Idea of „slow life” have been promoted for a while now. We can frequently read about it in the internet and the number of books following everything that is “slow” either in fashion or lifestyle, is higher than our expectations. The whole art of this idea is shortly speaking based on taking everything out of your life that is most important and the same very well-known quotation stating that less is more should become our best friend. I have personally mentioned it few times over last posts as I equate with it myself and strictly not because it got popular. I have always come out with the assumption that in life are things which are important and things that are more important and it is really about being able to differentiate what really matters for us. In today’s fast moving world, it is easy to lose yourself and maybe the idea of “slow life” would help us slow down and just live, because it is the most important thing! :)


Witajcie moje kochane czytelniczki! :) Dzisiejszy wpis będzie troszkę inny niż wszystkie dotychczasowe. Wraz z moimi koleżankami wybrałyśmy się wczoraj do kina na film pt.: „Planeta singli”. Wiem, że w Polsce film ten był puszczany już w lutym, ale to nawet i lepiej, bo dzięki temu miałyście już okazję się z nim zapoznać (tym z was, które go jeszcze nie widziały, gorąco polecam). Uwielbiam komedie romantyczne a zatem kiedy tylko dowiedziałam się, że kolejny polski film trafia na ekrany kin w Wielkiej Brytanii, nie mogłam się na niego nie wybrać. Jak większość polskich komedii romantycznych, które miałam możliwość zobaczyć, ta również mnie nie zawiodła. Po dwu godzinnej dawce płaczu, śmiechu (przepona boli mnie do teraz :)) oraz niezliczonej dawce inspiracji, zasiadłam do laptopa z pomysłem na ten post.


Coco Chanel used to say that a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. The classical outfit that we will be able to use at any sort of big ceremony that expect us to look impeccable should be based on this theory. Flamboyant outfits are definitely not in my style and overloaded with too many details or accessories I would look too burden. I have always come out with the assumption that clothes are part of our outward adornment rather than the beauty of our inner selves. Today’s outfit has been created based on being classy (what’s more classical than black colour?) therefore in less official version decorated with red heels that add femininity and grace.


Hello my dear readers! Some time has passed since the last post about my new in, so I have decided to dedicate this post to it :). Most of the products that I have welcome in the last time include cosmetics (maybe apart from few little details, books that I have received as my birthday gift and a small cross body bag, but I will tell you about it next time), which I have decided to share with you. It is natural way that the older we get the more attention we pay towards the care of our skin, hair or nails, so in my case it just could not be different.


Exactly one year ago the first post appeared on this blog. I can’t believe how quickly time flies and how many things I have learned during that one year. I still remember as if it was yesterday, my care about each word that I have written in that first post as I didn’t want to share a story of my whole life with you, nevertheless there was still so much I wanted to tell you. I have never been a master in writing (too many ideas in my head create a difficulty to concise whole :D), therefore after one year I am finally starting to notice my progress and I am hoping that it will get even better.


Fancy outfits are not part of my daily ritual. The lifestyle I lead does not expect me to be extremely elegant and because I am not working in the office, business like outfits are not part of my wardrobe. Aforementioned my daily outfits are mostly based on how I am going to spend my day and usually it has to be comfortable, practical, but classy. I am not a fan of overloaded outfits what you have probably realised by now. Nevertheless, from the time I started blogging I try to match my daily rituals with things that could inspire you.


Striped tops, sweaters, dresses are one of the most appearing element in my wardrobe. Classical colours like black, navy blue or white styled with a blazer will make our outfits more elegant. Red stripes are ideal for the Spring - Summer season that will be the perfect match for the casual outfit. The truth is that no matter what would you style it with, the way you look will change dramatically making your outfit classical.


Another month is behind us. April has passed surprisingly quickly this time and I don’t really know whether it is because of my illness, backlog I have met with once I have fully recovered or the deadlines at university that were chasing me pitiless. Luckily everything is already behind me and along with the new month which is one of my favourite ones (and this is not because of my birthday, but more likely because of the spring vibe) beautiful weather has arrived. Like always at the end of the month I would like to invite you for a photo diary which I have prepared with a huge pleasure :).


Last week was a bit crazy. After my sick leave there were couple of things that required my attention, so my outfit had to match my current situation. There was no doubt of wearing heels or anything more presentable than my comfortable sneakers and a really warm coat as even the weather was not very convincing. After all those exhausting days, long weekend was all I was dreaming of. With no hesitation I have packed the most necessary items, I entered to the bus and went over 100 miles away from London where the most joyful moment with my family were waiting for me.


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