Another year comes to an end. It's hard to believe how fast time flies, but at the same time I am delighted that this is the second time that I can share with you sum up of these past twelve months. I have prepared for you subjectively selected 24 outfits that most appealed to me!

I will not write endlessly, so at this point I would like to first of all thank you for this past year, for your presence, great support and motivation that you gave me. You don’t know how glad I am that what I write and what it is here that I share with you, is for you some sort of inspiration and a source of trivia that you want to read. Before the 2017 arrives I would like to wish you lots of love, joy, and perseverance in the pursuit of the goal. Remember, it's great determination, hard work and the magnitude of faith that leads us to assigned goals. To myself I would like to wish to always have such wonderful followers like you, and have more and more of new ones to join me!


There is less time to New Year’s Eve with every minute, so this is the last moment to look for something nice to wear. The choice is difficult, because as from thousands of products available in stores how to create something coherent? Those of you who already have a costume in the closet, or had time to buy something before, can now breathe a sigh of relief! :) For those of you who frantically searches the cabinet (in the hope of finding something worthy of this special occasion), websites or shops, I have prepared for you few outfit ideas that I hope will be useful for you.

When the dress is already selected, all that remains will be just to enjoy the one and unique night in the countdown of the coming New Year! Thus, I would like to wish you a great night!

. . . .

Czasu do sylwestra zostało już coraz mniej, dlatego to ostatni dzwonek, aby jeszcze upolować dla siebie jakąś kreację. Wybór jest trudny, bo przecież jak spośród tysięcy produktów dostępnych w sklepach stworzyć coś spójnego? Te z Was, które mają już strój w szafie, albo zdążyły kupić coś wcześniej mogę teraz odetchnąć z ulgą! :) Dla tej pozostałej części, która gorączkowo przeszukuje szafę (w nadziei, że znajdzie tam coś godnego tej wyjątkowej sylwestrowej nocy), strony internetowe bądź sklepy, przygotowałam dla was kilka propozycji, które mam nadzieję okażą się dla Was pomocne.

Kiedy strój będzie już wybrany, pozostanie tylko cieszyć się tą jedyną oraz wyjątkową nocą w odliczaniu nadchodzącego Nowego Roku! Tym samym chciałabym wam życzyć szampańskiej zabawy do białego rana!


Dopiero była wigilia a już mamy drugi dzień świąt, aczkolwiek ja wraz z moją rodziną nadal świętujemy. Drugi dzień Świąt Bożego Narodzenia w Anglii przebiega pod znakiem szału zakupowego z okazji największych wyprzedaży w ciągu roku, które właśnie rozpoczynają się 26 grudnia. Nasz plan na dzisiejszy dzień to jednak wspólny czas spędzony na spacerze po zimowym miasteczku, oraz długie rozmowy.

Chciałabym w tym miejscu również przesłać wam najserdeczniejsze życzenia, zdrowia, pomyślności oraz dużo rodzinnego ciepła oraz wspaniałego czasu spędzonego w gronie najbliższych oraz przyjaciół.




The magic of Christmas simply floats in the air. In many houses Christmas trees are already decorated, Christmas songs are playing from the speakers, and in the oven homemade gingerbread are being baked. Christmas Eve is in a few days and list of things to-do goes on and on. Every year I tell myself that this time I'll prepare everything very early to be able to joyfully enjoy this magical time. I must admit that this year it went exceptionally smoothly and although there is still a lot of things to do in front of me, the most important points from the list have been checked off.


