Dear readers, it is a first Christmas since I started blogging. Tomorrow will be full of cooking, baking, some of you will be decorating Christmas tree, but for all of us it will be day full of things that will require our attention, that’s why I am writing this post for you today. I am extremely happy to be able to wish you Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time with your family. It is the most magical time of the year, so make it the best possible, after all we will have left will be beautiful memories that will stay in our hearts :)


There is still a bit of time left till New Year’s Eve, but it is worth thinking about our outfit for that special nigh a bit earlier. Christmas will past extremely quickly and before we even realise, we will wake up on the 31st December and panicking, browsing through our wardrobe hoping to find something worth our attention for this particular time.

Today’s post I would like to dedicate for as my small advise for those of you who are planning to have more glamourous eve or just want to look classy and elegant. My dresses proposition based on current stores availability will be presented in the next post, so if you are still not sure of what you would like to wear on that day, keep checking my blog! :) Going back to today’s outfit, it is a dress that I have purchased about two years ago hoping that there will be that special time I will wear it, but apparently I didn’t come. I was thinking that it is too official to wear it for less important occasions. The last time I took it out of my wardrobe I have realised that it is actually the matter of the accessories combination that you style it with that makes it more elegant or glamorous.


Lately I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the online fashion magazines who also publish on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. I wanted to share with you the results of our co-operation.
It was very exciting for me as that was my first collaboration since I started blogging. The whole idea was based on the photo shoot presenting me and three other bloggers which was taken in the Shoreditch Box Park. We were wearing some of the product that are available at the MI Magazine’s online store (website link).  Apart from that we were also asked few questions such as what is our beauty weapon for this winter or what is on my Christmas wish list. You can see the whole interview à here.


Prezenty, kto nie lubi ich dostawać? Chyba nie znam takiej osoby. A jak jest, kiedy role się odwracają i to my mamy je wręczyć? Jedni uwielbiają je dawać, ale istnieje rzesza ludzi, którzy uważają to za największe utrapienie a wszystko za sprawą nadmiaru produktów dostępnych w sklepach i towarzyszącej im niewiedzy w kwestii wyboru tego jedynego. Jak poradzić sobie z tym zadaniem na tyle dobrze, aby na twarzy naszych najbliższych zagościł uśmiech a my poczuli radość z robienia prezentów?


Witajcie moi drodzy! Jak u was z przygotowaniami do Świąt? Ja najbardziej kreatywną część mam już za sobą w związku, z czym chciałabym się z wami podzielić kilkoma radami. Tematem przewodnim dzisiejszego wpisu będą ręcznie robione kartki świąteczne. Były one niegdyś niezastąpionym elementem Świąt Bożego Narodzenia. Niemniej jednak z roku na rok ta tradycja coraz bardziej gdzieś zanika i w dobie telefonów czy komputerów łatwiej jest nam wysłać życzenia pocztą mailową lub sms-em zamiast tradycyjnej kartki nie mówiąc już o tych ręcznie wykonanych!


There are only two weeks left till Christmas. Most of the houses in Great Britain already have their Christmas tree. Personally I wait with that a little bit longer. Back to the times when I was living in my family home, the tradition was to decorate the house on the Christmas Eve. Therefore I always enjoyed the Christmas magic and from the time I moved out from my parents I speed up that process to be able to have it for as long as possible. Because of that, today’s day was used for the search of the Christmas tree. Somehow we ended the day in the forest which appeared to be the ideal place for some pictures.


Photo diary of last month is being published really late this time and all because of the upcoming Christmas time and what comes with that is the end of the term and plenty of deadlines including my presentation, essay and mock exam. It is already Wednesday, so the only thing to say is – just till Friday! Luckily all of the deadlines end this week, so from Saturday I will have nothing more left than just to enjoy that wonderful time of the year.


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