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Monday, 3 September 2018


August passed me like in the blink of an eye. There was so much going on that I do not even know when those four weeks went. Emotions that accompanied me, successively seen places, time spent with my family and a new chapter in my life, which began with a golden ring on my finger, are the most important events. The end of August means the end of the summer season. Under normal circumstances, I would feel some kind of sadness, in the end summer is a wonderful time of the year. I love this time spent in the fresh air, picnics with my beloved and lounging in the sun. This year, however, I feel some sort of joy from the coming autumn. I do not know myself whether this is due to the enormous heat that has accompanied this summer and, in a sense, the temperatures overwhelm me. With great optimism, I look out for autumn days, leaves creaking under the shoes and evenings under the blanket with a favorite book and tea with cloves and slice of an orange. However, before these pleasant moments come, I invite you to the summary of the last weeks :)

Friday, 31 August 2018


Miłość nie polega na tym, aby wzajemnie sobie się przyglądać, 
lecz aby patrzeć razem w tym samym kierunku.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The first emotions of wedding have already fallen, so I come to you with a small announcement. Unfortunately, for more we will have to wait a bit longer (believe me, I can’t wait for the pictures myself), but I wanted to give you a small preview from that day. How was it? Wonderful! The explosion of emotions and feelings that accompanied me that day is something indescribable. It was not without reason that everyone repeated to not stress, because on this day all details won’t matter. That's exactly how it was! I do not remember the smallest details, because in the end it was not them that were the most important on this day only me and my husband. In fact, the word husband is the only thing that changed ... The first days were quite strange and the morning "good morning husband" sounded somehow foreign, but nice :). After almost two weeks, however, I can say that it is an irreplaceable element that permanently appeared in my dictionary. I am happy and look forward to our common days, weeks, months, years and what the future has for us! I hope that this one photo will satisfy your curiosity for the coming weeks and I promise to come back to you soon with a greater dose of inspiration from our big day!

Friday, 24 August 2018


Top // Jedwabny top - Parasol Rose, Skirt // Spódnica - Geo by George, Shoes // Buty - F&F, Bag // Koszyk - Zara, Scarf //
Apaszka - ASOS, Earring // Kolczyki - &Other Storries, Bracelet // Bransoletka - CLUSE, Sunglasses // Okulary - NAKD

When preparing the pictures for today's post, I felt a kind of nostalgia. On the one hand, it was one of those beautiful summer mornings, when London architecture was bathed in the emerging rays of the sun and the street began to fill up with a throng of tourists who are the most at this time of year in London. Looking for more locations for photos, we went through the streets with my photographer. We came across an exceptionally beautiful architecture, which by its way resembled Paris more than London, surrounded by fading trees. It was just the beginning of August and the area was bathed in gold falling leaves. I felt how quickly my time runs out ... The summer season only began, the wedding preparations and here it will be autumn soon and I will not be single anymore, but wife. And here, writing to you today, this short text in the hotel room with the view of the mountains stretched outside my window I cannot believe everything that has happened in recent weeks.

Sunday, 19 August 2018


It took me a while to write today's article. The main reason was not lack of time or creativity. I would say that, on the contrary, my creative mind has not left me lately, but I didn’t want to take it too quickly. First of all, I want to reflect emotions and feelings that accompanied me the best I can. Secondly, I would like, in addition to the mass of photos and fairytale stories, each of you to find answers to bothering questions related to the organization of trips to Venice and places that in my opinion should be seen, where to eat or where to stay.

Sunday, 5 August 2018


Hat and sandals // Kapelusz i sandałki - H&M, Necklace // Naszyjnik - Sotho, Top and basket // Bluzka i koszyk - Zara,
Short // Spodenki - Mango, Watch // Zegarek - CLUSE, Sunglasses // Okulary - NA-KD

Venice has always been on my list ... With the arrival of the new year, this city has notoriously been going through our conversations. We both wanted to visit it, but somehow we couldn’t decide ... The offer, however, found itself, and before we realized, we were getting off the train at the Santa Lucia station in Venice. I barely left the station and I knew that this city would be on the list of my favorites. Despite the heat pouring from the sky, we decided to get to our hotel on our feet to discover the area where we will stay for the next two nights. We didn’t have far and after less than 20 minutes we were there.

Thursday, 2 August 2018


Another month is behind us. July this year was extremely hot even here in England. How have your last weeks been? For me, July was a month of challenges - master's thesis, creating surveys, wedding preparations, but also a few days trip to beautiful and hot Italy. I hope that the next weeks will be equally beautiful and warm. I look forward to the coming days of August and the big day that is fast approaching! I will tell you all about this in the next month, but for now I invite you to a small photographic summary of July :)

Monday, 30 July 2018


Dress // Sukienka - Gal Meets Glam Collection, Watches // Zegarki - Nordgreen,
Sandals and hat // Sandałki i kapelusz - H&M, Bag // Koszyk - Zara

Burano is a small island located on the Venetian Lagoon with a picturesque architecture. I dare believe that it is the most beautiful and colorful and short visits during your stay in Venice is simply mandatory! You can get to it in two ways: by bus (ticket price is € 7.50 for a single trip valid for 75 minutes), or a water taxi (it is probably the most prestigious way to travel around Venice, but also very expensive - unfortunately I do not know the price of such a trip to Burano, but for example, the transport from the Marco Polo airport to Venice costs € 95).
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