Another day and another portion of holiday’s images. I always have something to say, that’s why I am trying to include many information in each post for those of you who like to spend a little bit more time reading them. Therefore, this time I am not going to say anything. Photographs themselves say more than a thousand words, so I would like to invite you to see some remaining images from my Greek holidays :) Kisses!


    Traveling is one of the most inspiring experiences. Discovering new places, walking around picturesque streets, observing different cultures – stylish women, who itself are a bomb of inspiration or just eating local delicacy. It is not surprising then, that even getting up with the sunrise does not make a significant problem to me. While rubbing my eyes, I slip on my feet the hotel slippers and I am making my way towards the kettle from which I will pour the boiling water into the cap with tea bag (I don’t even need a coffee on holidays). Later on I only have to take a shower, do a “au naturel” make-up that will shimmer my already as pleased as punch face, I put on white – simple, but classic dress, black sandals and a bag to match. Just a camera on my neck and I am all ready to go :).


Holidays – time that each of us tends to spend in self specified way. For some people it is the best moment to get full rest and what I mean by that is to lie on sunbed by the pool or on the beach enjoying the beautiful weather and sea water which the same is the perfect place to hide from the heat. I personally like to spend my holidays exploring. My soul of discoverer would not let me get lazy, so I usually spend about two days relaxing and then with camera on my neck I start to discover the area.


Even though the calendar summer is nearly over, many of you might still have holidays coming up. In many countries, summer only begins in our winter time. As I am still enjoying my holiday time and not to say, but I have still few more days to go – I have decided to share with you couple of my beach essentials.

Going to the beach or a swimming pool located on our hotel, one of the most important element is to protect ourselves from the sun. Straw hat, cream with the UV filter are the main products that I always have with me. Nevertheless, paying so much attention to the esthetical side, there is still some room for little details to be taken :)


Today’s post is being written from sunny Crete. Our last year Greek’s holiday fascinated us so strongly that we decided to repeat it by visiting another place of this magnificent country. We have decided that first three days will be spent on the “sweet laziness” (what literally means doing nothing, but relaxing). Therefore, we are going to start discovering this place tomorrow what means – new posts coming up! :) As for now, I would like to invite you for my Instagram: where you will be able to find some of my recent photos :) Kisses!


I am writing this post straight from the airport while I am awaiting our plane – time for our wonderful and long-waited Greek holidays, finally arrived! I will honestly admit that for a moment I have been taken by this nostalgic mood with no thoughts in my head. 5 a.m. is definitely not my time for my output and seems as the creative part of me is still in the cosy and warm bed. Nevertheless, too much of a spare time (all shops in the duty free section have been properly checked) appeared to be the perfect moment to publish a new post.


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Calendar summer will last for few more days, nevertheless the weather outside the window is not always adequate to it, so being creative might sometimes be difficult. Autumn seems to be the perfect time for calm and minimalistic outfit. In today’s post I have prepared for you three propositions of minimalistic (but with a bit of colour, interesting cut or material), but not boring outfits. 


Interior design contributes much to our wellbeing. That’s why we’ve always tried to make our house and working spaces cosy, so that we’re at peace in them. Since I started blogging I spend most of my time sitting at my desk with opened laptop. This small space is my home office. Since I spend so much time in this space, I try to make it as good as possible so that I always enjoy writing there. A gloomy space, or some dark corner with no decorations wouldn’t give me the positive energy to run a creative blog.


White shirt is one of those basic elements that probably each of us have in the wardrobe. Beginning of the academic year or its end, job interview, day to day office reality or just our endless love towards it. Depending on the situation, the cut of our shirt will change. I have about 5 white shirts in my closet. Most of them is slightly loose and one is even oversized. Nevertheless, because of the number of events that require perfect and formal style, I also have one perfectly fitted shirt, that has its glory time far behind (instead of that the loose and oversized shirts took place). Still, it doesn’t meant that I have to throw it away. I know from my own experience that whenever I toss something, I then need it :).


“Reading books is the most beautiful game that mankind has invented”. Today, I can fully agree with this famous quotation of Mrs. Wisława Szymborska. When I was a kid I didn’t like to read. Still at the age of first classes of Primary School, I have read a book called “Academy of Mr. Kleks” which I have engulf on one breath. It would seem that this pleasure would accompany me through all my life. Nothing could be further from the truth. 


During my last wardrobe clean-out, I discovered that most of my tops – whether they be short sleeve, long sleeve, or ¾ length – have stripes. This simple but at the same time terribly classical pattern has been my favourite for few seasons by now, and it doesn’t seems like that is about to change anytime soon! No matter what season of the year it is, stripes are one of the most universal patterns that when styled by capable hands, add a special something to our outfits.

I definitely do not agree with the idea that striped tops, knitwear and dresses are only suitable for a walk by the sea front or an afternoon on the boat. Ever since I can remember, stripes have always been matched with the classic navel style to white, navy blue and red inlines. Nevertheless, since they entered into the world of women’s fashion they show how classical and elegant they can make our daily outfits, thanks to their simple and noble pattern. You can see this in how the most legendary fashion icons have used them, such as Coco Chanel (whose use of stripes have gone on to define women’s fashion, for which I am eternally grateful) and of course, Audrey Hepburn. The movies of the 60’s – and all the way through to the 90’s – featured stripes, making the look a timeless classic.


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