According to the calendar, summer is already behind us so my goodbye post might seem to be a little bit late. Therefore as the last couple of weeks I have spent in the place where sunny weather doesn’t think of leaving yet I just couldn’t skip any record of my last, very last summery outfit this year. Many of you has probably seen this combination on my Instagram which therefore has been captured in the sunny Majorca. Moreover the total outfit or more likely the pictures I have a chance to present to you know has been taken in Greece.


“Home sweet home” it definitely mean what is says. In that case it doesn’t really matter where I would go, because I still find my own bed with cup of Earl Grey the best place in the world. I know it has been a long time since I have posted something in here, but it is all due to the fact that after my return from Mykonos there were hundreds of things that required my attention. I have finally found some time to sit in front of my laptop. I had to sort things with my university as my lectures start on Tuesday. I had to choose my modules for this year and this can be a whole lot of a problem. Luckily everything has been done and I could prepare this post for you. As the first I will share with you my outfit with that orange dress.


It is very early and most of you are fast asleep, but it is never too early to add something new. My today’s post is my favourite one so far. Wearing this beautiful dress in such magnificent scenery brought me so much joy. Being elegant in places like Majorca seems to be much easier. I had my long gown in the suitcase, but I have decided to keep it for that perfect occasion. I have the feeling that after my return from Greece I will have the opportunity to present you what I have been hiding in my wardrobe for the last year. Still I wish I could write a bit more about those wonderful evenings I have spent over there, but I am running out of time. I am going to the airport, so have a lovely day and see you soon x


Our holidays in Spain are over, but it is still not the end of our summer adventure. Spontaneous decisions are usually the best ones and this time it is not going to be any worse. We have decided to extend our time off, before I head of to my second year of university and before the really cold times arrive to London. It is actually cold already and what would London be like without rain?! Yes, just after landing at Gatwick airport we have faced that cold and rainy atmosphere. My Monday is very pleasant this time and I have to do some laundry, pack up and check in for my flight. Together with my friends we are going to head to our wonderful Greek vacations :) follow me on my Instagram to find out where about Greece we are staying and to see some pictures.

I have found some time to prepare this post for you and hopefully will update one more tomorrow morning just before we go. Once I will be back from Greece I will finally share with you all the pictures and posts I have for you.


Summer holidays are already over and before we will know it will be fall already. Once I will be back from my holidays it will be time to exchange summer dresses with cosy sweaters. Those long evening on my terrace will be spent on the sofa with hot cup of tea watching my favourite TV serial. Every season has its own rights and things we are used to do. Many people don’t like autumn or winter, because the only thing that comes into their mind is short days, long nights and those cold temperature outside. Personally, I don’t mind. I like fall as much as I like summer. I know that it will get windy and rainy and what is so exciting about waking up when it is dark outside. From the other hand those cosy evenings at home with good book in hand and soft knitwear that has been putted on side. It is the fact that there is new season coming up that will bring new fashion inspiration and new ideas that could make a big impact on our lives.


August is already behind us and as we have already walked into September, it is time for “Photo diary” of last month.

Summer has passed very quickly this year. Luckily I have a week of holidays in front of me starting this Sunday, so my summer outfits inspiration are not over yet! :) It is quite disappointing when I look back at the last month as the weather wasn’t particularly good this month or more likely saying this entire summer, but I can’t complain. I should actually be used to it. To conclude summer I can say that my baking skills have improved a lot and I am very happy about that as that was my aim for this summer. I have sorted out my closet which was a big deal before I started doing it. The problems with many women is that they see there is something wrong with their decision making problem when it comes to morning outfit preparation, but we never admit it. Maybe sorting this problem and any other more complicated or more serious problems would become much easier when we have the feeling that our wardrobe has been tidied up to the best possible standard. I mean, what else could be more difficult?


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