December is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful months of the year. The period of preparation for the Christmas time, baking gingerbread, decorating Christmas tree and priceless time spent with family and friends. But there are many possibilities, which will help us take even more of that time. I know that in many places where you live the white fluff commonly known as snow had a chance to appear (I still firmly believe that it will snow in London this year) so you probably do not need anything more to boost your happiness. However, as in every new season, I prepared for you a small cultural guide which I sincerely would like to invite you to! :)


Christmas is rapidly approaching. We have less than two weeks to the time when in the company of our family and friends will sit by the Christmas table. But before that happens, we need to properly prepare and by this I mean buying presents. I know that this is probably one of those things that many of you would like to get around with because of the trouble which we have to face when choosing gifts for our loved ones. On the other hand, I think that's probably better to do it as soon as possible and then only in the company of holiday songs wait for the Christmas Eve. This is primarily a time for family warmth and joint discussions so let's not make the gifts of priority without which Christmas will not be held :).

For those of you who are still struggling with the choice, I prepared a small "crib sheet", which I hope will help you with shopping! :)


December is a specific month which unwittingly puts me in this magical time. When I match it with my nature of celebrating moments including those that are part of my daily routine, they get a new meaning and the same even those little things seems to be something special. Why instead of a feast with a cup of delicious coffee enjoying its taste and smell I should drink it on the go? Why while reading the book I should not sit in front of the fireplace covered in the blanket with a cup of hot tea in my hand and maybe even light up the candles that will drive my mind and my body into this state of full relaxation? There are two types of things in our life – those important one and those even more important. Time that we dedicate to ourselves is definitely in the section of more important! :)


High boots styled with skirt or dress have recently become my favourite set. A year ago trousers were the best solution for every situation, but I noticed recently that with every year more and more frequently I reach for dresses. In today's outfit, I tried to dress up according to the time of year to keep myself warm, but the same have that classic and elegant look. Beige coat is by far the most powerful accent throughout this styling because of its bright colour. I am sure that you will discover many other faces of this coat in this season as so far it is my favourite item this year!


Hello on this second day of December. As it happens every month I have prepared for you a short summary of last month. How did I spend those past weeks? Well, a number of deadlines at university did give me too much of a spare time, however I have managed to do a weekend gateway when I visited my parents. I also attended Boohoo’s press day and saw Christmas light on Oxford Street! :)

. . . .

Witajcie kochani w ten drugi dzień grudnia. Jak co miesiąc przygotowałam dla was małe zestawienie zdjęć z zeszłego miesiąca. Jak minęły mi te ostatnie tygodnie? Cóż, natłok zajęć na uczelni oraz goniących terminów prac do oddania nie dał mi zbyt dużego pola do popisu. Niemniej jednak udało mi się znaleźć chwilę wolnego czas, w którym udałam się do moich rodziców, uczestniczyłam w prezentacji kolekcji na sezon wiosna/lato marki Boohoo no i zobaczyłam świąteczne dekoracje na Oxford Street! :) 


Sarah Jessica Parker is definitely one of those women, who always look amazing. For many (including me) she is equating with Carrie Bradshaw from known in the whole world TV series and movies “Sex and the City”. I don’t know how about you, but I personally love both parts of the full movie and could watch them over and over again. The outfits presented by Carrie always bring my fascination and her shoes collection is probably what every fashion lover dream about. 

As well as in the movie as in her private life, Sarah Jessica Parker is well known from her penchant towards shoes. You probably saw many of her pictures on the Internet when dressed in the simplest outfit while walking her kids down for classes she has this amazing shoes on her feet. Her own shoe line seemed to be only a matter of time. 

Bloggers X Dress Of The Month

Exactly one month ago I received an e-mail in which I have been invited for co-operation. Its sender was Boohoo, who for some time already is creating a campaign called "Bloggers X Dress Of The Month". Every month, they choose a selection of their favourite bloggers who will receive the "surprise" dress The campaign aims to show the blogger style, in which each of them will identify a particular dress, giving it its own unique style. The main purpose is breaking the rules of what can and can‘t be worn. The mystery around the model of the dresses, which I got along other bloggers was intentional because personally I wouldn’t buy this dress. However, knowing that I agreed to participate, I got to adjust it in a way that is compatible with my style and taste.

