Dzisiejszy wpis będzie troszkę inny niż dotychczas. Terminy na uniwersytecie gonią i nie miałam, kiedy przygotować dla was zdjęć kolejnej stylizacji, ale na szczęście prezentacja, do której się przygotowywałam przez ostatnie dni jest już za mną w związku, z czym będę miała więcej czasu. Pomiędzy wyszukiwaniem informacji na temat organizacji, o której to też była moja dzisiejsza prezentacja, a kolejnym łykiem mojej ulubionej kawy, znalazłam moment, aby dokończenie książkę, która po kilku tygodniach oczekiwań, wpadła w moje ręce.

Piękna płócienna okładka, ilustracja zamiast zdjęcia i czerwona wstążeczka do zaznaczania strony, na której to zakończyłam czytać. Książka, która znalazła się na liście internetowych bestselerów jeszcze przed jej premierą. Mowa oczywiście o poradniku o modzie pt. „Elementarz Stylu” Katarzyny Tusk. Zapewne niektóre z was miały już okazję przeczytać tą książkę. Ja zdążyłam już ja dokończyć, dlatego też postanowiłam podzielić się z wami swoimi odczuciami.


Hello my dear readers! :) How was your weekend? I know that Monday isn’t the best day of week, but at least the weather has been amazing. It is perfect time for autumnal walk, but remember that this time of the year is being very cheeky and it is easy to catch some cold.

My today’s outfit is one of those ones that will fit perfectly for a day in the city. Days when there are few less important business meetings during the day and rocking the town on the evening with no time for change in the meantime, is one of those moments when choosing the outfit becomes a really big problem. Finding the balance between the right business outfit and whatever would be suitable and comfortable for the later part of the day when you will have a great time with friends in the city, is sometimes difficult. The biggest issue that arise in our outfits is mostly concentrated on too much elegance (we all want to look professional). Therefore we should remember that we can look elegant and feel comfortable in the same time. Black pants are perfect to choose for this occasion. I picked up the stronger version of material that is the imitation of leather. If I would match it with white shirt and black heels I would have elegant outfit worth A* at least, but it would be elegant only.


Rainy days can be a real misery. I am sure you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning with smile on your face, with perfectly planned outfit for a day, and suddenly realise that it is raining outside. I love that moment. Looking at my white trainers that are just waiting to put them on my feet, I take my wellington boots out of the closet, picking up something dark to match it with. Autumn season brought much colder days, so I also put my vest on that will help me stay warm during the day. I grab an umbrella and I am already standing ready in my doorway. It wasn’t that hard. My outfit for the day took me no more than few seconds, but hold on, there is something not right… few raindrops on my hair and I they look like one big curl. The whole 10 minutes spent on styling them are gone and totally wasted. I could just walk out without a brush touching it. Moment of focus and I realise that whenever you think that it can’t be worse and the whole day will be like one big disaster, the good time comes back. My autumnal afternoon walk woke up a child that was fast asleep. It reminded me of my early childhood when splashed right up to my nose I was jumping from puddle to puddle.


Red coat was my favourite piece of wardrobe in last year’s autumn/winter. Fashion is my biggest interest, however when it comes to new fashion trends in the particular season, I am trying to keep a distance towards it and choose only those items which I can be sure I will wear in the next years. Direct following whatever is going on the fashion show would mean a total wardrobe transformation and what comes with that is – empty bank account. Especially in these days it is important to create your own style which is not necessarily the same what has been presented by the most distinguished designers.  Therefore there are still certain elements that are returning from year to year or remain unchanged during the years like the trench coat. The bigger joy I had when I saw red colour on fashion show including Dior and Hermes for this season.


New season always brings new cultural events. Their frequency is mostly based on the place or more like on the population. I am lucky enough (I know I say that enormous number of times J) to live in London - place mainly known from its cultural events options. It is middle of October. Days are shorter, nights seems to be longer and the temperature outside isn't very convincing. If you live in London and are wondering how to organise your spare time just stay with me for the rest of this post. I will give you some autumn guide to how to not get crazy when you have nothing to do :)
P.S. Those of you who live anywhere else just check the internet for your local events. Maybe you will find something that is worth your time :) 


It wasn’t later than few days ago when I told you that when colder days arrive to London I will swop my sweater with turtle neck jumper. Well, I already regret those words. The temperature outside is most of the time around 13 degrees, but it has nothing to do with the cold I am feeling. I am wondering whether it is still October or maybe it is December already. Turtle neck, boots and gloves are going to become my morning essentials from now onwards. I believe the winter is going to be really cold this year. Hot cup of tea with lemon in the morning will be a good start of the day plus it will deliver some Vitamin C to my organism.


It is Sunday. The temperature has dropped by few degrees. The sun has hidden and doesn’t seem as it will show up until tomorrow at least. It is the perfect time to take my new grey coat out of the wardrobe. Oversized and very cosy ideal for colder days. Grey coat will be a very good choice this autumn. If you are not sure what to wear it with then to be safe just match it with black jeans and white t-shirt. On those colder days I will swop my light white sweater with turtle neck jumper. I love autumn especially here in London. Beautiful streets with white houses, roads covered with colourful leaves. It is going to be sunny for the next couple of days, so it will be ideal to enjoy the weather walking around my beautiful city with a cup of Starbuck’s coffee in my hand.


New season usually means changes. It can mean to change the content of our wardrobe for the more cosy clothes and most of the time that drive us to only one conclusion – shopping! It does not necessarily have to mean to exchange the whole closet with the new one. It is important to make a final decision about what do we actually need. If you like the new fashion trends and always try to follow them then make a list of the most important fashion aspects in the upcoming season. What I mean by that is the colour, the style and the shape. Once you have all those ideas in your mind you can check your wardrobe accurately to find out if any of the points from your list can be cross out. Once you finish the whole process you can do little shopping and try to buy required items still keeping in mind to not to buy everything that matches the desired colour or shape. Remember to be strict with your shopping and buy only products that you really need and that meet your criteria such as material combination. It is worth spending a little bit more money on a good quality products that will last you few seasons instead of buying it every single year.


Summer season is definitely over, but as I have already mentioned to you, the weather in London did not stop to surprise me. This is the reason why my today’s outfit is one of those “lighter” ones. There will be time for all those heavy coats yet.

White trousers have been my favourite piece of wardrobe in the last season, so I have decided to use them this last time. Grey top that has been waiting for its turn for a very long time seemed to be a perfect match and the ideal colour for this fall. I can assure you that anything grey will be good option for this year’s cosy days, so if you don’t have anything in this colour yet it will be worth of buying something. My fall preparation this year has started with grey coat, but I will tell you more about it in my next post.


Memories of my wonderful Greek vacation will stay with me for a very long time. I would therefore like to share a little bit about it with you like also tell you about places worth visiting.

First day at Mykonos and already a problem - we have caught a flat tire. For some reason our rented car did not have a spare tire in the trunk and the switchback roads of Mykonos did not seemed to have end. We did not have much options apart from trying to get home where our lovely landlord would help as sort the problem. Moving as quickly as turtle (at least we were still on the move) we got home and 30 minutes later our car was ready for upcoming adventures. It was already late afternoon, so we lay the table while our landlord was still preparing the dinner. 


It is 1st of October, so it is time for the photo diary of last month. September has flown very quickly this time and before I realised it was time to change my wardrobe’s composition for the cosier one. Even though the weather in London has been very kind this autumn and the temperature is nearly 20 degrees, my autumn coats have found their right place in my closet.

I would like to show you some photographs of last month which mostly present my vacation. As you know the last couple of weeks I have spent traveling, so you will see London in the next month’s photo diary.


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