Another month has passed by, so it is time for a photo diary! January has flown very quickly as it always happens. I was focused on writing another coursework for university as another deadline is coming, but I also had a small trip to the Netherlands in order to attend the first, but very important business meeting. Together with my two friends we started working on a very big for us project, but I will tell you more about it later during the year. Therefore, thanks to that I had a pleasure to spend three days in Maastricht (not too big town in the Netherlands) where the main transportation remains to be in the presence of bikes of course. Each time I am going there I feel like I just want to jump on one of those bicycles and riding alongside old streets, admiring their attraction.


Many women find skincare very problematic. Variety of available products on the market is a way to wide and the pressure that is put on the consumers with all advertisement shouting to them from every side trying to encourage them that its their creams that we actually need. Problematic skin touch many women, but with the number of creams available we would need a miracle to be able to handle it. I would like to use my personal experience and cosmetic’s experiments that I have gone through as a path that will lead me through this post where I will try to share my beauty tricks that best suits my needs :)


It is Saturday, 6 o’clock in the morning. The smell of coffee wakes me up. Usually I allow myself for a little bit of craziness over the weekends, but this time even my alarm has a day off. Therefore, this Saturday is different than others. One sip of coffee and I realise that it really is 6 a.m. and what comes with that is the fact that I have only three hours left till my flight and I am still in my bed…

Let’s start from the beginning. I have decided to visit my friend over this weekend who lives in the Netherlands. My last exam, coursework and few other things that had to be dealt with are over, so a breath out of all of that is something that I really need.


Last couple of days or even weeks appeared to be exhausting. I had to stay focused as there was a marketing exam in front of me. If that wouldn’t be enough, I caught some cold. Luckily it is all behind me already, so I am starting a new week with a new blog post.

It is freezing in London, but it is still lovely. Pair of gloves on my hand and I am ready for a walk to see Ben – Big Ben which I haven’t seen for quite a long. I am hoping that he will forgive me the missing pair of high heels, but during this weather all I am dreaming about is a pair of UGG boots. I am sure that many off you had a chance to see that picture with “It is too cold to look pretty” which quite quickly spread across the Internet :).


Winter, Christmas is the time when there are pretty new things in our wardrobe. It can either be gifts or things we have purchased ourselves due to the season changes and what comes with that is our needs changes. I also have few new items that I would like to share with you. Most of them I have received as a gift from my relatives.

I love being spoiled with gifts, but I mean who doesn’t! Therefore because of my huge interest in fashion, beauty, books and photography it is a pretty simple task to find a right gift for me. This might be the reason why most of my gifts are ideally spotted.


New Year, but feels old – maybe just the weather. Okay, I have to admit that surprisingly, but still it was sunny that day. Looking at that from the meteorological perspective I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t try to encourage him to have a little drive out of town (exactly 40 km away, I think this is the distance to the nearest seaside). There were still some daily duties that had to be done, but we managed to arrive there around two hours before the sunset. Despite the strong wind which is a routine on the island, it was a very lovely afternoon. Pink sky covered in the glare of declining sun, couple of local residents who also decided up on the walk by the sea on that day taking their way home, owner of the little spotted Jack Russell and small group of children whose laugh was making the ongoing melody on the puff of wind.


Another month passed by and before I even realised, December was already behind us. Christmas preparation took most of our time, and those three days of celebration have finished a way too quickly. I believe that Christmas is one of the most favourite time of the year for many of us, but because they are already gone, there is nothing left than just to enjoy every other day of our life before the next Christmas will arrive and make it the best possible :).


New Year and new beginning. Using this time I would like to wish you all the best for the 2016. I hope it will be better than the last year! :)

I have prepared a small reminder of my outfits from last year. It is incredible how fast the time flies. I looked at my first posts and felt like it was yesterday.

Have a lovely first day of the new, 2016 year!


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