Lunch at Dalloway Terrace - my jumper is from H&M (old collection) //
Lunch w restauracji Dalloway Terrace - mój golf jest z H&M (stara kolekcja) 

Running a blog makes me realize how fast this time flies. I just wrote a summary of October and here December already waits around the corner! In terms of my activity here, in November there was not much happening. I was ill for quite a long time, many classes at the university which effectively took away my free time. I try to make up for it and with great commitment I prepare for you further blog posts. But before we fully enter the festive mood, I invite you to a brief summary of the past few weeks :)


Few days ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the presentation of the Reiss collection for the spring / summer 2018 season. This is one of the privileges I gained by setting up a blog. I will not hide that I quite like it :). By looking closely at the collection and getting to know what's going to be trendy next season, I am able to prepare you with all kinds of inspiration for what should be in spring-summer ‘must-have’ list.

Both in the last year and in this year, the collection is fully refined and none of its elements was in it accidentally. I have the impression that the word 'accidently' in relation to this brand is rather the last word that could be attributed to it. However, moving to the collection itself, there was plenty of room for comfortable heels, silk shirts, oversized knits, and stripes in varying sizes, which will roll from spring to summer. The main message of the entire collection is the earthy tones, which are suitable for both the day and the evening. Reiss set the goal of creating clothes suitable for women who want to live here and now while maintaining the comfort and convenience that will accompany them throughout the day. The key message is that both elements of the spring and summer collection can be worn throughout both seasons.


The colors of autumn in London are experiencing its seasonal peak. The most beautiful colours of trees can still be admired for some time. Using the Sunday sun, we decided to explore the neighborhood and take some pictures for the blog. I love this time of year, although I do not know whether the white winter, of which picture I have in my memory is not closer to my heart. The preparation period for the Christmas is a wonderful and joyful time, but the colours of the trees and this autumn aura also has its indisputable charm. Do you agree with me?


Building a wardrobe is a complex subject, with which each of us can handle better or worse. For a long time I struggled with the problem "I have nothing to wear", that is what happens when we open a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing suits itself. Our sentiment associated with clothes, often doesn’t allow us to throw them away. No wonder, how are we supposed to create a beautiful outfit if we don’t even have the basics to start? It's like driving a car without wheels.


It was just the beginning of autumn and we are already halfway through it. October passed me by so quickly. Many things have happened over the last few weeks. For a moment I had the opportunity to savor the beautiful, golden and above all Polish autumn (and substitute of winter :D), a few days ago I had my graduation and officially ended my bachelor’s degree, the same my daily routine expanded with more responsibilities coming from new university. But I found enough time to do what I enjoy the most - photography! I would like to invite you to a summary of these past weeks and a large dose of pictures :)


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