Dear readers, it is a first Christmas since I started blogging. Tomorrow will be full of cooking, baking, some of you will be decorating Christmas tree, but for all of us it will be day full of things that will require our attention, that’s why I am writing this post for you today. I am extremely happy to be able to wish you Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time with your family. It is the most magical time of the year, so make it the best possible, after all we will have left will be beautiful memories that will stay in our hearts :)


There is still a bit of time left till New Year’s Eve, but it is worth thinking about our outfit for that special nigh a bit earlier. Christmas will past extremely quickly and before we even realise, we will wake up on the 31st December and panicking, browsing through our wardrobe hoping to find something worth our attention for this particular time.

Today’s post I would like to dedicate for as my small advise for those of you who are planning to have more glamourous eve or just want to look classy and elegant. My dresses proposition based on current stores availability will be presented in the next post, so if you are still not sure of what you would like to wear on that day, keep checking my blog! :) Going back to today’s outfit, it is a dress that I have purchased about two years ago hoping that there will be that special time I will wear it, but apparently I didn’t come. I was thinking that it is too official to wear it for less important occasions. The last time I took it out of my wardrobe I have realised that it is actually the matter of the accessories combination that you style it with that makes it more elegant or glamorous.


Lately I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the online fashion magazines who also publish on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. I wanted to share with you the results of our co-operation.
It was very exciting for me as that was my first collaboration since I started blogging. The whole idea was based on the photo shoot presenting me and three other bloggers which was taken in the Shoreditch Box Park. We were wearing some of the product that are available at the MI Magazine’s online store (website link).  Apart from that we were also asked few questions such as what is our beauty weapon for this winter or what is on my Christmas wish list. You can see the whole interview à here.


Prezenty, kto nie lubi ich dostawać? Chyba nie znam takiej osoby. A jak jest, kiedy role się odwracają i to my mamy je wręczyć? Jedni uwielbiają je dawać, ale istnieje rzesza ludzi, którzy uważają to za największe utrapienie a wszystko za sprawą nadmiaru produktów dostępnych w sklepach i towarzyszącej im niewiedzy w kwestii wyboru tego jedynego. Jak poradzić sobie z tym zadaniem na tyle dobrze, aby na twarzy naszych najbliższych zagościł uśmiech a my poczuli radość z robienia prezentów?


Witajcie moi drodzy! Jak u was z przygotowaniami do Świąt? Ja najbardziej kreatywną część mam już za sobą w związku, z czym chciałabym się z wami podzielić kilkoma radami. Tematem przewodnim dzisiejszego wpisu będą ręcznie robione kartki świąteczne. Były one niegdyś niezastąpionym elementem Świąt Bożego Narodzenia. Niemniej jednak z roku na rok ta tradycja coraz bardziej gdzieś zanika i w dobie telefonów czy komputerów łatwiej jest nam wysłać życzenia pocztą mailową lub sms-em zamiast tradycyjnej kartki nie mówiąc już o tych ręcznie wykonanych!


There are only two weeks left till Christmas. Most of the houses in Great Britain already have their Christmas tree. Personally I wait with that a little bit longer. Back to the times when I was living in my family home, the tradition was to decorate the house on the Christmas Eve. Therefore I always enjoyed the Christmas magic and from the time I moved out from my parents I speed up that process to be able to have it for as long as possible. Because of that, today’s day was used for the search of the Christmas tree. Somehow we ended the day in the forest which appeared to be the ideal place for some pictures.


Photo diary of last month is being published really late this time and all because of the upcoming Christmas time and what comes with that is the end of the term and plenty of deadlines including my presentation, essay and mock exam. It is already Wednesday, so the only thing to say is – just till Friday! Luckily all of the deadlines end this week, so from Saturday I will have nothing more left than just to enjoy that wonderful time of the year.