I am very glad that I took part in this campaign. As a result, I was able to see clothes from a different perspective and realize that every product can be customize to become “ours”.


Year after year, popular in America Friday sales-called "black Friday" find its place in Europe. I remember a few years back when I moved out from Poland, any sales of this scale have not yet had a place in my home country. As can be seen from year to year, everything changes, and in this case to the benefit of the consumer. As it usually happens during the sales, it is easy to fall into exaggeration that’s why I wish you a lot of sense for this weekend, but also cool findings which will refresh your wardrobe! :)

To help you a little bit in this sales madness, I prepared for you a few products that I was able to spot and I would be happy to welcome in my closet :)

. . . .

Z roku na rok popularne w Ameryce piątkowe wyprzedaże zwane „black friday” czyli czarny piątek odnajdują swoje miejsce w Europie. Pamiętam jeszcze kilka lat wstecz kiedy wyjeżdżałam z Polski, wówczas takowe wyprzedaże nie miały jeszcze miejsce w naszym rodzimym kraju. Jak widać z roku na rok wszystko się zmienia a w tym przypadku z korzyścią dla konsumenta. Jak to z reguły przy wyprzedażach bywa, łatwo jest popaść w przesadę dlatego życzę wam na ten weekend dużo rozsądku, ale i również fajnych perełek, które odświeżą waszą szafę! :)

Aby odrobinę wspomóc was w tym wyprzedażowym szaleństwie, przygotowałam dla was kilka produktów, które udało mi się wypatrzeć i z chęcią powitałabym je w swojej szafie :). 


Few days ago I had the pleasure to take part in the Boohoo’s press day, which took place in The Hospital Club, located in the heart of Covent Garden. I must confess frankly that when I started this blog I didn’t expect that after only a year I will have the opportunity to personally see the collection for the upcoming season! I can’t describe the euphoria which gripped me over when my mailbox showed the invitation for Boohoo’s SS 17 press day. There is nothing more I can do thank to thank you my dear readers for being so willing to visit my blog and it is thanks to you, I had the opportunity to participate in my first presentation of the collection for the coming season! Thank you! :)


Once all the basic planning elements (such as booking the room, the photographer etc. about which I wrote to you in my previous post - here) is behind us, it is worthwhile to reflect on the theme of weddings. It is especially important to rethink it relatively early if you plan to have handmade wedding invitations as it is in my case. My good friend is passionate about craft and the same she is able to create a masterpiece from a typical birthday card, wedding card and invitation! However, hand-made card is a long process, so you need to start it as quickly as possible to be able to have it done on time. Then you must also take into account to distribute invitations quite early in order to have time to prepare vignettes, an array of tables to help guests find their place, and guest books (if you plan to have one).

I am a fan of neutral colours, so I prepared for you a summary of inspiration in white and shades of powder pink, which are not only very elegant, but also light up the room.


There are some days when loose sweater - preferably warm and squishy like a fluff golf, oversize coats and voluminous scarf is the only thing I dream of when leaving my house. If I also then realize that I'm not going to 'civilization' but over to the lakeside where suede boots are the last thing appropriate for such occasion, I put on wellington boots to my already sloppy outfit :). When even though the glowing sun it is really cold outside, it is difficult to look good.

November for a student is really a hard nut to crack. Chasing deadlines at the university, writing proposal for my dissertation and every move there are new presentations. In order not to get crazy, it is necessary to break away from the crowded accumulation of information, that is commonly called "studying" and get away where peace takes on new meaning. It also turns out that during such a casual walk I discover a little piece of Greece - a cozy restaurant overlooking the lake, where from the moment I entered, I could feel that very well known to me already Greek kindness!


