Wednesday, 8 January 2020


The December summary is one of my favourite articles on the blog. Christmas is probably the most magical time of the year and I, as a true admirer of these holidays, return with great pleasure to December days filled with festive magic, the smell of gingerbread, carols and time spent with loved ones. The latter is the most important and this year family time has taken on a completely new face. With great pleasure and a considerable delay, which I hope you will forgive me, but as you can imagine my life in recent weeks is focused around one, I invite you to a summary of last month and a whole lot of photos (this year I collected a lot of them, which caused me difficulties with a choice of several dozen: D)

Wednesday, 25 December 2019


Dress and headband // Sukienka i opaska – Manifiq & CO
Earrings // Kolczyki - Sotho

Today's post appears a little later than I planned, but the last few weeks are a real school of organization for me. Probably it will take me a while to get into the new role and acquire the ability to do ten things at the same time, but I won't bore you with it, because this post is not about that.

So, getting to the heart of the matter, I would like to wish you all the best, healthy, cheerful and joyful Christmas. I hope that you make the most of this time and give it to your loved ones, after all it's the most valuable thing we can give them. I spend the day fully with my husband and our little baby girl, lying in bed and watching Christmas movies. The disease caught me in my most favourite period of the year. Enjoy the rest of the day and don't sit too long in front of the phone :)

Tuesday, 10 December 2019


Gifts, especially those from the heart can make someone feel real joy. The smile on the face of the recipient is the best compensation for the feverish search for this perfect little thing. The easiest way is when our loved ones create their magic wish list, then the problem is much smaller and the gift is one hundred percent hit. Not everyone, however, is lucky to receive in their e-mail inbox the message "Letter to Santa", which contains a carefully written list of gifts and have to manage the gift ideas on his own. However, it is worth turning the ear in the hope that there will be some sentence said referring to this wish list.

Friday, 6 December 2019


Preparing today's post it was hard to believe that November is behind us. The past four weeks have flew so quickly that I don't even know when ... One thing is certain, I will remember this month for my whole life and all the whims who think that November is the worst month of the year, with indignation I will say that the most beautiful :). I look forward to December and Christmas preparations with a lot of new emotions, but before we all get into this mood for good and the Christmas album by Michael Buble sounds from the speakers for good, I invite you to a summary of past weeks and a whole lot of photos!


Monday, 11 November 2019


1. & Other Stories £120 2. & Other Stories £75 3. H&M 129.99zł 4. MANGO 89.90zł 5. H&M 279.99zł
6. H&M 129.99zł 7. H&M 299.99zł 8. MANGO 139.99zł 9. Woolrich £185 10. Massimo Dutti 449zł
11. Massimo Dutti 399zł 12. MANGO 139.90zł

November weather can be overwhelming. When it is grey and gloomy outside, the wind is going crazy and the rain is pouring from the sky, the only thing we dream about is burying under the duvet without even tipping your nose out. If we could, like bears, fall asleep for a long time, I suppose November would be a month to bypass. Unfortunately, it is not so good and even on such days we have to face everyday challenges. The perfect way is a properly selected outfit, and what could be more accurate than a warm sweater that will provide us with comfort and warmth for the whole day? Retailers are competing in the offers of thick sweaters, turtlenecks with beautiful weaves, so there is really something to choose from. I have prepared for you a short list of those sweaters that I personally liked the most. In this selection, you will find a large variety of both cheaper sweaters and more expensive ones, the composition of which is more or even completely natural.
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