One of the most beautiful months of the year, which is accompanied by Christmas magic, is coming to an end. December definitely belongs to my favourites. Preparing for Christmas, baking a gingerbread cake, packing presents for loved ones and waiting for their reactions, time spent with family, playing board games together and Christmas songs in the background. This month has been very long for me. In addition to the typical Christmas race, I managed to take a few days break and visit Italy. During our three day trip we saw; Naples, Pompeii, Positano, Rome and the Vatican City. Before the end of December, I invite you to its summary and thus the last entry of the "Photo Diary" in 2017!


Second day of Christmas celebration is already here. Forgive me that I post here only now, but absorbed with Christmas atmosphere I tried to avoid any electrical equipment. I would like to wish a late Merry Christmas and a wonderful time spent with your families.


Sweater // Sweter - H&M, Coat // Płaszcz - Zara, Jeans // Jeansy - Zara, Boots // Buty - UGG,
Hat // Czapka - Dune London, Bag // Torebka - Zara, Gloves // Rękawiczki - H&M

There is less and less time until Christmas. For many, the preparation period is just beginning. Fortunately, I have already bought all the presents, I still have time for baking so I can now enjoy myself. Christmas is really a magical time and London looks the most beautiful then. Lights are hung around the city, decorated shop displays and fairs that grow like mushrooms for rains around every corner :). Big cities are famous for the fact that we find in them a large number of places whose atmosphere is worth visiting. There are a lot of them in London, but today I would like to take you for a walk through the fairytale Winter Wonderland. This place has something in it and just take my word for it, being there is impossible to not wake up a child in yourself :).


It is exactly a week until Christmas. This means more or less that it is the last bell to order the missing gifts and receive them on time. I still have to collect few things myself (after finishing this post I will have nothing else to do than order them), so I decided to prepare for you a last minute guide. When choosing gifts, it is best to be guided by the practicality of the item. As always, all items are linked :).


Photo by Nicole Engelmann
Christmas traditions reign in every Polish home. Nevertheless, many of them differ in individual provinces. Our knowledge with them is transmitted for generations. Parents are already educating us in the field of Christmas traditions so that we can absorb them with age and later share them with our families. Each of us knows them, but do we know where Christmas traditions come from? To introduce you in a festive atmosphere, I have prepared a small collection of information in this field. I will be very pleased if you share with me the traditions that are practiced in your homes! :)


Christmas are just around the corner, so this is the last bell to prepare and send cards! I do realize that handmade cards take some time and effort to prepare. But think about the pleasure you give to loved ones, when in an envelope, instead of a regular bought card, they will find one that may not be perfect, but from the heart? Holidays are the only time of the year when I also decide to prepare them myself. It seems to me that I'm getting better and better, and after one evening the cards are almost ready!


As you probably have already noticed, I prefer minimalistic sets on a daily basis. They also apply to my Christmas decorations. I like to see and feel that Christmas spirit, but everything has to be kept in style and to the minimum. In today's post I prepared a table decoration proposal, which does not require a lot of financial investment (I have not invested a penny) and looks aesthetically and elegantly and evoke the expected mood :).


Photo by Nicole Engelmann
Christmas is getting closer and so it's the last bell to share this magic list for Santa :). Every year I prepare such list hoping that it will simplify the efforts for my relatives. After all, who does not want to get something that he really dreams for instead of another product that will occupy already valuable place?

P.S. Do you tell your loved ones what you would like to get? What is on your list this year? I would love to find out :)


Trips are definitely not conducive to a busy schedule that has been with me for the last few days. Technical problems effectively prevented me from adding recent articles. Forgive me that despite the promise of Christmas posts appearing every day until Christmas, for the last two days I have stopped. Sitting at the airport waiting for a flight delayed due to the snowstorm (you imagine such things - snow in London on the day I have a flight?!), I am catching up. At the first fire goes the post from December 7 - four Christmas drinks, which I highly recommend to you. They will be ideal for all occasions :)


Holiday preparations continued! December 7 is the right time to slowly start planning the list of dishes. In today's post I have prepared a recipe for a cake for you - a hazelnut forest cake. My confectionery skills are not yet so developed, so I can guarantee that you can handle this recipe without any problems. Below you will find his way of preparation step by step.