‘I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, 
“Oh my God! They look so comfortable!’  Christian Louboutin

When I put on sneakers, I try to assure that aesthetics of my outfit was still preserved. Who said that sport shoes can’t look classic and elegant as much as possible? I'm not a person who would torture herself all day in heels with the only reason to look chic. I like heels as I think most women do, but I also like to feel comfortable. You can take my word that for that days like this, when from early morning I run around the city traversing kilometers, facing demonstrations in the center what is reflected in a closure of Westminster bridge and for me it means another hundreds of meters to go to reach my destination, I would be far away from a chick woman in heels. I would rather remind of a marathoner, who at the time of photos put on a pair of heels for decoration :).


Today's post is the first one from the new series. I feel excited and also a little stressed out about how you will accept it! Currently, everything to do with wedding is the number one subject in my house. Most of my free time (I will probably not surprise you) I spend on Pinterest looking for wedding inspiration! :) I would like to share with you the best findings that most appealed to me, and that I hope will appeal to you. If you want to stay updated, I invite you to my Pinterest - link.

In today's post I have prepared for you a list of the most important things you need to start with when organising your wedding. There is nearly two years till our big day, but even though many things including the venue have to be booked a way in advance. 


Each season apart from the exchange of clothing for those lighter, or (as in the case of fall and winter time) to the thick one, entails the new cosmetics. Creams, body lotions, shampoos or conditioners that effectively help us to regenerate skin and hair that are dry from too much sun are cosmetics that we reach for the most frequently. Transformed form of our makeup is another sign of the new season. Pallets of shadows in darker and cooler shades, pink blush instead of bronzer for cheeks and a lighter shade of foundation.

It's been quite some time since the last post with ‘new in’, and because as you already know from previous posts autumn clean-up is already behind me, so it's time to supplement my wardrobe in some necessary little things.


I only remember as Autumn knocked on the door. Even though the season has changed and it gets darker much quicker than it did in the Summer time, the weather in England have spoiled us well enough to make me feel as it is only September. Well, time flies and even though I come with the assumption that the academic year has only began, it is already the 5th week and the same the new moth has arrived. To keep the tradition going it is the time for my blogging ritual, so I would sincerely like to invite you for some of the pictures taken in the last couple of weeks. During that time, I had an opportunity to spend few days in Poland, eat my very first pumpkin pie, discover the recipe for the warming up tea – ideal for those cold, autumn evening and many more! :)


I am coming back to you after quite a long period of absence. Trip to Poland, then the mass of work to do, and the university made the day turned out to be too short for me. However, as it happens in life everything regulates at some point. Therefore, I am returning back to you full of energy and with luggage of new inspiration. There will also be a new series of post on the blog which personally I can’t wait to introduce! Any idea what will it be? :)


Looking out the window today, it is hard to believe that just a few days ago, a warm sweater, white pants and ballerinas were the perfect outfit. After a lot of sunny and warm days, rain has arrived. Along with the wind and cold during which the only appropriate garment, is my thick winter parka with a fur hood. It is not freezing yet (I actually dare to believe that it will - in the end England and proper winter do not get together) so following the streets of London in this big hood I looked a little like as much as I would only return from the cold Arctic.


I usually start the new season from the wardrobe clean-up. However, this year I did it relatively late, but as they say ‘better to do it late than later’. Summer clothes packed into vacuum bags, where they will spend the winter time and in their place I put thick winter sweaters and coats. As it happens every year (last year's selection of clothes, deprived me of a small part of my heritage), I am always missing something and I do realize that I am not isolated with this problem. We women are like that and no matter how many clothes we would poses, there is always something that we are missing.

Therefore, after careful review of my closet, I created a subjective list of things I was missing (okay, the list of things I would be willing to see in my closet :)). Below you will find my "wish list" for this autumn / winter season. Maybe you will find here something that would also be useful for you :)


Yellow coat, a gift from my parents, which once saw in a shop display - stole my heart. The beginning of spring is the perfect time for this colours, so it quickly became my favourite. Now, when the weather outside is autumnal (in fact, too much sun puts me in consternation, "are you sure it is autumn?"), it would seem that everything dark and bure should be on my list of daily and necessary things to wear.


