Hello my dear readers J the last couple of days have been extremely busy for me. Going for holidays is what we all love the most, but the preparation time is a total nightmare! Packing up, thinking what to take and what not to take with you (I don’t want to end up with too many suitcases as my car has limited space :D ). Yes, I am going to Poland by car. When I think about it from one side it is amazing as I have that comfort of going where and whenever I want. No hassle of borrowing a car and then stressing yourself as something might happen during your journey. From the other side the time it will take me to get to Poland, is ten times longer than by plane.


Hello all! I have been off the city for the last two days. I went to visit my parents before I will leave for two weeks of holidays! Oh trust I am so excited. I am going to Poland to spend some time with my family and my boyfriend’s family. We also want to travel around Poland a little bit as there is so many places I haven’t even been to yet!


I have already showed you those yellow pants in the “Photo diary of last month”. Finally, I have prepared an outfit with them. It took me a long time, but it is due to the fact that I wanted to find a perfect place that would go well with them. I hope that you will like it as much as I did.
All of my previous post were very simple and casual as that’s what I like the most in my day to day “what to wear problem”. However I am still a girl who have that hidden love for high heels and elegance in me. I have decided to create an outfit that will show off those yellow pants even more. I have still kept my simplicity when creating it that’s why there is not much colours or accessories. I thought of styling them with that lovely striped dress as I didn’t want to that outfit to be too simple. High heels on and I am ready to go.


Hello, how are you? I thought that I will share something different with you today. While new post with outfit is in progress, here is something light to read about. I don’t know how about you, but I can’t imagine morning without coffee. It is a simple rule for me – “No coffee, no work”. It is all because of the fact that my brain is not working without it. I would call it my morning routine. I know that all of you have some sort of daily routine that you follow and in case you don’t, you are struggling throughout the day. It is the same story as for people who do jogging or other form of workout in the morning. I know on my own example that morning exercising gives more energy.


Yesterday, I have mentioned to you that I would like to create some sort of routine on the blog. I thought that another part of that routine could be post that will conclude last month. I will create a post where I will share with you pictures that have been published on Instagram earlier this month like also pictures which haven’t seen the daylight before. I am a little bit crazy about taking pictures as that’s my another passion after fashion. There is a lot of things I capture that I would like to share with you.


I think that jeans is one of those material that will never get out of trend. I always call jeans my ‘safe option’. Style it with white shirt, black blazer and high heels and you will look elegant and classy. Want to look casual? No problem! Just put white trainers on and you are free to go. I love the option of styling jeans from top to the bottom. On the days like this I add trench coat and I am ready to go. Quick and simple that’s what I love! :)


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