Saturday, 17 August 2019

Perfect summer dress: Look of the day

Summer is the time when I particularly liked wearing dresses. Short ones, midi-length or even long ones, found their place in my closet. This year, however, I faced quite a difficult task. Due to my different state and changes that are taking place in my figure, whether I wanted or not I had to invest in a few new dresses. I did not want them to be typically single-season acquisitions, which, with the birth of our baby, will cease to be useful. Looking through shop hangers, I quickly came to the conclusion, that the best solution would be dresses that cut off under the bust. Therefore, the size of such a dress I chose was the same as last year, and due to the lack of cut in the waist, my stomach can grow easily, because the dress will easily adapt to it and at the same time I will be able to enjoy it in future years, because I know that will still suit me.

Saturday, 10 August 2019


Most capital cities are famous for giving their inhabitants and tourists unlimited culinary possibilities. In the case of London, it's exactly the same. As long and wide the capital of England is, we can find so many different dining options. Fast food bars, home cooking, exclusive restaurants, in other words something good for everyone. As a culinary gourmet who likes to try new flavours, I invite you to my little guide in which I share with you restaurants worth recommending in terms of their taste, but also their visual aspect. Let's be honest, in today's world most of us look for restaurants that are instagrammable :). Regardless of whether you are a resident of this city or just planning to come with a visit, I hope that my today’s article will prove to be both helpful and useful :)


Monday, 5 August 2019


With the arrival of August, I start to feel casually that the summer is coming to an end. Sunset comes much faster than it was in June or July, evenings are not so warm and autumn and winter collections appearing in stores just make me feel this sense. However, before this happens, I invite you to the summary of July. The last few weeks have passed me extremely fast. Graduation (which appeared exceptionally late considering the fact that I handed in my master's thesis in September last year), moving out of London, unpacking and arranging our new flat and finally packing this one suitcase before traveling to Poland ... I cordially invite you to several shots of those beautiful and sunny days of July :)

Wednesday, 31 July 2019


One of the topics that most often appear in the questions from you, concerns my pictures. As a real amateur of photography, I am happy that my ordinary photos arouse interest. Over the years, both since I have been running a blog, but also long before that, photography was one of my greatest passions. All skills and knowledge gained in this topic, however, is fully due to trial and mistakes. I am rather a type of person who will do something until he masters the art. Today's post will not be a professional guide from an eye of an experienced photographer, but the insights of an ordinary girl who, like many of you, tries to capture beautiful photos as a holiday souvenir. You will find here some useful and practical tips that work best for me. Those interested in more technical side of how I edit photos I refer to the previous article in this topic - link.

Thursday, 25 July 2019


I have repeatedly written to you about the importance of creating outfits that will serve us throughout the day when you live in a large metropolis. Just as this belief is still valid, my experience in this area will soon pass away ... Probably many of you already know that for a week the term "Londoner" does not refer to my person. Any changes that have occurred in my life in recent months have encouraged us to leave the capital for a small town located in central England. However, before I leave the city chic for something more comfortable, I come to you with my proposal based on nothing else than the well-known Parisian chic, which is perfect for an intense day that is to end late in the evening.
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