Looking out the window today, it is hard to believe that just a few days ago, a warm sweater, white pants and ballerinas were the perfect outfit. After a lot of sunny and warm days, rain has arrived. Along with the wind and cold during which the only appropriate garment, is my thick winter parka with a fur hood. It is not freezing yet (I actually dare to believe that it will - in the end England and proper winter do not get together) so following the streets of London in this big hood I looked a little like as much as I would only return from the cold Arctic.


I usually start the new season from the wardrobe clean-up. However, this year I did it relatively late, but as they say ‘better to do it late than later’. Summer clothes packed into vacuum bags, where they will spend the winter time and in their place I put thick winter sweaters and coats. As it happens every year (last year's selection of clothes, deprived me of a small part of my heritage), I am always missing something and I do realize that I am not isolated with this problem. We women are like that and no matter how many clothes we would poses, there is always something that we are missing.

Therefore, after careful review of my closet, I created a subjective list of things I was missing (okay, the list of things I would be willing to see in my closet :)). Below you will find my "wish list" for this autumn / winter season. Maybe you will find here something that would also be useful for you :)


Yellow coat, a gift from my parents, which once saw in a shop display - stole my heart. The beginning of spring is the perfect time for this colours, so it quickly became my favourite. Now, when the weather outside is autumnal (in fact, too much sun puts me in consternation, "are you sure it is autumn?"), it would seem that everything dark and bure should be on my list of daily and necessary things to wear.


The sheer volume of continuous obligations, continuous running (now to my already busy enough schedule, I have classes at the university to be added) and a wonderful 11 ​​days on Crete, not even noticed when September had come to an end. Behind me there are some really wonderful weeks full of joy, and smile - but also the hard work that in the way of a bouquet of flowers (as indeed caused a huge smile on my face) was appreciated. Returning from holiday also meant the start of a new autumn season, which so far has not given us that much of its character. London these days is still bathed in sunlight and so too is my mood! :)


On the last day even in Crete the autumnal vibe have arrived. Turbulent sky, sea and light that did not co-operate with my camera at all. Nevertheless, with smile on my face I put on one of my favourite dress. I don’t know if you remember, but couple of months ago I have presented you a propositions for the movie inspired outfits – in this case it was a polish movie called “Planet of singles”. The main character wore a beautiful classical white dress with a collar in one of the scene. Unfortunately, that dress was the property of the stylist who dress her up, that she bought in a vintage shop long time ago.


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