Today’s day as well as yesterday’s night appeared to be the coldest so far. Last night’s temperature has dropped to -1 and during today’s day it didn’t get over 5 degrees. Therefore even the cold temperature didn’t stop me from relaxing walk right by the lake. Sunbeam, crystalline reflected in the lake was the most pleasant indemnification for my frozen hands (I still didn’t manage to buy those perfect gloves that would be suitable for my casual days – I would like the one with two fingers). Thermos of hot tea was the most useful item I have decided to take with me. We have also decided to grab some bread, so using the time we have also had the opportunity to feed some ducks which I think arrived from some local lakes too! :)


Hello my dear readers. How are you? :)

Desk seems to be the most important element in my bedroom as befits for student and blogger. It is not the biggest desk I have ever imaged to have, but it suites my needs. There might be moments like those when I am sitting in front of my laptop with cup of coffee covered with marketing books and plenty of note sheets hardly trying to fit myself in that little as it appear to be space of that desk. As for a woman befit I try to make it as much functional as possible, but I also want it to look presentable that’s why it is never completely empty. There are few Vogue magazines putted one on top of the other, four books which I have a look into quite often, so I have to have them close to my hand, fake flower bouquet (maybe it is not one of those must have elements on my list, but the aesthetic is also very important :)) and few other details, which I always have next to me. According to the number of hours I spent sitting by that desk it is rarely happening that it is that tidy.


One of the main characteristics of houses in England are carpets. Hundreds of different patterns and colours that appears in many houses which I personally got tired of. Thereat I am so happy that we have finally putted wooden floor in our bedroom. The whole ground floor in our house was covered with wooden floor right from the beginning, but on the first floor we had quite dark carpets. Once we have changed it, the room became so bright and lovely. Just my fashion magazines collection as a finish touch, few favourite books (I didn’t have enough space for the rest of them, but I found a right place to store them too :)), lightened candle which created ideal ambience and done. I have grabbed my laptop and using this lovely evening scenery there was nothing more left than just to finish off my post :)


Weekend, just a simple word, but it already bring those little butterflies feeling to my stomach. All because of those two days just for us. Every Saturday morning I wake up just before nine. The moment I open my eyes is always the most panic, “I overslept!”. Couple more minutes and I realize that it is Saturday and I can easily spend few more minutes on that sweet laziness.

I am happy to welcome you here and would therefore like to invite you for my short story about how I like to spend my weekend and what are my essentials that accompany me during those two days.


Today’s day was really crazy. The weather was changing quickly enough. It was raining in one minute and before I managed to get my umbrella out it was sunny already. Still I can’t complain as after few really rainy, windy and dark days, the sun came back at least for few moments. Using my spare time in the afternoon, I have managed to take some shoots. Last two weeks made me unable to prepare any post for you, so I am really hoping that from now on, it will only get better :)


Winter is coming, so it is the right moment to start thinking about the perfect boots that would be as ideal for autumn as they will be for winter. High boots of a knee or a bit above knee length will suite perfectly.

Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my pair of knee boots as I had them for such a long time and they just weren’t in that right condition anymore. It is time for me to buy a new pair. There is many reasons why those boots have stolen many fashion lovers’ hearts. Their suitability towards many outfits, elegant look, comfort and the chic. When styling them casually for everyday occasion they would be ideal with perfectly fitted pair of black or blue jeans. Therefore it would still look good with other colours (I would choose the maroon or khaki colour) cosy sweater, and black jacket – still remembering about warm scarf! However if we would prefer to look more elegant, a dress or a skirt would be as perfect especially when styled with a coat the same length. There is plenty of combinations and it is with regard to you on how you would like to wear them :).


October has flown very quickly this year. I remember the beginning of my academic year at the university as if it would be yesterday, and it is already time to start revision for my exams. Once the time to move our clocks backwords arrived, my organism has gone crazy, and from what I was used to, my day was beginning one hour earlier than before :). Luckily I have managed to co-operate with it and I am not waking up at 7 a.m. anymore thinking I have overslept.


Dzisiejszy wpis będzie troszkę inny niż dotychczas. Terminy na uniwersytecie gonią i nie miałam, kiedy przygotować dla was zdjęć kolejnej stylizacji, ale na szczęście prezentacja, do której się przygotowywałam przez ostatnie dni jest już za mną w związku, z czym będę miała więcej czasu. Pomiędzy wyszukiwaniem informacji na temat organizacji, o której to też była moja dzisiejsza prezentacja, a kolejnym łykiem mojej ulubionej kawy, znalazłam moment, aby dokończenie książkę, która po kilku tygodniach oczekiwań, wpadła w moje ręce.