Sweater // Sweter - H&M, Coat // Płaszcz - Primark (old collection),
Jeans // Jeansy - TopShop, Beret - H&M, Bag // Torebka - Zara

Hello, beloved on this Saint Nicholas’ evening (it is a Polish tradition which we celebrate each year on the 6th December). I hope that you spent today’s day as nice as I did. I still have a long evening ahead of me, because of few more articles to prepare, I have to pack up and do some organizational matters. However today's duties caused by tomorrow's trip, did not prevent me from preparing another blog post. In the end, the countdown to holidays is in full swing! On the occasion of Saint Nicholas' Day, I prepared an outfit inspired by red colour.


One of my favorite ways of spending December evenings is watching Christmas movies. On the occasion of our countdown to Christmas, on the fifth day of December I prepared a list of my five favourite Christmas comedies. I'm sure all of them are well known to you. For me, their charm is strong enough that I will never get bored with them! And what are your favorite movies?


Source: Pinterest
In addition to preparation for Christmas, December is also a time for meetings and corporate dinners and parties. As usually happens on such occasions, there is a hardship associated with the selection of the perfect outfit. In the end, which woman does not want to present well at the Christmas banquet? On the occasion of the fourth day of December, I prepared three outfit propositions for you. As a standard, for each outfit you will find a link to the product underneath :) Have a nice evening!


Good evening, beloved. Forgive me that this article appears so late, but minor technical problems prevented me from publishing it at an earlier time. Today I have prepared for you a Christmas gift for men :).

I don’t know how about you, but I have always struggled with the problem of finding the perfect gift for men. It is much easier to choose something for a woman. The number of available items on the markets and the wide range of our preferences probably make things simpler. Returning, to our wonderful men, so that the suggestions were the most accurate, I decided to do a small interview among my male group of colleagues. The results are in the list below. I hope that inspirations will prove to useful for you :)


Christmas presents are a real challenge. Some of us manage it better others are struggling with the choice. Each of us would like to make the gift that we give our loved ones the most fitted and cause a sincere joy. Today, I have prepared a post in which you will find gift ideas for her. I spread my inspiration into three categories; passions and hobby, fashion and beauty, and something for the home. I hope that my ideas will be inspirational and help you in your choices :).


Sweater // Sweter - H&M (old collection), Coat // Płaszcz - Shein, Jeans // Jeansy - TopShop (similar here - link),
Bag // Torebka - Reiss, Boots // Kozaki - Dune London, Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington

Long awaited December and the accompanying magic of the holidays, finally arrived. Preparation time, finding gifts, baking gingerbread with family and Christmas songs playing in the background, which from today with impunity you can listen to :). Each of us is experiencing this time in our own way, but it is our desire to prepare everything as best as we can. This year I decided to come to you with a helping hand and create a 24-day guide. Every day from today until the Christmas Eve on the blog will appear a post dedicated to this subject. As a result, I would like to invite you to accompany me during this festive season and maybe together we will be able to inspire each other :). Tomorrow we will start with a list of gifts for her!


Lunch at Dalloway Terrace - my jumper is from H&M (old collection) //
Lunch w restauracji Dalloway Terrace - mój golf jest z H&M (stara kolekcja) 

Running a blog makes me realize how fast this time flies. I just wrote a summary of October and here December already waits around the corner! In terms of my activity here, in November there was not much happening. I was ill for quite a long time, many classes at the university which effectively took away my free time. I try to make up for it and with great commitment I prepare for you further blog posts. But before we fully enter the festive mood, I invite you to a brief summary of the past few weeks :)


Few days ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the presentation of the Reiss collection for the spring / summer 2018 season. This is one of the privileges I gained by setting up a blog. I will not hide that I quite like it :). By looking closely at the collection and getting to know what's going to be trendy next season, I am able to prepare you with all kinds of inspiration for what should be in spring-summer ‘must-have’ list.