The sheer volume of continuous obligations, continuous running (now to my already busy enough schedule, I have classes at the university to be added) and a wonderful 11 ​​days on Crete, not even noticed when September had come to an end. Behind me there are some really wonderful weeks full of joy, and smile - but also the hard work that in the way of a bouquet of flowers (as indeed caused a huge smile on my face) was appreciated. Returning from holiday also meant the start of a new autumn season, which so far has not given us that much of its character. London these days is still bathed in sunlight and so too is my mood! :)


On the last day even in Crete the autumnal vibe have arrived. Turbulent sky, sea and light that did not co-operate with my camera at all. Nevertheless, with smile on my face I put on one of my favourite dress. I don’t know if you remember, but couple of months ago I have presented you a propositions for the movie inspired outfits – in this case it was a polish movie called “Planet of singles”. The main character wore a beautiful classical white dress with a collar in one of the scene. Unfortunately, that dress was the property of the stylist who dress her up, that she bought in a vintage shop long time ago.


Another day and another portion of holiday’s images. I always have something to say, that’s why I am trying to include many information in each post for those of you who like to spend a little bit more time reading them. Therefore, this time I am not going to say anything. Photographs themselves say more than a thousand words, so I would like to invite you to see some remaining images from my Greek holidays :) Kisses!


    Traveling is one of the most inspiring experiences. Discovering new places, walking around picturesque streets, observing different cultures – stylish women, who itself are a bomb of inspiration or just eating local delicacy. It is not surprising then, that even getting up with the sunrise does not make a significant problem to me. While rubbing my eyes, I slip on my feet the hotel slippers and I am making my way towards the kettle from which I will pour the boiling water into the cap with tea bag (I don’t even need a coffee on holidays). Later on I only have to take a shower, do a “au naturel” make-up that will shimmer my already as pleased as punch face, I put on white – simple, but classic dress, black sandals and a bag to match. Just a camera on my neck and I am all ready to go :).


Holidays – time that each of us tends to spend in self specified way. For some people it is the best moment to get full rest and what I mean by that is to lie on sunbed by the pool or on the beach enjoying the beautiful weather and sea water which the same is the perfect place to hide from the heat. I personally like to spend my holidays exploring. My soul of discoverer would not let me get lazy, so I usually spend about two days relaxing and then with camera on my neck I start to discover the area.


Even though the calendar summer is nearly over, many of you might still have holidays coming up. In many countries, summer only begins in our winter time. As I am still enjoying my holiday time and not to say, but I have still few more days to go – I have decided to share with you couple of my beach essentials.

Going to the beach or a swimming pool located on our hotel, one of the most important element is to protect ourselves from the sun. Straw hat, cream with the UV filter are the main products that I always have with me. Nevertheless, paying so much attention to the esthetical side, there is still some room for little details to be taken :)


Today’s post is being written from sunny Crete. Our last year Greek’s holiday fascinated us so strongly that we decided to repeat it by visiting another place of this magnificent country. We have decided that first three days will be spent on the “sweet laziness” (what literally means doing nothing, but relaxing). Therefore, we are going to start discovering this place tomorrow what means – new posts coming up! :) As for now, I would like to invite you for my Instagram: where you will be able to find some of my recent photos :) Kisses!


I am writing this post straight from the airport while I am awaiting our plane – time for our wonderful and long-waited Greek holidays, finally arrived! I will honestly admit that for a moment I have been taken by this nostalgic mood with no thoughts in my head. 5 a.m. is definitely not my time for my output and seems as the creative part of me is still in the cosy and warm bed. Nevertheless, too much of a spare time (all shops in the duty free section have been properly checked) appeared to be the perfect moment to publish a new post.


Source: Pinterest / makesitsimple
Calendar summer will last for few more days, nevertheless the weather outside the window is not always adequate to it, so being creative might sometimes be difficult. Autumn seems to be the perfect time for calm and minimalistic outfit. In today’s post I have prepared for you three propositions of minimalistic (but with a bit of colour, interesting cut or material), but not boring outfits. 