Piękna płócienna okładka, ilustracja zamiast zdjęcia i czerwona wstążeczka do zaznaczania strony, na której to zakończyłam czytać. Książka, która znalazła się na liście internetowych bestselerów jeszcze przed jej premierą. Mowa oczywiście o poradniku o modzie pt. „Elementarz Stylu” Katarzyny Tusk. Zapewne niektóre z was miały już okazję przeczytać tą książkę. Ja zdążyłam już ja dokończyć, dlatego też postanowiłam podzielić się z wami swoimi odczuciami.


Hello my dear readers! :) How was your weekend? I know that Monday isn’t the best day of week, but at least the weather has been amazing. It is perfect time for autumnal walk, but remember that this time of the year is being very cheeky and it is easy to catch some cold.

My today’s outfit is one of those ones that will fit perfectly for a day in the city. Days when there are few less important business meetings during the day and rocking the town on the evening with no time for change in the meantime, is one of those moments when choosing the outfit becomes a really big problem. Finding the balance between the right business outfit and whatever would be suitable and comfortable for the later part of the day when you will have a great time with friends in the city, is sometimes difficult. The biggest issue that arise in our outfits is mostly concentrated on too much elegance (we all want to look professional). Therefore we should remember that we can look elegant and feel comfortable in the same time. Black pants are perfect to choose for this occasion. I picked up the stronger version of material that is the imitation of leather. If I would match it with white shirt and black heels I would have elegant outfit worth A* at least, but it would be elegant only.


Rainy days can be a real misery. I am sure you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning with smile on your face, with perfectly planned outfit for a day, and suddenly realise that it is raining outside. I love that moment. Looking at my white trainers that are just waiting to put them on my feet, I take my wellington boots out of the closet, picking up something dark to match it with. Autumn season brought much colder days, so I also put my vest on that will help me stay warm during the day. I grab an umbrella and I am already standing ready in my doorway. It wasn’t that hard. My outfit for the day took me no more than few seconds, but hold on, there is something not right… few raindrops on my hair and I they look like one big curl. The whole 10 minutes spent on styling them are gone and totally wasted. I could just walk out without a brush touching it. Moment of focus and I realise that whenever you think that it can’t be worse and the whole day will be like one big disaster, the good time comes back. My autumnal afternoon walk woke up a child that was fast asleep. It reminded me of my early childhood when splashed right up to my nose I was jumping from puddle to puddle.


Red coat was my favourite piece of wardrobe in last year’s autumn/winter. Fashion is my biggest interest, however when it comes to new fashion trends in the particular season, I am trying to keep a distance towards it and choose only those items which I can be sure I will wear in the next years. Direct following whatever is going on the fashion show would mean a total wardrobe transformation and what comes with that is – empty bank account. Especially in these days it is important to create your own style which is not necessarily the same what has been presented by the most distinguished designers.  Therefore there are still certain elements that are returning from year to year or remain unchanged during the years like the trench coat. The bigger joy I had when I saw red colour on fashion show including Dior and Hermes for this season.


New season always brings new cultural events. Their frequency is mostly based on the place or more like on the population. I am lucky enough (I know I say that enormous number of times J) to live in London - place mainly known from its cultural events options. It is middle of October. Days are shorter, nights seems to be longer and the temperature outside isn't very convincing. If you live in London and are wondering how to organise your spare time just stay with me for the rest of this post. I will give you some autumn guide to how to not get crazy when you have nothing to do :)
P.S. Those of you who live anywhere else just check the internet for your local events. Maybe you will find something that is worth your time :) 


It wasn’t later than few days ago when I told you that when colder days arrive to London I will swop my sweater with turtle neck jumper. Well, I already regret those words. The temperature outside is most of the time around 13 degrees, but it has nothing to do with the cold I am feeling. I am wondering whether it is still October or maybe it is December already. Turtle neck, boots and gloves are going to become my morning essentials from now onwards. I believe the winter is going to be really cold this year. Hot cup of tea with lemon in the morning will be a good start of the day plus it will deliver some Vitamin C to my organism.