Both in the last year and in this year, the collection is fully refined and none of its elements was in it accidentally. I have the impression that the word 'accidently' in relation to this brand is rather the last word that could be attributed to it. However, moving to the collection itself, there was plenty of room for comfortable heels, silk shirts, oversized knits, and stripes in varying sizes, which will roll from spring to summer. The main message of the entire collection is the earthy tones, which are suitable for both the day and the evening. Reiss set the goal of creating clothes suitable for women who want to live here and now while maintaining the comfort and convenience that will accompany them throughout the day. The key message is that both elements of the spring and summer collection can be worn throughout both seasons.


The colors of autumn in London are experiencing its seasonal peak. The most beautiful colours of trees can still be admired for some time. Using the Sunday sun, we decided to explore the neighborhood and take some pictures for the blog. I love this time of year, although I do not know whether the white winter, of which picture I have in my memory is not closer to my heart. The preparation period for the Christmas is a wonderful and joyful time, but the colours of the trees and this autumn aura also has its indisputable charm. Do you agree with me?


Building a wardrobe is a complex subject, with which each of us can handle better or worse. For a long time I struggled with the problem "I have nothing to wear", that is what happens when we open a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing suits itself. Our sentiment associated with clothes, often doesn’t allow us to throw them away. No wonder, how are we supposed to create a beautiful outfit if we don’t even have the basics to start? It's like driving a car without wheels.


It was just the beginning of autumn and we are already halfway through it. October passed me by so quickly. Many things have happened over the last few weeks. For a moment I had the opportunity to savor the beautiful, golden and above all Polish autumn (and substitute of winter :D), a few days ago I had my graduation and officially ended my bachelor’s degree, the same my daily routine expanded with more responsibilities coming from new university. But I found enough time to do what I enjoy the most - photography! I would like to invite you to a summary of these past weeks and a large dose of pictures :)


Shirt // Koszula - Primark, Coat // Płaszcz - Zara, Jeans // Jeansy - Vintage shop,
Belt // Pasek - TopShop, Boots // Buty - Zara, Bag // Torebka - Zara

Autumn is definitely the most colourful season. The colours are coming to us from all sides in the form of yellow, orange and even red leaves on the trees. Street style become more elaborate and creative, and eventually cooler temperatures allow us to play with layers in contrast to summer, where the peak of our capacity is the dress (and even this sometimes turns out to be too much). So it's no wonder that in my closet there are quite a lot of coats in different colours. During my last wardrobe clean-up, I discovered that except for one velvet coat (which is not suitable for the winter because its style and size makes it unable to put anything underneath), I do not have a black classic coat! So I will start searching, but before that, I invite you to some shots of today's outfit. Yellow coat you saw on the blog during spring. This is one of my favorite top coverings, which I would happily wear with everything. In today's look, I decided to combine them with wide leg trousers, which gained its fame in the 70's.


By taking for this blog post, I said to myself that this is going to be a real challenge. In the end how to dress up in words this picturesque landscape, the aura of this place and above all the moments that we spent there? The trip was supposed to be a surprise gift for my fiancé's birthday. Unfortunately, his inquisitiveness finally broke me and there was no surprise. We arrived to Poland on Thursday afternoon. We landed at the airport in Krakow and there we rented a car to get to Zakopane - specifically Koscielisko, where our chalet was located (we stayed in the house called Miśkowa Ostoya, which can be rented at . The first moment and the view that arrised from the terrace was enough to ensure that it will be a really nice weekend. Without wasting time, we unpacked our luggage, dressed up, and headed for Krupówki. It was Peter's birthday, so we were going to spend the day celebrating.


From the left: gold earrings // złote kolczyki - & Other Storries,
screwed earrings and the black and gold ones // wkrętki oraz te czarno złote kolczyki - gift (prezent),
pearl necklace - Accessorize, gold necklace // złoty łańcuszek z wisiorkiem - Warren James,
black watch // czarny zegarek - Daniel Wellington, gold watch // złoty zegarek - Michael Kors

Jewellery has been around for decades as an important piece of wardrobe. Properly chosen can work miracles and thus give our outfit a certain character. You may have felt a bit uncomfortable when you put on an elegant dress, whose style was so simple that something was missing. Then adding a pair of matching earrings or chains were the proverbial cherry on top of the cake.


