Books are my favourite way of spending free time. Then both my mind and body can enjoy a full relaxation, accompanied by stories of fictional characters. The subject of books, which I tend to read the most frequently, is related to the fashion and the history of designers (I know the story of Chanel by word), although novels on all topics are also on my list of interests. In recent months it was the book called "Light between the oceans" by M.L. Stedman, on the basis of which a movie with a great Alicia Vikander was made, stole my heart. This is a pretty dramatic tale through which we will not go without a large pack of tissues.


Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Blossoming trees, flowers are one of those moments that, with the awakening of nature, I start to bloom to. Warm and sunny aura adds magic to every new day that makes a person feel twice as lucky. My well-being begins to show itself in many ways. My makeup, my hairstyle and above all, the style of dressing takes on a new meaning. Heavy clothing, like winter bears, fall into a sleep, but in summer sleep. "See you in half a year if everything goes according to the plan ..." I say to myself hoping that autumn will not show up so quickly this year. Pulling down the dresses, shoes and colorful accessories, I start to understand why I love spring. For the dose of happiness it gives to me, for the roses blooming in my garden, for the happy people who seem to fully share my enthusiasm and the most for the upcoming summer ...


Today's weather outside the window does not remind me so much of a warm, spring-filled day, but I believe it's just a momentary freak of nature! However, due to the fact that we have spring and soon summer will arrive, I decided to prepare a blog post, in which I will present you my wardrobe essentials for this time of year.


Photo by Felix Klugman
Exactly on the 18th May 2 years ago my first blog post appeared! The way my life has changed since then is something that I am unable to describe. The blog became my little baby, which I try to cultivate as best as I can. During this time I met many wonderful people, learned many things and gained experience in many fields. It would not have been possible without you! The most beautifully written or photographed article would have been nothing if there would be no one to read it. I would like to thank you with all my heart for every visit, comment and ever-growing circle of my followers. You are my greatest motivation to continue writing! Thank you to all of you and each of you separately. I hope that for the next few years, you will still be so eager to create this place with me!


For many May it is primarily a month that brings us closer to summer, which is waiting for us just around the corner. For the fashion world, it is intensive preparation and presentation of the autumn collection, which in a few weeks will appear in stores. On this subject, I had the opportunity to participate in the presentation of the collection for autumn / winter 2017 this time launched by Reiss (you can read about Boohoo press day - here).


May is definitely one of my favorite months that passes me under both my birthday and recently also the birthday of the blog. Although for many people birthday parties are great occasion for huge celebratios. both last year and this year I decided to spend that time with my family only. Getting away from London for a few days is always a pleasure to me (in the end, everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of a great metropolis), and staying in beautiful Gloucestershire, where my parents live, allows me to fully charge the batteries.


The way I care for my skin is something that I become more obsessed about with age. I remember when I was a teenager the only moisturizer I used was the usual Nivea cream. I used it as a lip balm (which I do to this day). Nevertheless, with the passing of the time, I began to notice the difference in softness and the glow of my skin. The cherry on the cake was a visit to my beautician who told me that I have a very dry skin, and if I do not start to properly care for it, wrinkles will appear sooner than I would imagine. Her words have changed my approach and since then my skincare has changed significantly. Below I present you some cosmetic which I tested and I can honestly recommend to you.


Shirt // Koszula – H&M, Jeans // Jeansy – COS, Flats // Baletki – Massimo Dutti,
Watch // Zegarek – Daniel Wellington, Bag // Torebka - Zara

Few days ago I had a pleasure of attending a Boohoo Press Day for Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. When I set up a blog nearly two years ago, I never thought I would ever have the privilege to attend such events. The aura that accompanies such presentations and people who themselves are one great inspiration is just something that I am unable to describe.


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