It is Sunday. The temperature has dropped by few degrees. The sun has hidden and doesn’t seem as it will show up until tomorrow at least. It is the perfect time to take my new grey coat out of the wardrobe. Oversized and very cosy ideal for colder days. Grey coat will be a very good choice this autumn. If you are not sure what to wear it with then to be safe just match it with black jeans and white t-shirt. On those colder days I will swop my light white sweater with turtle neck jumper. I love autumn especially here in London. Beautiful streets with white houses, roads covered with colourful leaves. It is going to be sunny for the next couple of days, so it will be ideal to enjoy the weather walking around my beautiful city with a cup of Starbuck’s coffee in my hand.


New season usually means changes. It can mean to change the content of our wardrobe for the more cosy clothes and most of the time that drive us to only one conclusion – shopping! It does not necessarily have to mean to exchange the whole closet with the new one. It is important to make a final decision about what do we actually need. If you like the new fashion trends and always try to follow them then make a list of the most important fashion aspects in the upcoming season. What I mean by that is the colour, the style and the shape. Once you have all those ideas in your mind you can check your wardrobe accurately to find out if any of the points from your list can be cross out. Once you finish the whole process you can do little shopping and try to buy required items still keeping in mind to not to buy everything that matches the desired colour or shape. Remember to be strict with your shopping and buy only products that you really need and that meet your criteria such as material combination. It is worth spending a little bit more money on a good quality products that will last you few seasons instead of buying it every single year.


Summer season is definitely over, but as I have already mentioned to you, the weather in London did not stop to surprise me. This is the reason why my today’s outfit is one of those “lighter” ones. There will be time for all those heavy coats yet.

White trousers have been my favourite piece of wardrobe in the last season, so I have decided to use them this last time. Grey top that has been waiting for its turn for a very long time seemed to be a perfect match and the ideal colour for this fall. I can assure you that anything grey will be good option for this year’s cosy days, so if you don’t have anything in this colour yet it will be worth of buying something. My fall preparation this year has started with grey coat, but I will tell you more about it in my next post.


Memories of my wonderful Greek vacation will stay with me for a very long time. I would therefore like to share a little bit about it with you like also tell you about places worth visiting.

First day at Mykonos and already a problem - we have caught a flat tire. For some reason our rented car did not have a spare tire in the trunk and the switchback roads of Mykonos did not seemed to have end. We did not have much options apart from trying to get home where our lovely landlord would help as sort the problem. Moving as quickly as turtle (at least we were still on the move) we got home and 30 minutes later our car was ready for upcoming adventures. It was already late afternoon, so we lay the table while our landlord was still preparing the dinner. 


It is 1st of October, so it is time for the photo diary of last month. September has flown very quickly this time and before I realised it was time to change my wardrobe’s composition for the cosier one. Even though the weather in London has been very kind this autumn and the temperature is nearly 20 degrees, my autumn coats have found their right place in my closet.

I would like to show you some photographs of last month which mostly present my vacation. As you know the last couple of weeks I have spent traveling, so you will see London in the next month’s photo diary.


According to the calendar, summer is already behind us so my goodbye post might seem to be a little bit late. Therefore as the last couple of weeks I have spent in the place where sunny weather doesn’t think of leaving yet I just couldn’t skip any record of my last, very last summery outfit this year. Many of you has probably seen this combination on my Instagram which therefore has been captured in the sunny Majorca. Moreover the total outfit or more likely the pictures I have a chance to present to you know has been taken in Greece.


“Home sweet home” it definitely mean what is says. In that case it doesn’t really matter where I would go, because I still find my own bed with cup of Earl Grey the best place in the world. I know it has been a long time since I have posted something in here, but it is all due to the fact that after my return from Mykonos there were hundreds of things that required my attention. I have finally found some time to sit in front of my laptop. I had to sort things with my university as my lectures start on Tuesday. I had to choose my modules for this year and this can be a whole lot of a problem. Luckily everything has been done and I could prepare this post for you. As the first I will share with you my outfit with that orange dress.


