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Sunday, 18 June 2017


Seaside resorts are famous for two things; beach and harbour. Such places are a paradise for stripes lovers. This model, before entering into women's fashion, was the king of the navy and then among the fishing crew and other men working on the sea. Today it is eagerly worn in both the city and the seaside resorts. No wonder, then, that the striped shirts are most likely to be found in my suitcase during our short but very intensive stay in the Tri-City. That day was very warm and sunny, so I decided on a blouse with red stripes and white trousers. Evenings are still cool, so I took my jeans jacket and my favourite basket :).

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Seasonal sale is one of the best occasions to enrich your wardrobe with a few pearls that may come in handy for the current or upcoming season. For many, it is also a good time to look at products whose prices on a daily basis deviate significantly from our budget. One of these is Reiss brands, whose style I would describe as classic and elegant. Below I have prepared for you my wish list from their sales collection :).

. . . .

Wyprzedaż między sezonowa to jedna z najlepszych okazji, aby wzbogacić swoją szafę w kilka perełek, które mogą przydać nam się na obecny bądź też dopiero nadchodzący sezon. Dla wielu jest to również dobry moment, aby przejrzeć produkty, których ceny na co dzień znacząco odbiegają od naszego budżetu. Jedną z tych marek Reiss, której styl opisałabym jako klasyczny i elegancki. Poniżej przygotowałam dla Was moją listę życzeń z ich wyprzedażowej kolekcji :).

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Dresses were not always my favourites. When I was a teenager, I even dropped them in the name of the wide jeans I wore to absolutely everything. However, along with the annual fashion evolution, my style has also changed. Today dresses are probably one of my favorite garments. I can almost say that I fell in love with girls' cuts. The present season is the perfect opportunity to take away all the dresses I have and proudly wear them.

Saturday, 3 June 2017


Another month has come to an end. May is a special month to me thanks to my birthday and recently also blog’s birthday. This year was especially important as it was the time I was handing in my dissertation what the same highlighted the end of my Bachelor Degree. Three years of dedication and hard work is already behind me, so I can fully enjoy my summer break and beautiful weather. I am going to Poland in few days for quite a long break (we are planning to stay there for about three weeks), so the next photo diary will be full of photographs from my beautiful country! Currently, I would therefore like to invite you for a short summary of May :)

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Books are my favourite way of spending free time. Then both my mind and body can enjoy a full relaxation, accompanied by stories of fictional characters. The subject of books, which I tend to read the most frequently, is related to the fashion and the history of designers (I know the story of Chanel by word), although novels on all topics are also on my list of interests. In recent months it was the book called "Light between the oceans" by M.L. Stedman, on the basis of which a movie with a great Alicia Vikander was made, stole my heart. This is a pretty dramatic tale through which we will not go without a large pack of tissues.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Blossoming trees, flowers are one of those moments that, with the awakening of nature, I start to bloom to. Warm and sunny aura adds magic to every new day that makes a person feel twice as lucky. My well-being begins to show itself in many ways. My makeup, my hairstyle and above all, the style of dressing takes on a new meaning. Heavy clothing, like winter bears, fall into a sleep, but in summer sleep. "See you in half a year if everything goes according to the plan ..." I say to myself hoping that autumn will not show up so quickly this year. Pulling down the dresses, shoes and colorful accessories, I start to understand why I love spring. For the dose of happiness it gives to me, for the roses blooming in my garden, for the happy people who seem to fully share my enthusiasm and the most for the upcoming summer ...

Monday, 22 May 2017


Today's weather outside the window does not remind me so much of a warm, spring-filled day, but I believe it's just a momentary freak of nature! However, due to the fact that we have spring and soon summer will arrive, I decided to prepare a blog post, in which I will present you my wardrobe essentials for this time of year.
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