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Monday, 4 September 2017


Hello on this Monday evening. If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already noticed that for some time now I have changed the way I edit my pictures. With this change, I started to receive a lot of messages and comments from you dedicated to this topic. In today's post I decided to collect all this information and share it with you. Below I present you step by step how to achieve, among other things, the effect of "grain" that you see in my pictures and those cracs in retro style. Interested? I invite you to continue reading! :)

Friday, 1 September 2017


August came to an end and the same the summer holiday season has finished. I'm slowly getting ready for the new season, new responsibilities and minor changes. As you know I finished my undergraduate degree and although the graduation will take place in October, I am starting the next stage of  my learning ... I did not have the opportunity to share this information with you, but it is time. So officially I can confirm that I got to the University of Arts - London College of Fashion! As soon as I started my third year of undergraduate studies, I knew that I wanted to do a master's degree that would somehow connect with fashion. I considered many options like "Luxury Branding", but I finally decided on "Strategic Fashion Marketing" on UAL. You do not even know how happy I am! :)))

Monday, 28 August 2017


Dress // Sukienka - H&M, Ballerina Pumps // Baletki - Massimo Dutti
"We were late," I thought as we reached the field of sunflowers. Half the field was already cut by visitors, which effectively hinders the pursuit of a photographic vision for those like me. However, since we have already arrived, we will not leave without the beautiful photographs that were born in my head. We just need a good angle I thought. My optimism has not retreated. Although in the end the inspirations collected from the sunflower fields on the fields in Tuscany were significantly different from those we have achieved, I am satisfied. We spent a wonderful time in the bosom of nature and could enjoy both the environment, the weather and most importantly – each other’s company.

Saturday, 26 August 2017


Few months ago it appeared to be loud about the new brand to be released by H&M group. This Swedish company, which is well known to most us, has a considerable success which lies in creation of H&M and COS brands. Later formation of & Other Stories only established its position. This group consists of several other brands such as WEEKDAY, Cheap Monday or Monki. Most people began to wonder what their new brand might surprise us with.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Source: Reiss
The calendar autumn will only come in a month time, but the weather outside the window wakes me with the irresistible feeling that it is here already. The weather is not good for us this year, but I'm looking forward to the new season with optimism. Autumn, despite its shorter days and lower temperatures, has many positives. I like this season due to the fact that under fashion we have a wider variety of options to show the world. Different materials, cuttings and even colors we can combine together is a true joy for fashion lovers. Therefore, I have prepared for you my small wishlist for the upcoming season. This could not be done without the timeless French accent (and not one!) in the form of a trench coat, stripes and ... beret! I invite you for a little shopping spree :)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Top // Bluzka - Asos, Jeans // Jeansy - Cos, Ballerina pumps // Baletki - Massimo Dutti,
Bag // Koszyk - H&M, Sunglasses // Okulary - Ray Ban, Hat // Kapelusz - TKMaxx

When I was a little girl I liked spending time in the bosom of nature. I was running in the meadows, picking cherries straight from the trees and coming back home smothered under the beard, the same letting my parents know I had a good time that day. The material items were a thing that had given me joy only for a moment, but the whipping in the corn filled me with the greatest joy. Over the years, it is increasingly difficult for us to find this childish enthusiasm. Sometimes in this daily pursuit of things that seem so valuable to us, which are supposed to give us joy, we find it the least. Can we therefore find happiness in the era of such great consumerism and materialism?

It would seem that the answer is simple, but are you sure? Personally, I had a moment of doubt, in which I bought more and more in a hope that I will feel happier. It turned out to be as ephemeral as the money on my bank account. Later books and a trend of minimalism began to appear to help us get rid of unnecessary things and open our gates to stress-free life. While I gradually started to implement many of the novelties, I watched how my desires began to change. Sometimes what's most obvious comes at the very end. So it happened in my case, when I realized that it was me who was responsible for when I felt happy. These are not objects, but moments, the people we share them with are responsible for our state of being.

So what are my ways for full happiness? Well, I will not be exploring if I write that the ideal recipe does not exist. For me, it is still a handful of life, enjoy the trifles that make up our whole life. Why not make a morning feast with a cup of coffee? Have a wonderful picnic with your beloved while walking in the glade? When we learn to appreciate our everyday life, moments with a book, family dinner or walk with a dog, then we will notice that this is happiness!

Friday, 11 August 2017


"Morning, noon, night" by Soho House // Bag - H&M // Perfume Chanel N°5 // Mirror - Chanel

For some time now, I have seen a tendency to have favourite things in a given month. There are many factors which have a direct impact on that, but one and probably the most important is the change of weather. Every month even if it is still the same time of year (the same season), it is different from the previous one. So I decided to prepare a post for you, in which I will present you some of my favorites of July. If you are curious about what I used to choose most frequently, I invite you to continue reading! :)
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