It is very early and most of you are fast asleep, but it is never too early to add something new. My today’s post is my favourite one so far. Wearing this beautiful dress in such magnificent scenery brought me so much joy. Being elegant in places like Majorca seems to be much easier. I had my long gown in the suitcase, but I have decided to keep it for that perfect occasion. I have the feeling that after my return from Greece I will have the opportunity to present you what I have been hiding in my wardrobe for the last year. Still I wish I could write a bit more about those wonderful evenings I have spent over there, but I am running out of time. I am going to the airport, so have a lovely day and see you soon x


Our holidays in Spain are over, but it is still not the end of our summer adventure. Spontaneous decisions are usually the best ones and this time it is not going to be any worse. We have decided to extend our time off, before I head of to my second year of university and before the really cold times arrive to London. It is actually cold already and what would London be like without rain?! Yes, just after landing at Gatwick airport we have faced that cold and rainy atmosphere. My Monday is very pleasant this time and I have to do some laundry, pack up and check in for my flight. Together with my friends we are going to head to our wonderful Greek vacations :) follow me on my Instagram to find out where about Greece we are staying and to see some pictures.

I have found some time to prepare this post for you and hopefully will update one more tomorrow morning just before we go. Once I will be back from Greece I will finally share with you all the pictures and posts I have for you.


Summer holidays are already over and before we will know it will be fall already. Once I will be back from my holidays it will be time to exchange summer dresses with cosy sweaters. Those long evening on my terrace will be spent on the sofa with hot cup of tea watching my favourite TV serial. Every season has its own rights and things we are used to do. Many people don’t like autumn or winter, because the only thing that comes into their mind is short days, long nights and those cold temperature outside. Personally, I don’t mind. I like fall as much as I like summer. I know that it will get windy and rainy and what is so exciting about waking up when it is dark outside. From the other hand those cosy evenings at home with good book in hand and soft knitwear that has been putted on side. It is the fact that there is new season coming up that will bring new fashion inspiration and new ideas that could make a big impact on our lives.


August is already behind us and as we have already walked into September, it is time for “Photo diary” of last month.

Summer has passed very quickly this year. Luckily I have a week of holidays in front of me starting this Sunday, so my summer outfits inspiration are not over yet! :) It is quite disappointing when I look back at the last month as the weather wasn’t particularly good this month or more likely saying this entire summer, but I can’t complain. I should actually be used to it. To conclude summer I can say that my baking skills have improved a lot and I am very happy about that as that was my aim for this summer. I have sorted out my closet which was a big deal before I started doing it. The problems with many women is that they see there is something wrong with their decision making problem when it comes to morning outfit preparation, but we never admit it. Maybe sorting this problem and any other more complicated or more serious problems would become much easier when we have the feeling that our wardrobe has been tidied up to the best possible standard. I mean, what else could be more difficult?


Summer in nearly over, but I haven’t been on my holidays yet! As I have mentioned to you after my return from Poland, we are going for some time away. This isn’t anything new as everybody needs vacation and some rest from all that daily routine and city crowd. The worst part of any journey is the packing time. I can’t find the word to describe how miserable it is for me, but unfortunately there is no one else who would do it for me, so after all those packing experiences which are already behind me, I feel as my technique of fitting everything required has improved. What I mean by that is the step by step routine I take before any journey that help me resolve that packing problem. What will find in my suitcase depend on the place I am going to. It is summer, so it is a bit easier as there isn’t that many things that will be needed.


A little bit about nude accessories for today. I can’t imagine my wardrobe without those little nude accessories. The way it makes me look fresh but elegant in the same time. Accessories play the key role in our daily or evening outfits. You can dress as simple as possible, but by adding the perfect handbag that matches your shoes or the jewellery you set with it can be that cherry on top of the cake. The key aspect in our outfit is not the number, but the value. The more doesn’t always mean the better and this is what we should remember every single day. Personally I prefer minimalistic version of jewellery. Luckily the times I was wearing different colours of bracelets that nearly cover half of my hand are gone far away behind me :).


English weather can be a misery. One think I have learned during all this year of living in England is that you can’t get disappointed about the weather condition. You will not change it, but you can change your attitude towards it and trust me after a certain time even a rainy day will bring you joy. Last couple of days before the weekend were really rainy, so I didn’t even get chance to put some nice dress on, but I hope that my military jacket and wellington boots will be fine too :)
Using the time of a little bit of sunshine in my garden I am going to have a bit of time over there. 

