Thursday, 7 March 2019


The last weeks with their weather were closer to spring, so it is time to adjust the outfit to the temperature prevailing outside the window. I gladly exchanged my high boots for something lighter (winter came so fast this season that I couldn’t get my shoes from today’s look), thick sweater also stayed in the wardrobe and in return I put the ivory silk shirt and a coat in off-white. My today’s outfit is a tribute to the classics, because in the end black and white are a timeless solution that always looks good. It is surprising, however, how our attitude changes to certain items of clothing when they are being promoted by the most renown fashion houses.

Saturday, 2 March 2019


While preparing this month’s summary, I curiously looked at the last year’s February, in order to remind myself what I have shared with you then. I couldn’t miss the fact that exactly one year ago at that time, England was covered in few centimetres of snow. This year’s February reminds more of a spring aura commonly associated with April, thanks to what I have spent a lot of time walking enjoying sunlight as much as possible. I guess that I am not the only one missing the vitamin D! :) As every other month, I would like to invite you for a photo summary of last month. 


Friday, 8 February 2019


Daily skin care for each of us is different. We are struggling with various problems, we have different types of skin and cosmetics that will work for us will not necessarily work for our friends. There is no proven resource that after use will make each of us have a silky and shiny skin. What's more, daily care using cosmetics in the form of a moisturizing cream or serum is only half of the success, because there are many other factors that affect the condition and appearance of our body. The aforementioned cosmetics help to restore proper moisturizing of dry skin, but they do not provide water to our cells. In this case, the key element is to provide our body with the right amount of water, which will effectively help with its condition. In addition to water, nutrition is also important, which will provide us with many important and necessary vitamins for our body. In this case, it may be helpful to find guides, or just books, in which we find a lot of valuable information and recipes for both meals suitable for the proper functioning of the body, but also proven methods for home face masks.

Friday, 1 February 2019


January has always reminded me of calmness. Past holidays have somehow introduced a slight laziness into our lives which, with the advent of the New Year in my life, did not bring any special changes. This year I have therefore exceeded my capabilities in being lazy. After many years of being always in move doing ten things in the same time, I probably needed to have enough time for myself this year to be able to fully charge the battery, read the books that were waiting for many months on my bed side table and plan out the upcoming months. In addition to the goals that I intend to pursue slowly, I am currently looking for additional job in my professional field (I already have two job interviews behind me, so I guess my January wasn’t so lazy...). Still, I would like to invite you to a summary of the past weeks as always in a photographic form :)


Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Black colour long time ago made a high position in the fashion industry. The versatility of this colour made women all over the world love it. In summer, spring, autumn or winter, black outfits always look good and fit on many occasions. However, due to the dark nature of this colour, it often reflects our mood or the aura that prevails outside the window. The weather in recent weeks is rather far from dreamed winter and the grey colours outside the window have meant that black has become adequate for every occasion. Even now, when I write today's post in a room bathed in the light of a lamp, it is dark outside and it appears that it will rain shortly. I have the impression that even ten coffees would not be able to put me on my feet and my outfit could not be more adequate to the melancholy mood I feel.

Thursday, 10 January 2019


Silk shirt // Jedwabna koszula - Dressarte Paris, Jeans // Jeansy - TopShop,
Watch // Zegarek - Daniel Wellington, Earring // Kolczyki - YES

Make-up is one of the main elements that helps to emphasize our beauty. However, in order for the effect to be subtle and to add charm rather than endearing, one must keep a few basic rules. My first and most important rule is "less is more", which basically accompanies me in every sphere of appearance and aesthetics. It is important because the emphasis on beauty is to get what's beautiful and not give us a new look which is a result of the overdoing and then the effect can be quite a deterrent. However, I'm not an expert in the field of makeup, that's why all the tips that are included in today's post are based on my own experience and what works best for me.


Saturday, 5 January 2019


The period between the end of the old year and the start of a new one is an ideal opportunity to slow down for a moment, summarize the past months and collect motivations with which we will enter the next year. Although running a blog requires quite a lot of regularity (which I admit without hitting recently I started to miss), I decided to fully rest and devote time to my relatives. I needed a break from social media and a blog. However, it could not last too long, because I just started to miss you! With a smile on my face and a new motivation, I come back to you with today's post.
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