Shirt // Koszula - Primark, Coat // Płaszcz - Zara, Jeans // Jeansy - Vintage shop,
Belt // Pasek - TopShop, Boots // Buty - Zara, Bag // Torebka - Zara

Autumn is definitely the most colourful season. The colours are coming to us from all sides in the form of yellow, orange and even red leaves on the trees. Street style become more elaborate and creative, and eventually cooler temperatures allow us to play with layers in contrast to summer, where the peak of our capacity is the dress (and even this sometimes turns out to be too much). So it's no wonder that in my closet there are quite a lot of coats in different colours. During my last wardrobe clean-up, I discovered that except for one velvet coat (which is not suitable for the winter because its style and size makes it unable to put anything underneath), I do not have a black classic coat! So I will start searching, but before that, I invite you to some shots of today's outfit. Yellow coat you saw on the blog during spring. This is one of my favorite top coverings, which I would happily wear with everything. In today's look, I decided to combine them with wide leg trousers, which gained its fame in the 70's.


By taking for this blog post, I said to myself that this is going to be a real challenge. In the end how to dress up in words this picturesque landscape, the aura of this place and above all the moments that we spent there? The trip was supposed to be a surprise gift for my fiancé's birthday. Unfortunately, his inquisitiveness finally broke me and there was no surprise. We arrived to Poland on Thursday afternoon. We landed at the airport in Krakow and there we rented a car to get to Zakopane - specifically Koscielisko, where our chalet was located (we stayed in the house called Miśkowa Ostoya, which can be rented at . The first moment and the view that arrised from the terrace was enough to ensure that it will be a really nice weekend. Without wasting time, we unpacked our luggage, dressed up, and headed for Krupówki. It was Peter's birthday, so we were going to spend the day celebrating.


From the left: gold earrings // złote kolczyki - & Other Storries,
screwed earrings and the black and gold ones // wkrętki oraz te czarno złote kolczyki - gift (prezent),
pearl necklace - Accessorize, gold necklace // złoty łańcuszek z wisiorkiem - Warren James,
black watch // czarny zegarek - Daniel Wellington, gold watch // złoty zegarek - Michael Kors

Jewellery has been around for decades as an important piece of wardrobe. Properly chosen can work miracles and thus give our outfit a certain character. You may have felt a bit uncomfortable when you put on an elegant dress, whose style was so simple that something was missing. Then adding a pair of matching earrings or chains were the proverbial cherry on top of the cake.


Blazer // Marynarka - Donna Karan, Lace top // Koronkowa bluzka - Oysho, Jeans // Jeansy - Zara,
Bag // Torebka - Accessorize, Trainers // Trampki - VANS, Watch // Zegarek - Michael Kors,
Earrings // Kolczyki - & Other Stories, Necklace // Naszyjnik - H&M, Belt // Pasek - Topshop

When deciding on a daily outfit I mainly focus on two elements; it has to be comfortable and classic. Over the years of experimenting I have learned that the classic, slightly longer jacket with fitted but sporty style will add chic to every outfit. Regardless of whether we combine it with heels, boots or sneakers, this outfit simply can’t go wrong! It is a classic of the genre, with its form fitting to really different events. Knowing that I have a lot of things to do on a given day, and that I never really know what I'm going to face, these sets are my favourites. A small change in this case was also a combination of black and navy.


Cardigan and t-shirt // Sweter i t-shirt - H&M, Jeans // Jeansy - TopShop, Socks // Onuce - bough in Zakopane
(kupione w Zakopanem), Hat // Czapka - MLE Collection, Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington 
Two days ago I relished the view of the Tatra Mountains, which stretched out from the terrace of our chalet. It is hard to believe that these few days have gone so fast. Every day we used to the maximum, because the plan covered all the multitude of things we wanted to do and the time as always proved to be a big obstacle. But before I take you in the footsteps of our trip, I invite you to the first few pictures. Moment with hot tea and a book allowed me to fully relax. It is hard to believe that today's blog post I am writing to you from London, and the view outside the window has nothing to do with this picturesque landscape that you can admire in the pictures. So together with you (this time only in metaphorical way) I will move again to Koscielisko, the place where we spent the last few days :)


Packaging is one of the activities that every one of us in life has to face and sometimes even quite often. I've already written a guide on packing for longer trips. In today's post I would therefore like to share with you a few tips about my way of packing for a short weekend.

Those of you who watch me on Instagram, probably already noticed on my Insta-stories, that from Thursday I'm in Zakopane (mountainside city in Poland). A short but very intense weekend with lots of leisure time and little laziness requires proper preparation. So below, you will find some things that helped me to get ready for this weekend :)


Dress // Sukienka - Reiss, Coat // Płaszcz - Shein, Belt // Pasek - Top Shop, Beret - H&M, Bag // Torebka - Zara
Shoes // Buty - Zara, Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington, Earrings // Kolczyki - & Other stories

If I was to use one sentence to describe Parisian style, I would use the quotation from the book “How to be Parisian Wherever You are” written by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Anne Berest, which says:

„Make it look easy. Everything you 
do should seem effortless and graceful.”


Dress // Sukienka - MLE Collection, Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington 

I remember how recently I wrote a summary of August and the same summary of holidays. It's hard to believe that it's been a month and we greeted October! September was a crazy month for me. As you know from the previous post, I spent one week in Poland on a feverish search for a wedding dress and other things that required quite a bit of time. Living in London and studying full time, makes it hard for me to get everything done during the year, so that was really the only opportunity. This is how my friend named me the most organized bride to be :D.

In spite of this, I managed to gather quite a few photos during the past weeks. I invite you warmly for short photographic summary of the past month :)


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