Interior design contributes much to our wellbeing. That’s why we’ve always tried to make our house and working spaces cosy, so that we’re at peace in them. Since I started blogging I spend most of my time sitting at my desk with opened laptop. This small space is my home office. Since I spend so much time in this space, I try to make it as good as possible so that I always enjoy writing there. A gloomy space, or some dark corner with no decorations wouldn’t give me the positive energy to run a creative blog.


White shirt is one of those basic elements that probably each of us have in the wardrobe. Beginning of the academic year or its end, job interview, day to day office reality or just our endless love towards it. Depending on the situation, the cut of our shirt will change. I have about 5 white shirts in my closet. Most of them is slightly loose and one is even oversized. Nevertheless, because of the number of events that require perfect and formal style, I also have one perfectly fitted shirt, that has its glory time far behind (instead of that the loose and oversized shirts took place). Still, it doesn’t meant that I have to throw it away. I know from my own experience that whenever I toss something, I then need it :).


“Reading books is the most beautiful game that mankind has invented”. Today, I can fully agree with this famous quotation of Mrs. Wisława Szymborska. When I was a kid I didn’t like to read. Still at the age of first classes of Primary School, I have read a book called “Academy of Mr. Kleks” which I have engulf on one breath. It would seem that this pleasure would accompany me through all my life. Nothing could be further from the truth. 


During my last wardrobe clean-out, I discovered that most of my tops – whether they be short sleeve, long sleeve, or ¾ length – have stripes. This simple but at the same time terribly classical pattern has been my favourite for few seasons by now, and it doesn’t seems like that is about to change anytime soon! No matter what season of the year it is, stripes are one of the most universal patterns that when styled by capable hands, add a special something to our outfits.

I definitely do not agree with the idea that striped tops, knitwear and dresses are only suitable for a walk by the sea front or an afternoon on the boat. Ever since I can remember, stripes have always been matched with the classic navel style to white, navy blue and red inlines. Nevertheless, since they entered into the world of women’s fashion they show how classical and elegant they can make our daily outfits, thanks to their simple and noble pattern. You can see this in how the most legendary fashion icons have used them, such as Coco Chanel (whose use of stripes have gone on to define women’s fashion, for which I am eternally grateful) and of course, Audrey Hepburn. The movies of the 60’s – and all the way through to the 90’s – featured stripes, making the look a timeless classic.


September is the month when many of you decide to go on holiday. Beginning of the academic year and the end of the season makes that most of the popular resorts have the biggest siege over. For many years now, I am also deciding to have my holidays abroad in September. Smaller number of tourists is one thing, but I am more satisfy with the fact that temperature in September goes slightly lower what in case of Greece (where I am going for my holiday) is extremely useful. Don’t get me wrong, I love when it is hot outside, however heat above 35 degrees in the shade even for me is a little bit too much :).


August comes to an end and with it goes the summer season. Although the sun is shinning and the temperature does not drop below 24 degrees, the yellowed leaves falling from the trees remind about the upcoming autumn.

I like summer, sun wandering around my cheeks in the morning before I disappear in the marshes of my office space as well as the evening, which paints the sky taking on different shades of pink. Nevertheless every season brings something beautiful and I always try to take the most out of it. I have to admit that somewhere deep inside I am actually awaiting those autumn evenings spend on the sofa covered with the blanket, with cup of hot tea and a good book in my hand or a favourite TV series.


September is getting closer, so now is the best time to start looking for new elements of your wardrobe that you might be missing or would like to have for the incoming chilly weather. As you are all aware by now, I do not blindly follow what the most distinguished and popular fashion houses are presenting during their haute couture shows. And there is nothing wrong with that. If a particular style, model or shape suites and I believe that I can wear it both in and out of season, it will be very happily welcomed into my collection :). 

