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Thursday, 9 February 2017


Oncoming Valentine’s Day is another great occasion to dress to impress our second half. Nevertheless, if you are still single as you didn’t find that perfect guy that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you can use this day to celebrate it with your girlfriends by going for a dinner and show that whether we look good is not directly because we want to impress others, but we want to feel and look glamorous for ourselves! What can boost women’s confidence more if not herself in perfectly fitted dress! :)

No matter which option is yours I have prepared for you several outfit ideas which I would put on myself! I am hoping that you will find them helpful.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Living in London taught me one thing – always carry with you umbrella or even better the raincoat. The weather in Britain is significantly different to what I was used to while I was living in Poland. Constant wind, frequent rain and this terrible lack of winter! Honestly speaking I could say that the English weather is divided into two seasons which are Spring and Autumn with only occasional and extreme hot temperature that are commonly known as Summer :). It is not difficult to get depression, because as you know weather has a major impact towards our well beings. Therefore, I have found my own tactic and instead of whining before I leave my house on a rainy day, I try to take more optimistic approach and my outfit seems to be very helpful!

Friday, 3 February 2017


Blush / Róż - Chanel  (99 Rose Petale) // Book / Książka - Aime Song "Pokaż swój styl" / "Capture your style" // Magazine / Magazyn - Porter // Bathrobe / Szlafrok - Marks & Spencer

First month of the new year came to its end. As it always happens, it is time to summarise the past few weeks. There wasn’t much going on in my life. The number of things going on at the university, quite a big and important project at work have made it unable for me to find enough time for any sort of pleasures. Well, maybe except few including a weekend gateway which I spent with my family, my best friend’s visit (you could see more in this post – link) and a little bit of time for myself when I could read some of the books that were waiting for its turn! How did you spend the last four weeks? :)
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