Blazer // Marynarka - Donna Karan, Lace top // Koronkowa bluzka - Oysho, Jeans // Jeansy - Zara,
Bag // Torebka - Accessorize, Trainers // Trampki - VANS, Watch // Zegarek - Michael Kors,
Earrings // Kolczyki - & Other Stories, Necklace // Naszyjnik - H&M, Belt // Pasek - Topshop

When deciding on a daily outfit I mainly focus on two elements; it has to be comfortable and classic. Over the years of experimenting I have learned that the classic, slightly longer jacket with fitted but sporty style will add chic to every outfit. Regardless of whether we combine it with heels, boots or sneakers, this outfit simply can’t go wrong! It is a classic of the genre, with its form fitting to really different events. Knowing that I have a lot of things to do on a given day, and that I never really know what I'm going to face, these sets are my favourites. A small change in this case was also a combination of black and navy.


Cardigan and t-shirt // Sweter i t-shirt - H&M, Jeans // Jeansy - TopShop, Socks // Onuce - bough in Zakopane
(kupione w Zakopanem), Hat // Czapka - MLE Collection, Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington 
Two days ago I relished the view of the Tatra Mountains, which stretched out from the terrace of our chalet. It is hard to believe that these few days have gone so fast. Every day we used to the maximum, because the plan covered all the multitude of things we wanted to do and the time as always proved to be a big obstacle. But before I take you in the footsteps of our trip, I invite you to the first few pictures. Moment with hot tea and a book allowed me to fully relax. It is hard to believe that today's blog post I am writing to you from London, and the view outside the window has nothing to do with this picturesque landscape that you can admire in the pictures. So together with you (this time only in metaphorical way) I will move again to Koscielisko, the place where we spent the last few days :)


Packaging is one of the activities that every one of us in life has to face and sometimes even quite often. I've already written a guide on packing for longer trips. In today's post I would therefore like to share with you a few tips about my way of packing for a short weekend.

Those of you who watch me on Instagram, probably already noticed on my Insta-stories, that from Thursday I'm in Zakopane (mountainside city in Poland). A short but very intense weekend with lots of leisure time and little laziness requires proper preparation. So below, you will find some things that helped me to get ready for this weekend :)


Dress // Sukienka - Reiss, Coat // Płaszcz - Shein, Belt // Pasek - Top Shop, Beret - H&M, Bag // Torebka - Zara
Shoes // Buty - Zara, Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington, Earrings // Kolczyki - & Other stories

If I was to use one sentence to describe Parisian style, I would use the quotation from the book “How to be Parisian Wherever You are” written by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Anne Berest, which says:

„Make it look easy. Everything you 
do should seem effortless and graceful.”


Dress // Sukienka - MLE Collection, Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington 

I remember how recently I wrote a summary of August and the same summary of holidays. It's hard to believe that it's been a month and we greeted October! September was a crazy month for me. As you know from the previous post, I spent one week in Poland on a feverish search for a wedding dress and other things that required quite a bit of time. Living in London and studying full time, makes it hard for me to get everything done during the year, so that was really the only opportunity. This is how my friend named me the most organized bride to be :D.

In spite of this, I managed to gather quite a few photos during the past weeks. I invite you warmly for short photographic summary of the past month :)


Linen shirt // Lniana koszula - KIDPHILOSOPHY, Pants // Spodnie - MANGO,
Ballerina Pumps // Baletki - Massimo Dutti, Watch // Zegarek - Klasse14,
Sunglasses // Okulary Przeciwsłoneczne - Ray Ban, Bag // Torebka - VINTAGE (borrowed from a friend)

I greet you after a long absence. The number of things I had to do, the beginning of the school year, my trip to Poland and the feverish search for a wedding dress took me for good. Fortunately, it's all over me, the dress has been ordered and is waiting for sewing and I was finally able to prepare a new post for you :).

After coming back from Poland I was greeted by beautiful, sunny and lukewarm summer weather, so my current outfit is far from the autumn styling. I have to admit that although summer is very close to my heart I am very happy that autumn has started. I hope I can finally catch up with all the books I have waiting for their turn!


