Summer in nearly over, but I haven’t been on my holidays yet! As I have mentioned to you after my return from Poland, we are going for some time away. This isn’t anything new as everybody needs vacation and some rest from all that daily routine and city crowd. The worst part of any journey is the packing time. I can’t find the word to describe how miserable it is for me, but unfortunately there is no one else who would do it for me, so after all those packing experiences which are already behind me, I feel as my technique of fitting everything required has improved. What I mean by that is the step by step routine I take before any journey that help me resolve that packing problem. What will find in my suitcase depend on the place I am going to. It is summer, so it is a bit easier as there isn’t that many things that will be needed.


A little bit about nude accessories for today. I can’t imagine my wardrobe without those little nude accessories. The way it makes me look fresh but elegant in the same time. Accessories play the key role in our daily or evening outfits. You can dress as simple as possible, but by adding the perfect handbag that matches your shoes or the jewellery you set with it can be that cherry on top of the cake. The key aspect in our outfit is not the number, but the value. The more doesn’t always mean the better and this is what we should remember every single day. Personally I prefer minimalistic version of jewellery. Luckily the times I was wearing different colours of bracelets that nearly cover half of my hand are gone far away behind me :).


English weather can be a misery. One think I have learned during all this year of living in England is that you can’t get disappointed about the weather condition. You will not change it, but you can change your attitude towards it and trust me after a certain time even a rainy day will bring you joy. Last couple of days before the weekend were really rainy, so I didn’t even get chance to put some nice dress on, but I hope that my military jacket and wellington boots will be fine too :)
Using the time of a little bit of sunshine in my garden I am going to have a bit of time over there. 

Have a nice day xx


I am already after general cleaning of my wardrobe. It wasn’t that difficult and heart breaking as I thought it will. I can even tell you that I feel much better now and I still find it difficult to believe how many useless, not in my style or in really bad condition clothes I had. The main thing is that half of them has been worn once or not even been worn at all. I can believe that if you followed my footpath and did the same with your closet, you might find that you are actually missing some basic and must have part of your outfits. It is absolutely fine and I don’t deny that I feel the same, but let’s remember our wardrobe resolution and not get into shopping spree to exchange all the tossed garments with the new “I don’t need it” clothes.


Most of you probably know the feeling of having something in your wardrobe that is a little bit too loose. Whether it is due to the fact that you have bought something too big or it was meant to be for a certain occasion. Somehow the occasion didn’t arrive for a very long time and when you finally got the chance it was already too big or either too small. Well I have bought this pair of jeans when I was 15. Yes, 15 and let’s be honest, I was a little bit bigger than I am now :). I really liked those jeans that’s why I still have them in my wardrobe even though they are ripped off and a little bit too loose. Okay, they are a way too loose!


It is already August, so it is time to conclude last month. After my return to London I had time to get back to my daily routine and start looking for some internships. There were few things that has taken my whole attention that’s why I have not given enough time to my blogging routine. There were also few good news and one of them included my uni confirmation that I have passed my first year and I can now enrol for the second year. I think that was the most awaiting information of last months for me. To conclude last month I can say that I have started my cooking skills improvement which is going quite well. Anyway let’s move on to pictures.


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