italian restaurant located in the heart of London, guided by an Italian melody leading me to its land, I glanced at the vacations and found! A trip to the most picturesque places in Italy - Verona and Venice popped up on the screen of my computer. Two hours later, plane tickets, hotels reservations and train which we were to get from Verona to Venice were waiting in my inbox. Just as I will talk about Venice on the occasion of the next post, today I am taking you on a short trip to a city filled with history, love and art. So sit back in your chair, open the eyes of the imagination and discover this place with me again ... :)


Dress // Sukienka - Dagny, Basket bag // Koszyk - Zara, Sandals // Sandałki - H&M,
Sunglasses // Okulary - NA-KD, Watch // Zegarek - CLUSE, Polka dot scarf // Apaszka w groszki - ASOS

I have discovered my interest for literature relatively recently. As a teenager, I treated books as a necessary evil, and replaced school books with short summaries that were to prepare me for the test. No wonder that William Shakespeare's famous novel "Romeo and Juliet" never came into my hands. It did not, however, make me unaware of the great love that linked the two above-mentioned characters. Bah! I have the impression that I know the story better than many other people. I am not sure if it's my fascination of love stories or romantic soul, but during my last trip to the city that started this story, I felt at least like it’s main character ...


A few days trips bring far more advantages than disadvantages. The first and probably the most important is the ease with which we come to pack into a suitcase. After all, a few days stay does not require a full wardrobe of clothes (unless you are a celebrity, or you are going to a fashion week in Paris). For an ordinary person like me, however, this means the first, and my suitcase has never been lighter than during the last trip.

Those of you who are watching me on Instagram probably noticed that I spent the last few days in the sun-filled Italy. More on this subject will of course appear in subsequent posts, but before this happens I have prepared for you a guide on how to pack on a few days trip. This is a list of useful information I hope that has worked in my case many times already.


Pre-wedding fever is the perfect word to describe the state that I am beginning to feel. One month left till our wedding, and the emotions that accompany me are far from the dream excitement "it is already the time". Thousands of thoughts run through my mind, trying to record how many things I still have to do, what I forgot about, and nightmares from the cycle "I woke up on my wedding day and it turned out that I forgot to book a photographer" or "and when we started to dance, it turned out that we do not know the steps "is a daily bread, with which I try to fight before it grow to the size of New York. I realize that I am not alone with this problem and probably many future brides feel a similar state of being. So I prepared a brief guide on important things that should already be taken care of, or in the process of determining the last details, to make it happen just on time. I hope that they will prove useful to you at this stressful time. In the end, the most beautiful day of our life is ahead of us, so head up and let’s not get crazy! :)


1. June is the month of my favourite flowers. Peonies - I have been waiting for you! :) // 2. Ongoing process of writing my
assignment. // 3. Enjoying the sunlight along with the company of Henri Matisse. // 4. At least one selfie is a must!

To say that the last month was rushing, like crazy, it's to say nothing. At the university, the third semester began officially, and thus - the master's thesis. The prospect of an upcoming wedding makes it undoubtedly the most stressful time in my life (will I be able to do everything on time?). Deadlines are the only thing I can think about lately, and the accompanying feeling that I forgot something is an inseparable element of every day. I am looking forward to the day when the master's thesis will be lying on the university's desk, and I, as a happy wife with a wedding ring on my finger, will enjoy the newly started stage of my life. Before these blissful times come, I would like to invite you to the summary of June! :) Forgive me for being here so little lately, but you probably understand that in this case the day is definitely too short. I promise, however, that soon there will be a little more articles appearing here. Are you following me on Instagram? There is an answer to what will be the main theme in this new month :)


Dress // Sukienka - Szyjemy Sukienki, Shoes and bag // Buty i kopertówka - Dorothy Perkins,
Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington, Earrings // Kolczyki - W.Kruk

An invitation to a wedding, for us women often if not always is connected with the dilemma associated with the well known "I have nothing to wear" problem. As in many matters, I am inclined to say that we are exaggerating quite frequently, in terms of wedding outfit, I face similar dilemma. Our garments often have a large stock of dresses, but many (if not all) are not suitable for use at a wedding, or simply have already appeared in this creation too many times. Personally, I love weddings, because this is one of the few occasions when we can really put on beautiful dresses, both short or long, which are extremely elegant. A week ago I had the opportunity to attend my fiancé's cousin wedding, which is why in today's post I present to you my proposal of a perfect dress for this occasion.


May this year was an extremely crazy month for me. Obligations at the university do not let me forget about them, the preparations for the wedding urge more and more each day, and I only dreamed of spending each moment relaxing in the sunshine with a bowl of fruit and a good book in hand. Nothing of it, I only had a bit of a time to relax, and too much of stress. I invite you to a photographic summary of the past month, in which there was a place for a lot of lilac, but not only :)


May is one of the most beautiful months. Blooming lilac, the sun's rays that awaken us every morning, and this perceptible joy that accompanies everyone makes me feel so internal calm (although I do not know if the current weeks can be called quiet, when urged try to finalize the last details of our wedding). However, I found time for a bit of my favorite pleasures ... May for me is the personification of spring aura, singing birds, smell of lilac and beautiful wisteria, outdoor picnics and a good book - I do not have much time for this lately.


Blouse // Bluzka - & Other Storries, Skirt // Spódnica - H&M, Ballerina pumps // Baletki - Massimo Dutti,
Bag // Koszyk - Zara, Scarf // Chustka - Asos, Sunglassess // Okulary - RayBan

When I was a teenager, I did not understand the phenomenon of polka dot. It seemed to me then that they were intended for older people and I would look old-fashioned in them. Never cease to amaze me how our approach changes over time. When I was doing spring cleaning in the closet, I realized that my wardrobe was experiencing a real satiation of this pattern. In today's outfit, I've decided to present you my favorite way for the last few weeks. The black and white skirt is one of my favorites. Her style is so universal that it fits absolutely everything. It combines the classic with its cut and colour, and airy flounces give her a girlish chic. The theme of the polka dot on the purse is another addition, which I use very often this season. The scarf tied by the handle of the bag was very appealing to me.


Dress // Sukienka - Gal Meets Glam, Shoes // Buty - Castaner
            When I created this site three years ago, I didn’t think that so much will change in my life. Even my experience is not even adequate to many of my colleague – bloggers, there is many things that I have learnt throughout this time. At some point I can even say that this place has changed not only my life, but also my fiancé’s, like also my parents and friends (especially when we are having a family dinner, spend time in the restaurant or are having a picnic in the park and I will not allow anybody to start their consumption until I finish with photographs :)).


Wedding subject seems to be more accurate right now than ever before. The previous entries appeared a little too early, so they were paused. Due to the fact that it is already May and hence, soon the wedding season will start, I thought it was a good time for this series to return to the blog. With the passing of these last months, I began to approach my wedding with great strides. Before I can share my experiences with you as a happy wife, I invite you to a joint journey, during which we will get through all the important and less important issues regarding organizational matters. Do not worry, there will also be a lot of fashion, because in the end choosing a wedding dress, a bridesmaid dresses and guests dresses are equally important!


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