Hello on this Monday evening. If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already noticed that for some time now I have changed the way I edit my pictures. With this change, I started to receive a lot of messages and comments from you dedicated to this topic. In today's post I decided to collect all this information and share it with you. Below I present you step by step how to achieve, among other things, the effect of "grain" that you see in my pictures and those cracs in retro style. Interested? I invite you to continue reading! :)


August came to an end and the same the summer holiday season has finished. I'm slowly getting ready for the new season, new responsibilities and minor changes. As you know I finished my undergraduate degree and although the graduation will take place in October, I am starting the next stage of  my learning ... I did not have the opportunity to share this information with you, but it is time. So officially I can confirm that I got to the University of Arts - London College of Fashion! As soon as I started my third year of undergraduate studies, I knew that I wanted to do a master's degree that would somehow connect with fashion. I considered many options like "Luxury Branding", but I finally decided on "Strategic Fashion Marketing" on UAL. You do not even know how happy I am! :)))


Dress // Sukienka - H&M, Ballerina Pumps // Baletki - Massimo Dutti
"We were late," I thought as we reached the field of sunflowers. Half the field was already cut by visitors, which effectively hinders the pursuit of a photographic vision for those like me. However, since we have already arrived, we will not leave without the beautiful photographs that were born in my head. We just need a good angle I thought. My optimism has not retreated. Although in the end the inspirations collected from the sunflower fields on the fields in Tuscany were significantly different from those we have achieved, I am satisfied. We spent a wonderful time in the bosom of nature and could enjoy both the environment, the weather and most importantly – each other’s company.


Few months ago it appeared to be loud about the new brand to be released by H&M group. This Swedish company, which is well known to most us, has a considerable success which lies in creation of H&M and COS brands. Later formation of & Other Stories only established its position. This group consists of several other brands such as WEEKDAY, Cheap Monday or Monki. Most people began to wonder what their new brand might surprise us with.


Source: Reiss
The calendar autumn will only come in a month time, but the weather outside the window wakes me with the irresistible feeling that it is here already. The weather is not good for us this year, but I'm looking forward to the new season with optimism. Autumn, despite its shorter days and lower temperatures, has many positives. I like this season due to the fact that under fashion we have a wider variety of options to show the world. Different materials, cuttings and even colors we can combine together is a true joy for fashion lovers. Therefore, I have prepared for you my small wishlist for the upcoming season. This could not be done without the timeless French accent (and not one!) in the form of a trench coat, stripes and ... beret! I invite you for a little shopping spree :)


Top // Bluzka - Asos, Jeans // Jeansy - Cos, Ballerina pumps // Baletki - Massimo Dutti,
Bag // Koszyk - H&M, Sunglasses // Okulary - Ray Ban, Hat // Kapelusz - TKMaxx

When I was a little girl I liked spending time in the bosom of nature. I was running in the meadows, picking cherries straight from the trees and coming back home smothered under the beard, the same letting my parents know I had a good time that day. The material items were a thing that had given me joy only for a moment, but the whipping in the corn filled me with the greatest joy. Over the years, it is increasingly difficult for us to find this childish enthusiasm. Sometimes in this daily pursuit of things that seem so valuable to us, which are supposed to give us joy, we find it the least. Can we therefore find happiness in the era of such great consumerism and materialism?

It would seem that the answer is simple, but are you sure? Personally, I had a moment of doubt, in which I bought more and more in a hope that I will feel happier. It turned out to be as ephemeral as the money on my bank account. Later books and a trend of minimalism began to appear to help us get rid of unnecessary things and open our gates to stress-free life. While I gradually started to implement many of the novelties, I watched how my desires began to change. Sometimes what's most obvious comes at the very end. So it happened in my case, when I realized that it was me who was responsible for when I felt happy. These are not objects, but moments, the people we share them with are responsible for our state of being.

So what are my ways for full happiness? Well, I will not be exploring if I write that the ideal recipe does not exist. For me, it is still a handful of life, enjoy the trifles that make up our whole life. Why not make a morning feast with a cup of coffee? Have a wonderful picnic with your beloved while walking in the glade? When we learn to appreciate our everyday life, moments with a book, family dinner or walk with a dog, then we will notice that this is happiness!