Today, I’d like to share five trends for the upcoming season with you. Each of them have something that struck me as interesting and unique, and I hope that they suit your tastes too. 


I have mentioned it to you few times already and you probably have seen it on blog by now, but the subject of Parisian Chic is my current favourite. Every book I can find on the subject are being delivered to my house day in and day out, and I am quickly running out of space. It is not surprising; Paris has always been my number-one destination to visit, and the amount of photos I have stored are overloading my computer! And here is yet another post about everything French and all that it is associated with; elegance and effortless chic.


„New in” is probably one of my favourite posts to prepare. I love taking photos, making compositions and retouching the images to give them that final look. I think it is one of the most pleasant part of blogging (at least for me). I have to admit that it is time consuming (especially when the images appearing on the screen of my camera are not adequate to my vision). Nevertheless, the final effects always bring smile to my face! :)

It has been some time since the last post with my new in, so here it comes. This month you will be able to find some of the new beauty products, books and of course a little bit of fashion!


Denim is probably one of those materials that looks good in every form. I don’t think I have to mention here about its universal and timelessness. For many seasons it has been appearing in the propositions for the upcoming trends. Refreshed form, cut and the recurring style of 80s and 90s. I remember as while I was a kid, my mum has proudly been dressing me up with this dungaree denim dress. I can only respond to this in one way – it was the most hated item in my wardrobe. When my mum styled it with a lace socks and patent leather shoes I was feeling terrible (however when I look at the pictures now, I must admit I was looking very cute that time :D). Nevertheless, our sense of style changes with age and following this path I have had a chance to welcome this denim dress in my wardrobe some time ago. It might not be surprise, but since then it became one of my favourite dresses. I can clearly say now that I have inherit my sense of style from my mum! :)


Friday evening is the time I mostly spend relaxing. As I have probably mentioned to you already, I am not a “party” person. I value the silence and relaxation in my home environment with the company of a good book or with a bowl of popcorn watching one of my favourite movies. This week I have started my weekend relaxation on Thursday evening when with glass of white wine in my hand I was watching “Why not” (polish romantic comedy). I am unable to tell you how many times I have watched this movie as the number is still growing!

List of my favourite romantic comedy is very long, but I will share the detailed list of it with you in the next post from the cycle of “movies” :). Today, I have prepared for you my modest list of 5 movies that every fashion lover should watch. Are you ready? Let’s start then! :)


Summer weather has changed significantly over past few days (at least here in London). Even though the sun has just shown up today, the weather forecast says it will rain in the upcoming days. I have decided to prepare for you few propositions of the summer outfit for a weather like that – when it is cloudy outside and it looks like it is going to rain in a minute (or it is raining already). All three outfit propositions have been created using wellington boots which I personally think are irreplaceable on a rainy summer day or during the autumn time. Some of you might not share my enthusiasm about them and I completely understand that, however I personally believe that in a right combination they can look really cool and be practical in the same time :)


Fashion is the ongoing element of our life. Our carefulness, our attention to details to add a bit of a character to the way we look, is often very challenging. Why do we mostly come with the assumption that everything classical and “safe” is the only right solution? Timeless clothes add more class, grace and they make us look very elegant and decent. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that we can’t play with fashion sometimes.


Aren’t Fridays a bit like holidays? Along with the start of Monday, we are awaiting for Friday which brings us the most wanted weekend – our time off which we can spend in any way we want to. Therefore, before we begin our relaxation, we have to survive till the end of that day.

In today’s post, I would like to present you couple of my Friday’s essentials, which helps me to look and feel fresh. I always try to remember that Fridays evening might end up in some restaurant having a dinner or a double cosmo with my girlfriends. It is worth being prepared for all sort of possibilities that could be thrown at you! :)


July is coming to the end, and that means half of the summer months are already behind us. Holidaying, sunny weather, and time spent in the fresh air are only parts of what makes a wonderful summer. To my surprise (and to most of Britain, as a matter of fact) the weather in England has been exceptional and has been for the last few weeks. Even though I have spent most of that time in the office and caught only snatches of the sunshine while on my lunch break, sipping passion fruit flavour ice tea from a plastic cup (a secret recipe from the sales assistant at the Starbucks in my building) spending those short hours reading everything I can.


