Thursday, 25 February 2016


It is pretty cloudy today and seems it might even rain or maybe not, however it wasn’t like that couple of days ago when we have made those pictures. I felt spring in the air, and so did my outfit :). The jacket I have worn on the day is strictly for spring/autumn season, but even that didn’t stop me from wearing it. Cosy scarf appeared to be my best solution for colder breeze that you can still feel in the air.

Monday, 15 February 2016


The latest runway hits that you might want to consider having in your wardrobe. Enter to the new season lightly and prepare for it along with the shops launching their SS collections. Do you wander what it takes to this season? Ruffles, bare shoulders, stripes and known to all of us boho style and lingerie accents. If you want to know about it more then stay with me till the end of this post.

Friday, 12 February 2016


Green parka has been with me since the very first cooler winter days. I think that it is one of those irreplaceable elements in my wardrobe in the winter season. We all want to look beautiful, but it is definitely not worth being cold as the price of looking good. Universalism of this coat allows us to wear it in many different ways. You already had a chance to see it in one of my previous post – here, where I matched it with cosy UGGs as the result of what I had an outfit wort a walk by the beach.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Last three days including today, London has been full of sunshine. Honestly saying after my yesterday’s walk around Notting Hill where beautiful magnolia started to blossom, I could feel Spring already. My today’s outfit is my little reply to the vibe prevailing behind the window. Who said that we can’t wear bright colours in the winter time? My red coat appeared to fit ideally into this situation. The moment I put it onto my shoulders I knew that this is what I am going to spend my day in! :) Ultimately fashion is here to play with it and the season of the year should not make us wear black for four months of the year just because it is winter. What if not that perfect outfit will make us feel better right while crossing our doorway? Our outfit, the way we present ourselves remains to be one of the most important factor that decides about the way we feel everyday. Don’t be afraid to array (as long as it will follow the “less is more” rule) it doesn’t hurt! :)
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