"Morning, noon, night" by Soho House // Bag - H&M // Perfume Chanel N°5 // Mirror - Chanel

For some time now, I have seen a tendency to have favourite things in a given month. There are many factors which have a direct impact on that, but one and probably the most important is the change of weather. Every month even if it is still the same time of year (the same season), it is different from the previous one. So I decided to prepare a post for you, in which I will present you some of my favorites of July. If you are curious about what I used to choose most frequently, I invite you to continue reading! :)


Hat // Kapelusz - TKMaxx, Dress // Sukienka - Shopbop, Ballerina pumps // Baletki - Massimo Dutti, Cardigan // Sweter - Mango, Bag // Torebka - Zara

In pursuit of the perfect place for a photo shoot, we hit Surrey where the beautiful lavender field is located. When if not in the summer time use the nature surrounding us, which enveloped by the warm sun, appears in even more beautiful colors? Not wanting to underestimate her charm, I chose something modest, but quite romantic for my taste. The white knee dress with a lace bottom and fine frill trim straps seemed to be the ideal solution.


Dress // Sukienka - Marks & Spencer, Shoes // Buty - Stylowe Buty,
Bag // Torebka - Dune, Watch // Zegarek - Michael Kors
Stripes is a pattern which since appearing in women's fashion through Coco Chanel, remained in it for good. French women have long enjoyed it, treating it as something natural and basic, which should be in the wardrobe of each of us. On this issue I have to agree with them. It is a very characteristic pattern, but at the same time classic, which is not only a great base for many outfits, but also makes them look interesting and less boring. This season fashion magazines have remarkably reminded us of the advantages of striped pattern and called to wear them in every possible way from trousers through jumpsuits to dresses.


Another summer month has come to an end. It's hard to believe, but the concept of summer this year is quite an abstract for me. With the exception of June (which I mainly spent in Poland), and one hot week of July, summer days have already exhausted their limit for this year. Therefore, with great hope, I look forward to August, in which we might still be able to enjoy the sun and high temperatures. Meanwhile, like every month I invite you to a small summary of the last few weeks! :)


Looking for the right outfit, which would be suitable for all occasions that we may encounter during the day can be difficult. From the perspective of my own experience I know that high heels are the last thing that would let me feel and look stylish during the whole day. Living in London for many years taught me how to combine the pieces of clothing in a way that my outfit would fit in for a breakfast in a chic Parisian restaurant, less obliging meeting in the city and an evening with a friend.


The fashion world has always ruled by its own law. I will not be a genius by saying that this is one of the most changeable sectors. Along with the upcoming of new season changes what is often cited as "must have". While many of these trends change faster than we realise  there are also some which are worth our attention. Over the past few seasons, this title belonged to bare shoulders which appeared on blouses and dresses. This year, timeless polka dot came into the salons. For decades, this trend kept returning to the fashion world making that this year the streets are filled with dresses, blouses and even shoes in polka dot pattern. I remember in 2005 when I started to watch my favourite polish TV series "Magda M", whose main character was a loyal fan of these lovely dots. At the time I was only 12 years old and this pattern seemed to me terribly old-fashioned.


Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream and Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood
       Skin care is a very individual matter. Each of us has a different skin and it is on that basis that we customize the way we care for it and the choice of cosmetics that we go for. Looking for the perfect solution for myself I tried a lot of different creams, oils or serum, from which I caught many of the favorites that accompany me to this day. Changing the season, besides changing the wardrobe to lighter, I follow the same path during my skincare.


Holiday is primarily a time of relaxation. Besides visiting my favourite places and discovering new ones, I also found time just for myself. A visit to the beauty salon is probably the perfect way for us to care not only for our body but also for our well-being. I have chosen the Allure Beauty Boutique, which is located in Krakow. This salon offers not only a wide range of facial or body treatments, but also manicure, pedicure and make-up. In today's post I will present you the treatments I have chosen! :)


Krakow, in particular the Old Town, is packed with interesting alleys. With their unique charm and aura, it brings to mind Italy as you wrote on my Instagram’s comments. The weather was exceptionally beautiful and the place was a bit of a climatic one, so I wanted to feel comfortable (in the end Cracow was the main attraction not my outfit), without thinking I chose this "little red dress” with bare shoulders :). Bare shoulder is a trend that has appeared two seasons ago, but is still fashionable. I styled it with comfortable flat shoes in the form of sandals and a bag on the long strap. The whole outfit was perfect for this occasion, so I could enjoy and take from this place the most.