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Holidays – one word, but it brings up so many thoughts and feelings. The sun, sandy beaches, the sound of the sea and sand between our toes… who could want anything more? But beautiful weather is just half of what makes a good summer. The second half? Having a good time on our holidays! I’ve prepared few outfits for you that would be ideal for a hot day. When it is boiling outside, remember to avoid wearing dresses or tops made out of synthetic materials (especially polyester). They don’t moderate the heat very well, which gets you hot and bothered as well as stopping your skin from breathing naturally. I hope that that my suggestions will be useful for you! :)


Top and blazer // Bluzka i marynarka - Zara
Bag and shoes // Torebka i buty - Zara
Jeans // jeansy - Cos

A minimalistic outfit is definitely a safe option. When combined with the knowledge of the main rules concerning how to match the parts of the wardrobe correctly, the possibility of a “faux pas” decreases to a minimum. Many people say that minimalism is boring; that it’s bland and has no character to it. Having few accessories and playing with fabrics, cuts and colours might appear unattractive, but it is obvious minimalistic outfits have something classical about them. Parisian chic - which is a much talked about subject in blogger-circles and general discourse on trends - is based on minimalism. We would do well to remember that we do not have to blindly follow the most popular trends as and when they appear; it is up to us to decide on what we are going to wear. As such, we are free to create a minimalistic dress that reflects on our polished inner selves.

I am a fan of minimalism myself. Therefore, I am not a fan of too much jewellery hanging around my ears, neck or on my hands, and motley outfits. But I do love colours, and I am trying to add them to my daily style in the form of a blazer, trousers, bag or shoes. The whole outfit changes its character with added colours, and gives off a wholly new tone. Today’s outfit is my daily one, but a more casual version for a more intensive day. And as always, I aimed for an outfit that was both attractive and comfortable! :)

. . . .

Minimalistyczne stylizacje to przede wszystkim bezpieczne podejście do tematu. Przy kilku podstawowych zasadach dotyczących prawidłowego łączenia elementów, prawdopodobieństwo popełnienia tak zwanego „faux pas” jest minimalne. Dla wielu minimalizm w strojach jest nudny, bez charakteru i mdły. Powściągliwość do nadmiernej ilości akcesoriów czy „bawienia sie” fabrykami, krojami oraz kolorami może wydać się mało atrakcyjne, ale z całą pewnością minimalistyczne stroje mają w sobie coś klasycznego. Paryski szyk, który od kilku lat bryluje na salonach i ma w sobie miłośniczki w postaci blogerek, oraz całej rzeszy kobiet, które pragną aby ich stroje były eleganckie, szykowne i klasyczne, opiera się właśnie na minimalizmie. Pamiętajmy jednak, że nie musimy ślepo podążać za wyznacznikami wykreowanymi w świecie mody. To od nas samych zależy, jak będziemy ubrane a zasadę minimalizmu możemy udoskonalić w zgodzie z własną naturą. 

Sama jestem fanką minimalizmu i nie lubię przesadnej biżuterii, ani zbyt pstrokatych strojów. Niemniej jednak lubię kolory i staram się dodawać je do swoich stylizacji w postaci marynarki, spodni, torebki czy butów. Stylizacja nabiera wtedy całkiem innego charakteru a kolory tylko ożywiają całość. Dzisiejszy strój to moje codzienne rozwiązanie na luźniejszy acz intensywny dzień. Starając się dobrać wszystkie elementy tak abym mogła czuć się dobrze, ale swobodnie :)

" Minimalistic style does not have
to be black and white "

Photos by Felix Klugman  


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