Today’s day as well as yesterday’s night appeared to be the coldest so far. Last night’s temperature has dropped to -1 and during today’s day it didn’t get over 5 degrees. Therefore even the cold temperature didn’t stop me from relaxing walk right by the lake. Sunbeam, crystalline reflected in the lake was the most pleasant indemnification for my frozen hands (I still didn’t manage to buy those perfect gloves that would be suitable for my casual days – I would like the one with two fingers). Thermos of hot tea was the most useful item I have decided to take with me. We have also decided to grab some bread, so using the time we have also had the opportunity to feed some ducks which I think arrived from some local lakes too! :)


Hello my dear readers. How are you? :)

Desk seems to be the most important element in my bedroom as befits for student and blogger. It is not the biggest desk I have ever imaged to have, but it suites my needs. There might be moments like those when I am sitting in front of my laptop with cup of coffee covered with marketing books and plenty of note sheets hardly trying to fit myself in that little as it appear to be space of that desk. As for a woman befit I try to make it as much functional as possible, but I also want it to look presentable that’s why it is never completely empty. There are few Vogue magazines putted one on top of the other, four books which I have a look into quite often, so I have to have them close to my hand, fake flower bouquet (maybe it is not one of those must have elements on my list, but the aesthetic is also very important :)) and few other details, which I always have next to me. According to the number of hours I spent sitting by that desk it is rarely happening that it is that tidy.


One of the main characteristics of houses in England are carpets. Hundreds of different patterns and colours that appears in many houses which I personally got tired of. Thereat I am so happy that we have finally putted wooden floor in our bedroom. The whole ground floor in our house was covered with wooden floor right from the beginning, but on the first floor we had quite dark carpets. Once we have changed it, the room became so bright and lovely. Just my fashion magazines collection as a finish touch, few favourite books (I didn’t have enough space for the rest of them, but I found a right place to store them too :)), lightened candle which created ideal ambience and done. I have grabbed my laptop and using this lovely evening scenery there was nothing more left than just to finish off my post :)


Weekend, just a simple word, but it already bring those little butterflies feeling to my stomach. All because of those two days just for us. Every Saturday morning I wake up just before nine. The moment I open my eyes is always the most panic, “I overslept!”. Couple more minutes and I realize that it is Saturday and I can easily spend few more minutes on that sweet laziness.

I am happy to welcome you here and would therefore like to invite you for my short story about how I like to spend my weekend and what are my essentials that accompany me during those two days.


Today’s day was really crazy. The weather was changing quickly enough. It was raining in one minute and before I managed to get my umbrella out it was sunny already. Still I can’t complain as after few really rainy, windy and dark days, the sun came back at least for few moments. Using my spare time in the afternoon, I have managed to take some shoots. Last two weeks made me unable to prepare any post for you, so I am really hoping that from now on, it will only get better :)


Winter is coming, so it is the right moment to start thinking about the perfect boots that would be as ideal for autumn as they will be for winter. High boots of a knee or a bit above knee length will suite perfectly.

Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my pair of knee boots as I had them for such a long time and they just weren’t in that right condition anymore. It is time for me to buy a new pair. There is many reasons why those boots have stolen many fashion lovers’ hearts. Their suitability towards many outfits, elegant look, comfort and the chic. When styling them casually for everyday occasion they would be ideal with perfectly fitted pair of black or blue jeans. Therefore it would still look good with other colours (I would choose the maroon or khaki colour) cosy sweater, and black jacket – still remembering about warm scarf! However if we would prefer to look more elegant, a dress or a skirt would be as perfect especially when styled with a coat the same length. There is plenty of combinations and it is with regard to you on how you would like to wear them :).


October has flown very quickly this year. I remember the beginning of my academic year at the university as if it would be yesterday, and it is already time to start revision for my exams. Once the time to move our clocks backwords arrived, my organism has gone crazy, and from what I was used to, my day was beginning one hour earlier than before :). Luckily I have managed to co-operate with it and I am not waking up at 7 a.m. anymore thinking I have overslept.


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