Last weeks were crazy. Ours stay in Poland as every year was filled with journeys from point to point, but still I had a wonderful time. I saw many wonderful places, as well as places I have seen before, but I love so much. It is said that we most appreciate the things we lose. I have to agree with this, because while living in Poland I loved this country and never wanted to leave it, but it is only today I honestly appreciate how beautiful Poland is! Forgive me that with so much delay, but with great joy (because at least I could go back to pictures and memories of those past weeks) I invite you to photo diary of last month which is filled with Polish landscapes, but not only! :)


Our holiday in Poland started with a short (three-day) stay in the Tri-City. Of all the coastal towns that I had the opportunity to see, it was our Polish sea, which is my favorite. I already had the opportunity to visit Tri-City several times in the past and every time it exerts the same emotions on me. I love the atmosphere of this place. I remember my first visit to Sopot, when I told my mom that I found my place on earth (that was exactly eleven years ago). This year's visit confirmed me in my opinion from years ago and I must admit that somewhere deep inside I believe that someday I will be able to live there :). So far I would like to invite you to this short guide to the places I have been able to visit during these three days. I hope that it will help you while organizing your visit to this place.


Seaside resorts are famous for two things; beach and harbour. Such places are a paradise for stripes lovers. This model, before entering into women's fashion, was the king of the navy and then among the fishing crew and other men working on the sea. Today it is eagerly worn in both the city and the seaside resorts. No wonder, then, that the striped shirts are most likely to be found in my suitcase during our short but very intensive stay in the Tri-City. That day was very warm and sunny, so I decided on a blouse with red stripes and white trousers. Evenings are still cool, so I took my jeans jacket and my favourite basket :).


Seasonal sale is one of the best occasions to enrich your wardrobe with a few pearls that may come in handy for the current or upcoming season. For many, it is also a good time to look at products whose prices on a daily basis deviate significantly from our budget. One of these is Reiss brands, whose style I would describe as classic and elegant. Below I have prepared for you my wish list from their sales collection :).

. . . .

Wyprzedaż między sezonowa to jedna z najlepszych okazji, aby wzbogacić swoją szafę w kilka perełek, które mogą przydać nam się na obecny bądź też dopiero nadchodzący sezon. Dla wielu jest to również dobry moment, aby przejrzeć produkty, których ceny na co dzień znacząco odbiegają od naszego budżetu. Jedną z tych marek Reiss, której styl opisałabym jako klasyczny i elegancki. Poniżej przygotowałam dla Was moją listę życzeń z ich wyprzedażowej kolekcji :).


Dresses were not always my favourites. When I was a teenager, I even dropped them in the name of the wide jeans I wore to absolutely everything. However, along with the annual fashion evolution, my style has also changed. Today dresses are probably one of my favorite garments. I can almost say that I fell in love with girls' cuts. The present season is the perfect opportunity to take away all the dresses I have and proudly wear them.


Another month has come to an end. May is a special month to me thanks to my birthday and recently also blog’s birthday. This year was especially important as it was the time I was handing in my dissertation what the same highlighted the end of my Bachelor Degree. Three years of dedication and hard work is already behind me, so I can fully enjoy my summer break and beautiful weather. I am going to Poland in few days for quite a long break (we are planning to stay there for about three weeks), so the next photo diary will be full of photographs from my beautiful country! Currently, I would therefore like to invite you for a short summary of May :)


Books are my favourite way of spending free time. Then both my mind and body can enjoy a full relaxation, accompanied by stories of fictional characters. The subject of books, which I tend to read the most frequently, is related to the fashion and the history of designers (I know the story of Chanel by word), although novels on all topics are also on my list of interests. In recent months it was the book called "Light between the oceans" by M.L. Stedman, on the basis of which a movie with a great Alicia Vikander was made, stole my heart. This is a pretty dramatic tale through which we will not go without a large pack of tissues.


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