I thought that as part of my blogging I will share with you some of the products that I was happy to welcome in my wardrobe this month. I would like to create some kind of routine that I will follow when creating new posts and “New in” will be one of them.

May is one of my favourite month, because this is the time when the weather is improving and I can finally start wearing something lighter and enjoy weekends on the fresh air. Of course another reason is that May is the month of my birthday. I don’t know what’s so exciting about celebrating the fact that you are another year older, but there is something special about it. Maybe the way how I choose this time to conclude my last year according to all the achievement I have accomplished or maybe to push myself even more towards the next year’s plans.


Being elegant often requires us to present at certain norms. Elegant outfits are most of the time very presentable, but not very comfortable. It usually means wearing high heels. There is many people who like to be elegant even in their day to day life. I would like to present you with my idea of being elegant, but in that simple and comfortable way. I say no to high heels for today and instead of that I am going to steak to my lovely sneakers. It was a bit difficult for me to decide how I would like to set today’s outfit, so I have decided to make two options for you to choose.

The first one is a bit classier as I have chosen white shirt and white trainers and the second one is more casual as I have chosen basic t-shirt with sneakers instead. Which one do you like more? J


White top, jeans, trainers and trench coat is probably one of the most ordinary set in the world. Its simplicity has gathered mass of lovers who find this outfit as the most practical. Personally I am one of them. Trench coat is an absolute MUST HAVE in every fashion lover wardrobe. It suits all sort of outfit combination you can think of and no matter whether you wear it with high heels or trainers it will make your look more elegant.

There is many places where you can buy different styles or colours starting from those classic ones made by lower class brands to those top ones like Burberry. I am still looking for that “perfect” trench coat, but for now the one I already have (which was purchased for £1!) fit my needs.

Do you have your perfect trench coat?


Dzisiejszy post postanowiłam poświecić Dniu Matki. Jest to bardzo ważny dzień naszych mam i w związku z tym, jak co roku zawsze kupuje upominek dla mojej kochanej rodzicielki, który wiem ze będzie miłym zaskoczeniem. Osobiście stawiam na pewne rozwiązania, bo nie lubię kupować czegoś, co, do czego nie jestem w pełni przekonana i mogłoby nie przypasować do gustu mojej mamy. Wole raczej sprawdzone rozwiązania, które zawsze jej się podobają. Każdy z nas ma inny pomysł na uczczenie tego dnia i wiem, że nie wszyscy skłaniają się ku kupionym prezentom niemniej jednak dla tych z was, którzy chcieliby obdarować mamę jakimś upominkiem a nie maja pomysłu przedstawię wam kilka moich propozycji.


What makes you a true Londoner? Well that can be a very controversial topic for many of us. I am not going to debate on that as I probably would not have enough evidence for or against that. I can’t say that I am a Londoner however luckily I am living in this truly amazing and full of surprises on every corner city. And yes, as a typical Londoner I am used to the fact that going to town means ‘you walk like a Duracell bunny on speed’! This is why I wanted to present you my today’s outfit which according to being a Londoner is very suitable and comfortable. Still let’s not forget that we are in England and the weather is not very predictable.


“Simple” one word, but as many meanings as many people living in this world. For me it means feeling comfortable and looking elegant without including too many unnecessary products. Whenever I choose outfit for particular day I try to do it using those two rules I have mentioned above and the last, third one to do it quickly as I do not want to waste too much time standing in front of the wardrobe wondering what would be suitable for today. Of course it does happen when I want to look particularly good and what I mean by that is dinner with friends or date with my lovely one or any important meeting but that’s the exception.


Hello, how are you? I have decided to create my blog as I have recently started my Spring Break at the University and thought that I can finally start off with something that I really like which is shopping! But as we all know there is a lot of ‘dangers’ hiding behind that’s why I want to show you my way of dealing with them. I will be sharing with you my ideas about how to dress “simple but significant”.
My name is Monika and I am on my first year of Business Management Marketing. I really hope that you will like my ideas and maybe even find it a little bit helpful on your day to day “what to wear” problem.


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