Have a nice day xx


I am already after general cleaning of my wardrobe. It wasn’t that difficult and heart breaking as I thought it will. I can even tell you that I feel much better now and I still find it difficult to believe how many useless, not in my style or in really bad condition clothes I had. The main thing is that half of them has been worn once or not even been worn at all. I can believe that if you followed my footpath and did the same with your closet, you might find that you are actually missing some basic and must have part of your outfits. It is absolutely fine and I don’t deny that I feel the same, but let’s remember our wardrobe resolution and not get into shopping spree to exchange all the tossed garments with the new “I don’t need it” clothes.


Most of you probably know the feeling of having something in your wardrobe that is a little bit too loose. Whether it is due to the fact that you have bought something too big or it was meant to be for a certain occasion. Somehow the occasion didn’t arrive for a very long time and when you finally got the chance it was already too big or either too small. Well I have bought this pair of jeans when I was 15. Yes, 15 and let’s be honest, I was a little bit bigger than I am now :). I really liked those jeans that’s why I still have them in my wardrobe even though they are ripped off and a little bit too loose. Okay, they are a way too loose!


It is already August, so it is time to conclude last month. After my return to London I had time to get back to my daily routine and start looking for some internships. There were few things that has taken my whole attention that’s why I have not given enough time to my blogging routine. There were also few good news and one of them included my uni confirmation that I have passed my first year and I can now enrol for the second year. I think that was the most awaiting information of last months for me. To conclude last month I can say that I have started my cooking skills improvement which is going quite well. Anyway let’s move on to pictures.


Lately, I have been doing some random net browsing and found out about few interesting thing that are taking place this summer in London. I thought I will add few more bits which I already knew about and create a post for you. I know that living in a big city can be a misery. Especially if you consider it is summer time, your friends are gone for some holidays and you are left alone or just simple have no idea what to do. Considering the fact that there is no seaside right in London (I know what a shame!), but we still have to deal with that sometimes. From the other hand living in big metropolis like London have some pluses as well.


I guess my obsession about every place that include skyscrapers doesn’t seem to have end. But it is really not my fault that this place really look great. It is kind of amazing how one think can change the whole aspect of how you feel in that particular place. I think the fact that you drive through a security point just to go to Canary Wharf made me feel like I was crossing the border to a different state at least. Well, nope you are still in London Mo (my friend used to call me like that, but I was never sure if I actually like it). Focus girl! Enough of skyscrapers stories.


Witajcie kochani. Dzisiejszy post będzie poświęcony pieczeniu. Tak, wiem jestem w takim samym szoku jak wy. Ja i gotowanie?! Jak widać nawet mnie spodobało się to zajecie. Przyznam się wam szczerze, że nie przypuszczałam, że może ono sprawiać tak wiele przyjemności. W związku z tym, że jestem mało doświadczona w tej kwestii postanowiłam, że od czasu do czasu podzielę się z wami moimi kulinarnymi popisami. Mogę obiecać wam jedno. Będą one na pewno bardzo proste i łatwe w wykonaniu :).


Walking around St Paul’s reminds me of my beginning in London. This place really does have some magic and for a moment it didn’t event feel like London. It really got deep into my heart especially when I think how lucky I am to live there.

It was a really nice evening. We had quite a long walk from St Paul’s through Millennium Bridge and then right along the River Thames up to the Westminster to capture Big Ben in the nigh theme :) . It was Friday evening and the streets were full of people. I remember when I moved to London. People used to tell me that this city never sleep. After long months of living here I can tell you one thing. London does sleep only one time in a week. It is Sunday morning :)


White shirt. That white shirt has stick to me for good. Let’s be honest, for someone living in big city, city like London which is known from skyscrapers and all you can see (apart from tourists of course) is white. White shirts on men and women. It is like uniform and I love it. I can’t imagine my wardrobe without that perfect white shirt. I have about six of them and still think it is not enough. Why am I not surprise? Show me a woman that truly tells you that she has enough of clothes in her wardrobe. I don’t know any J . But let’s agree to something. Even though we never feed our need of perfect wardrobe, if we have that white shirt we will always create that perfect outfit combo. There is nothing that could be simpler and chic than that. But enough of white shirt. I am going to cook some dinner and I am off to town. There is nothing better than that romantic walk in the city. Have a wonderful day. See you soon x


Hello my dear readers. It is already fourth day it is raining in London. I didn’t want to leave you without any new post, so I thought I will present you with a summer must have – maxi skirt. It is another year in a row when maxi skirts are playing the key role in every fashion lover’s wardrobe. I am not surprised as when the temperature is increasing with every hour maxi skirt will definitely play the role in our outfit.


