Lately, I have been doing some random net browsing and found out about few interesting thing that are taking place this summer in London. I thought I will add few more bits which I already knew about and create a post for you. I know that living in a big city can be a misery. Especially if you consider it is summer time, your friends are gone for some holidays and you are left alone or just simple have no idea what to do. Considering the fact that there is no seaside right in London (I know what a shame!), but we still have to deal with that sometimes. From the other hand living in big metropolis like London have some pluses as well.


I guess my obsession about every place that include skyscrapers doesn’t seem to have end. But it is really not my fault that this place really look great. It is kind of amazing how one think can change the whole aspect of how you feel in that particular place. I think the fact that you drive through a security point just to go to Canary Wharf made me feel like I was crossing the border to a different state at least. Well, nope you are still in London Mo (my friend used to call me like that, but I was never sure if I actually like it). Focus girl! Enough of skyscrapers stories.


Witajcie kochani. Dzisiejszy post będzie poświęcony pieczeniu. Tak, wiem jestem w takim samym szoku jak wy. Ja i gotowanie?! Jak widać nawet mnie spodobało się to zajecie. Przyznam się wam szczerze, że nie przypuszczałam, że może ono sprawiać tak wiele przyjemności. W związku z tym, że jestem mało doświadczona w tej kwestii postanowiłam, że od czasu do czasu podzielę się z wami moimi kulinarnymi popisami. Mogę obiecać wam jedno. Będą one na pewno bardzo proste i łatwe w wykonaniu :).


Walking around St Paul’s reminds me of my beginning in London. This place really does have some magic and for a moment it didn’t event feel like London. It really got deep into my heart especially when I think how lucky I am to live there.

It was a really nice evening. We had quite a long walk from St Paul’s through Millennium Bridge and then right along the River Thames up to the Westminster to capture Big Ben in the nigh theme :) . It was Friday evening and the streets were full of people. I remember when I moved to London. People used to tell me that this city never sleep. After long months of living here I can tell you one thing. London does sleep only one time in a week. It is Sunday morning :)


White shirt. That white shirt has stick to me for good. Let’s be honest, for someone living in big city, city like London which is known from skyscrapers and all you can see (apart from tourists of course) is white. White shirts on men and women. It is like uniform and I love it. I can’t imagine my wardrobe without that perfect white shirt. I have about six of them and still think it is not enough. Why am I not surprise? Show me a woman that truly tells you that she has enough of clothes in her wardrobe. I don’t know any J . But let’s agree to something. Even though we never feed our need of perfect wardrobe, if we have that white shirt we will always create that perfect outfit combo. There is nothing that could be simpler and chic than that. But enough of white shirt. I am going to cook some dinner and I am off to town. There is nothing better than that romantic walk in the city. Have a wonderful day. See you soon x


Hello my dear readers. It is already fourth day it is raining in London. I didn’t want to leave you without any new post, so I thought I will present you with a summer must have – maxi skirt. It is another year in a row when maxi skirts are playing the key role in every fashion lover’s wardrobe. I am not surprised as when the temperature is increasing with every hour maxi skirt will definitely play the role in our outfit.


Summer is definitely my favourite season of the year. I love those long evenings in the garden and even though I would stay there or on the beach for most of the time I still have to go out to the city in the rush, chasing all of those people who probably doesn’t even know what they are running for. There is always that “what to wear” question in my mind. Those of you whose current location is holiday are in the better position as you can stick to your swimming costumes for the whole day. Unfortunately I will have to wait a bit longer for my holiday, so there is my option for summer in the city. Just remember it is not a work version :) . For those of you who are looking for something to work that will fit in the summer time I would recommend exchanging the shorts from my outfit with the elegant knee length skirt with any colour of your choice. Play with it as you like and remember that looking elegant doesn’t always mean being all black and white :) I can say I am lucky for now as I don’t have to stay long hours sitting in the office feeling like I am burning (don’t worry, not for too long). I am in the “looking for the internship” zone.


My love for black clothes seems to not be endless. I am still full of admiration due to how rapidly I changed my acceptation for colourful wardrobe. Well colourful might still be a little bit too deep, but I have more white, powder pink and colours than I used to do before.

No matter what little black dress will always be the most suitable date version J . Normally you would probably find me wearing it along with black heels, but let’s not forget that it is summer time, so a little coloured detail will not kill anybody.

What about you? How would you style that little black dress?


Holidays in Poland are already behind me, but I still haven’t share any pictures with you. I know that it is already a week after we walked into July, but it is never too late to conclude last month :). There is a way too many pictures I have taken during the last four weeks, so there is quite long journey through them in front of you, but I hope you will enjoy it at least a little bit as much as I did capturing them.

During my three weeks of holidays I have visited many places. The main purpose of our trip was to show me the other side of Poland (which was unknown to me). As you already know I am in love with everything that has something to do with the seaside.


After three weeks of holiday, with fresh mind, new ideas and camera full of images, I am back. It has definitely been my best holidays. I have visited many places I didn’t even know are that magnificent. I know it has been a bit longer then it supposed to be, but here is the first post after my return. I have prepared very summery look with that country detail :)

In the next post I will share with you all the pictures of last month and the photo diary of my holiday in Poland. I will also tell you about places I visited which might inspire you to visit them this summer.

Have a good rest of the day!


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