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I am often being asked about moving to London, all the organisation behind it and how to find a flat around hundreds of thousands announcements. Spring is the right moment to start your preparation especially if you are planning to move to the capital of England because of your studies. All the paperwork connected with your university is a one thing, but moving to London is another, separate and a really broad subject which can bring a lot of stress (and trust me, I know what I am talking about as I have gone through moving to London myself). Nevertheless, I have a good news for you. Not too long ago my friend opened his estate agency which work slightly different that normal estate agency. It is a concierge service (Real Estate Concierge) who offer 1 to 1 broker service who will do everything for you and by saying everything, I actually mean it.


It is so frustrating to wake up fifth day in the row and see no difference with how you feel. Guess who is ill again! My immune system doesn’t co-operate well with me lately, but this time it is even more complex and I guess I am not going to get out of it without an antibiotic. I have already missed a day at university, a concert I was supposed to go to on Saturday and now, the last week of lectures started and I am stuck at home. I still have to finish my marketing assignment which is due on Friday and I really hope I will get well by then as I have got afternoon tea planned for Friday with girls (we all need our girls time, right?). The same I am unable to do any shoots, so I hope you will forgive me lack of new posts on the blog.


Since I remember my biggest dream is to visit Paris. City full of fashion inspirations, the most distinguished designers, history and the same filled with romantic sceneries. You probably know the feeling of not being physically in particular place, but you have the impression like you know it from top to the bottom. Well, this is exactly how I feel about Paris. I even have a folder on my laptop with notes about the places I have to see during my visit in this magical place.


One thing that I love about spring is that I can finally take my red converse out of the wardrobe and wear them as often as I want without worrying about feeling cold. After the trench coat, converse are my spring must have! I am pretty sure that the history and the time that they have been on the market and the same the number of lovers they reached, gave them that unique status. Especially today, wearing sneakers with either casual or elegant outfit doesn’t build huge surprise around people. I know that red does not apply to all of you, but I personally adore them, however I am still hunting for the white ones :).


Witajcie kochani! Ostatnie kilka dni było dla mnie naprawdę uciążliwe. Zmienna pogoda i unoszące się w powietrzu bakterie sprawiły, że choroba dopadła również i mnie! Oznaczało to, że przez kilka dni byłam uwięziona w domu, ale powiedzmy sobie szczerze, ileż można leżeć w łóżku?! Z uwagi na brak możliwości przygotowania dla was zdjęć stylizacji, postanowiłam połączyć przyjemne z pożytecznym i wykorzystać wolny czas aby przyrządzić knedle z truskawkami, które swoją drogą chodziły za mną już od wieków. Niemniej jednak z uwagi na moje małe doświadczenie w kuchni, poprosiłam o pomoc moją drugą połówkę, który podczas moich kuchennych rewolucji okazał się być jak wisienka na torcie :).


Spring has finally arrived and I am so happy as this means that I can spend more time on a fresh air wondering around London and doing the thing I like the most – pictures. I might sound like a total freak right now, but those of you who enjoy photography as much as I do will understand. There is nothing much more exciting then nature that is just waking to life, lots of sunshine, someone walking his dog and people riding on their bicycles around those beautiful paths in the park, covered with the perfect light.


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