Summer is definitely my favourite season of the year. I love those long evenings in the garden and even though I would stay there or on the beach for most of the time I still have to go out to the city in the rush, chasing all of those people who probably doesn’t even know what they are running for. There is always that “what to wear” question in my mind. Those of you whose current location is holiday are in the better position as you can stick to your swimming costumes for the whole day. Unfortunately I will have to wait a bit longer for my holiday, so there is my option for summer in the city. Just remember it is not a work version :) . For those of you who are looking for something to work that will fit in the summer time I would recommend exchanging the shorts from my outfit with the elegant knee length skirt with any colour of your choice. Play with it as you like and remember that looking elegant doesn’t always mean being all black and white :) I can say I am lucky for now as I don’t have to stay long hours sitting in the office feeling like I am burning (don’t worry, not for too long). I am in the “looking for the internship” zone.


My love for black clothes seems to not be endless. I am still full of admiration due to how rapidly I changed my acceptation for colourful wardrobe. Well colourful might still be a little bit too deep, but I have more white, powder pink and colours than I used to do before.

No matter what little black dress will always be the most suitable date version J . Normally you would probably find me wearing it along with black heels, but let’s not forget that it is summer time, so a little coloured detail will not kill anybody.

What about you? How would you style that little black dress?


Holidays in Poland are already behind me, but I still haven’t share any pictures with you. I know that it is already a week after we walked into July, but it is never too late to conclude last month :). There is a way too many pictures I have taken during the last four weeks, so there is quite long journey through them in front of you, but I hope you will enjoy it at least a little bit as much as I did capturing them.

During my three weeks of holidays I have visited many places. The main purpose of our trip was to show me the other side of Poland (which was unknown to me). As you already know I am in love with everything that has something to do with the seaside.


After three weeks of holiday, with fresh mind, new ideas and camera full of images, I am back. It has definitely been my best holidays. I have visited many places I didn’t even know are that magnificent. I know it has been a bit longer then it supposed to be, but here is the first post after my return. I have prepared very summery look with that country detail :)

In the next post I will share with you all the pictures of last month and the photo diary of my holiday in Poland. I will also tell you about places I visited which might inspire you to visit them this summer.

Have a good rest of the day!


Hello my dear readers J the last couple of days have been extremely busy for me. Going for holidays is what we all love the most, but the preparation time is a total nightmare! Packing up, thinking what to take and what not to take with you (I don’t want to end up with too many suitcases as my car has limited space :D ). Yes, I am going to Poland by car. When I think about it from one side it is amazing as I have that comfort of going where and whenever I want. No hassle of borrowing a car and then stressing yourself as something might happen during your journey. From the other side the time it will take me to get to Poland, is ten times longer than by plane.


Hello all! I have been off the city for the last two days. I went to visit my parents before I will leave for two weeks of holidays! Oh trust I am so excited. I am going to Poland to spend some time with my family and my boyfriend’s family. We also want to travel around Poland a little bit as there is so many places I haven’t even been to yet!


I have already showed you those yellow pants in the “Photo diary of last month”. Finally, I have prepared an outfit with them. It took me a long time, but it is due to the fact that I wanted to find a perfect place that would go well with them. I hope that you will like it as much as I did.
All of my previous post were very simple and casual as that’s what I like the most in my day to day “what to wear problem”. However I am still a girl who have that hidden love for high heels and elegance in me. I have decided to create an outfit that will show off those yellow pants even more. I have still kept my simplicity when creating it that’s why there is not much colours or accessories. I thought of styling them with that lovely striped dress as I didn’t want to that outfit to be too simple. High heels on and I am ready to go.


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