Summer time, for me, is always about holidaying in Poland. It always takes so long to come around, and then it ends so quickly. I don’t know how it does it. But it was a good time! With a lot of resting, spending time with my family and friends, attending my half-cousin’s wedding, there was also plenty of time for taking pictures and making memories. :)


The first rule to good and sublime style is not to follow fashion blindly. Clothes presented on the runway are often in fashion for one season. This means that come the next year, that line may now be out of trend. Personally, I think that following new trends might not be strictly advisable (and especially not for our wallets) But it doesn’t mean that we have to pretend that fashion doesn’t exist. Sense of style is best expressed when we are able to choose the trends that suit us most, and especially when we know that we will be confidently and proudly wearing it in the years to come.


Holidays are the most eagerly awaited time of the year. But before we head of for them there is always one thing left to do – packing! I am going to Poland myself in a moment, so I thought that I would gather all of my advice and experience and write a post for you. Everything written here has been tried and tested myself, and I hope that they will be helpful for you.  
Limited space in our suitcase is always the biggest issue.  Worrying about it won’t change anything, so we just have to be careful about planning what we take.  


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Inventing new outfits every now and then is often being troublesome especially when we do not have any vision or when we particularly want to look fabulous. Middle of the week is the moment when we are more likely to count days till the weekend and we might be tight with time, so every other minute spent standing in front of our wardrobe is wasted. I have prepared few outfit proposition for you that I hope will make your decision making process slightly easier. If you are planning afternoon in the city, shopping or meeting with friends, you will definitely find something here :).


Elegant, ball gown dresses are not part of my daily wardrobe. When choosing my outfits either those daily and casual ones or the evening ones I am going for everything that is simple, classy and more likely kept in the character of minimalism. Such formal type of a dress in so deep shade of a baby blue is something new for me. The title of today’s post has not been chosen for no reason. The moment I saw this dress reminded me about the newest version of Cinderella movie where the main character appears in the blue long ball gown. My dress compared to the one from the movie is more modest still I felt a little bit like in a fairy tale.


May has passed before I even realised. Preparation attributable with the post celebrating the first birthday of Makes it Simple and my birthday, exams at the university, interviews for the internship (summer break at the university has already started and I didn’t want to rest on one’s laurels) and my grandpa’s visit who has finally after six (nearly seven) years managed to come to England. It was the time of full schedule, beautiful weather and wonderful moments that brings a whole lot of memories that are close to my heart. End of the month means  its conclusion, so I would like to invite you for few pictures (okay, whole loads of pictures), that I have collected for you during the last four weeks :).


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